Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wow, so much!

First, thank you for all the prayers and well wishes for Zoë. After I wrote that post yesterday she choked on a cracker she was chewing on and threw up all over me (and I can't handle vomit, especially when pregnant so I was gagging and then felt so guilty for doing it). But today she was back to playing and not needing to sleep all day, she was eating more as well.

Our weaning backfired with the illness. We were down to one feeding a day (in the morning) but we're back up to 2-3. I don't mind at all. I wouldn't mind tandem nursing either. I'm just going with the flow and meeting her needs. She was very upset about having to go to bed tonight so I asked her if she wanted boobies (I know, I know... that's what I call it!) and she nodded and said, "Yeee-ees" in this pitiful voice. She went right down without an issue even though I don't think she got much out of them.

And I've decided to pass giveaway blog on to one of my reviewers. If you're not aware I run Girly Girl Giveaways (well... DID run it) but I just can't keep up with it on top of my Etsy, being a mom and other activities and things I involve myself with. I just can't be Superwoman as much as I want to! I'll be writing up my final reviews and giveaway in April and if any review options come up and I find the time I'll probably guest post over there. I'm still listed on there as the Creator of the blog but have passed the buck to someone who has it so much more together. It just isn't my forté!

I have been a community leader in a pregnancy forum at MedHelp for a few years. I've been very active in this community and it is a huge passion of mine (duh! Pregnancy and birth are pretty much all I talk about for the most part). So as part of my 'job' there I get to try out new features and I just created a group called, "We Want a Natural Birth". It's a forum devoted to natural birth and how to plan for your birth. Come and join if you want! You do not have to be currently pregnant; you can just join to add your words or wisdom or prepare for any future births. I just started it tonight so it's quiet. I need people to join and get some great discussions going!

So what's up with the kiddos?

Elaina - in Kindergarten now and she can read! I am just amazed. She is ahead of her class in reading, it is definitely a strong point for her. They're doing a lot of math, spelling and science as well. She's got a little boyfriend and all these boys tell her that they love her all the time. Definitely keeping a watchful eye on this one... ha ha!

Abigail - She is constantly saying the funniest things with very clear diction! She is getting ready for pre-kindergarten, hopefully. The school hasn't made final decisions on who will be attending Pre-K and I'm really wishing they'd get on it. I can't prepare my child last minute if they decide she gets in and I can't prepare her for school if she doesn't get in or she'll be crushed. She's ready, so so so ready! She's scared about school but I know she'll do great.

Zoë - her name means 'life' and she's full of it. She is constantly into something and I say, "No, no, no!" all day long so now she'll wag her little finger at me and say, "Nuh, nuh, nuh" right back. It's interesting to watch her mimic her sisters because when Abigail was mimicking big sister Elaina at the same age, Elaina was still pretty young. With a sister who's almost 6-years-old and another who's about to turn 4, Zoë mimics them with a lot more kid-behavior than toddler-behavior.

Have you done anything recently to help simplify your life? If not do you need to simplify?


Twinside Out said...

I am so, so glad that Zoe is feeling better! And it sounds like Abigail and Elaina are getting so big. They grow too fast - sometimes I wish I could just freeze time.

Hmmm...simplifying life. Oh, how I wish I could! One thing I've been doing lately is making sure that I take a little time for me every day. When my husband gets home, he takes over with the kids so I can go take a hot bath. It's not for long, but it's quiet in there, and I think it makes me a better mommy. Plus the twins get some special Daddy-time every day too! And after my bath, I'm ready for the night shift!! (Now *that's* what I would like to simplify. One baby was up 7 times last night, and the other was up 3. Sometimes I think I need to night wean, but I'm not sure how to do it. If one baby cries, the other wakes...arrrgh.)

Sorry to ramble...sleep deprived. :( But hoping that you are feeling well and that the morning sickness will give you a break!

The Mommy said...

So glad the the littlest one is feeling better! Vomit is never easy, but especially difficult for me too, during pregnancy.
I have taught Maggie to read. She does really well. It was definitely the confidence booster that I needed since we are definitely homeschooling in the fall.

Kahla said...

So glad Zoe is feeling better, hate it when the little ones are sick!