Monday, February 14, 2011

We have a heartbeat!

You may have seen this on my other social media but for those who have not............. we have one sticky little Gummy Bear (as Daddy calls them) with a strong heartbeat. The sonogram tech did not listen to the heartbeat, though, so unsure how many BPMs.

I had to take a picture of the printout of our sonogram. Check out how cute they are!!! You can see that the more round part on the left side is the head. You can also see the space between skull bones. Then you can see two tiny little hand nubs on either side of their cheeks. Baby is still curled up and limbs haven't stretched out yet (check out the ticker on the left sidebar for comparison).

Our Valentine!!!

Okay I feel immense relief. I have been so nervous I was giving myself acid reflux. That or it was something I ate. But I'm pretty sure it was nerves since it all dissipated the moment I saw the flickering heartbeat. The sonogram chick did a vag ultrasound even though I'm over 8 weeks. My husband said the look on my face was classic when she said it would be vaginal. I absolutely hate vaginal ultrasounds... then again who doesn't hate them?!

The ultimate thing is that I got to see the baby and put my mind at ease. My last miscarriage resulted after my progesterone dropped so I was just scared it happened again and the Prometrium I've been taking was only delaying the inevitable loss. RELIEVED over here! And it brings tears to my eyes because I feel that if we hadn't supplemented I might have been staring at a repeat of my last miscarriage's sonogram. I just reread that post that I linked to and I am in tears.

Alright let's get back on the happy track! All is well this time around and my new EDD based on measurements is September 21st. Though I like to think of the EDD as more of a "due month" rather than actual date. I want baby to come when they are ready so long as it is after 38 weeks. Stay snuggled in there, Baby! We've got 7 more months of gestating.

♥ ♥ ♥ Valentine's Day ♥ ♥ ♥

After our appointment Daniel took me to Jimmy John's because I was craving hard. It was only 10AM but I was ready for lunch (he was, too! He fasted breakfast in prayer for our sonogram). We both got Italian Night Club and I did really well until halfway through when the morning sickness interrupted. Thankfully I did not lose what I had eaten or I would've been so bummed! I probably wouldn't have wanted JJ's again if that happened. That would be a sad, sad day. Daniel told me, through a biteful of his sandwich, "Sometimes I LOVE your cravings". This guy hasn't eaten out in MONTHS might I add. He was pretty stoked.

And then a little while ago my husband, who is a singer and guitarist, posted a video of himself singing a love song he wrote. You can listen to it HERE. He is super tired today but it was sweet he put this together for me and posted it. He's NOT a Valentine's Day kind of guy. So the JJ's lunch and the video were totally awesome!

All-in-all a very, very amazing V-day over here. I can't wait for Elaina to get home in another 30 minutes so I can show her the sonogram pictures and hear about her class party.


Kahla said...

Wonderful news, congratulations!

The Mommy said...

WOOHOO!! So excited and relieved for you!! Those transvaginal ultrasounds are NOT pleasant, but at least you were able to see baby.

Susan Sene said...

Yay!! Great news! I had an appointment today about to post!

When I visited the ER with my first pregnancy due to bleeding (which ultimately ended in miscarriage but not till weeks later), the girl using the ultrasound couldn't figure out where to put the ultrasound wand and asked me to do it. Talk about awkward!!

Vixbil said...

Beautiful post, beautiful family. So excited for you and to follow the progress

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Yayyy!! SO happy for you guys!

jhitomi said...

congrats, and what a great post to share. You already have a beautiful family and now another lovebug!

Twinside Out said...

Yay for a healthy little Gummy Bear!! So glad that everything went well. And so envious of Jimmy John's...*love* that place!