Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Sonogram Jitters

In about 12 hours I'll be driving to my first sonogram for this pregnancy. I'm so nervous! And I AM excited as well. I am hoping for the very, very best and am hoping to leave with a cute picture of our little jelly bean (or beans!).

So in lieu of trying to keep positive tonight I thought I'd share my list of baby names! As many of you know "Caiden" was a name we had really, really wanted. Because it has become so popular in the past 6 years when we first decided on it if we ever had a son my husband is now unsure if he wants to use it. Here are other names we're considering:

Noah (VERY popular but one of my faves)


If we have a son his middle name will be Isaac. That's just a given. If Daniel changes his mind on that I will definitely be putting my foot down. My absolute favorites of the first names are Noah and Ezekiel. I think those two go really well with Isaac as a middle name. Noah Isaac or Ezekiel Isaac.

If we have a girl I want to use either my mom's middle name Sue or my sister's middle name Ann. I really love Briana Sue because it uses the "Ann" in the first name and then the middle name could be after my mom. Plus my daughters LOVE the name "Susie" and want me to name a girl Susie. I thought the middle name as Sue would really give them that nickname they love and everyone wins! But Daniel is hoping we don't need a girl name this time around (though he WILL be excited no matter what the baby's gender). LOL!

Daniel won't commit to any names until he knows the gender. Talking about names is like trying to pull teeth. He just doesn't want to cooperate. Honestly thinking about names is a little weird to me at this point, too, since pregnancy is always just so surreal until those baby movements can be felt.

Now I have a funny quote-of-the-day that I have to share because it made me laugh so hard. My husband, if you don't know, is in a worship band. His keyboardist and best friend, Dave, was talking about the sonogram tomorrow. This guy fasted food and drink for an entire three days for our unborn baby! Talk about love and commitment.

Anyway today he very innocently asked me, "So if you guys have twins........................... can I have one?!" I didn't hesitate to say, "No" all the while laughing. It was just really funny how he said it.

Okay so that was my more uplifting and trying-to-not-be-nervous post! I cannot wait to update tomorrow (Valentine's Day) on what happens at my appointment!


The Mommy said...

Wouldn't twins (or more) be something!!??

Twinside Out said...

Praying for your sonogram!! Can't wait to hear how it goes. And I love the names!!

Kaysha said...

Been praying for you!

Although I have to disagree a little. For me, pregnancy wasn't just surreal until I felt the baby movements. It was surreal the whole time. Sometimes I still can't believe he's here and mine. Guess it comes from having a dream for most of your life, hard to believe when it actually comes true. :)

Becky said...

How very kind of your friend to fast and pray for 3 days! Wow!

So excited for you guys. Can't wait to hear what this little one's name will be.

Eating beans in the mornings if you are experiencing morning sickness should help. Seriously...the fiber takes all the 'toxins' your body is trying to detox and get rid of the quickest way (out your mouth), out the OTHER way.