Monday, February 21, 2011

ER Visit

Zoë has been down to one nursing session a day (in the morning when she wakes up). And of course as soon as we're down to hardly nursing at all she falls sick, more sick than any of my other girls have ever been. She woke up Thursday morning smiling but didn't want to nurse. And then she vomited all over me. Every half hour or so after that she vomited again... and again. She became very lethargic and wasn't whining or crying, just staring or dozing off.

If you know Zoë in real life you know she never stops moving, she is always into something, always wiggling, never wanting me to sit down when I hold her (that's right... even I have to keep moving when I'm holding her so she's moving and not missing anything). Well that day she would lay there motionless and stare at me with dull eyes. I knew it was time to go to the ER.

 I set her down to fix the big girls' lunch and she just laid there. Normally she'd get up and cry or whine at me. The towel was draped over me when holding her because she vomited on me so much I had to keep changing my clothes.

Luckily we have an amazing Children's hospital that is 5-10 minutes down the road (depending on lights and traffic). We got in to triage where they gave her some Motrin for her fever and took down her symptoms. After waiting in the very full waiting room for a long time we got to a private room. They did an x-ray of her stomach to rule out blockage and a blood test for I-can't-remember-what and they also did a urine test. They had to stick a catheter in her until she peed and that was so horrible. But the nurses are very skilled in treating sick little ones.

The prognosis was that her urine was "dry" and it was time for IV fluids because she wasn't keeping any fluids down by mouth. She was too weak to fight any of us but she did cry quietly when they put the IV in her hand. The nurse commented her veins were flat but she got the needle in. They taped her entire arm up to a little pad and got the IV fluids going. They also gave her anti-nausea. Zoë immediately fell asleep in my arms. When she woke up she was laughing and playing but still a little weak.
After her IV she had to keep down fluids by mouth in order to be discharged. She looks SO much better after the IV (you can see she still has the Heplock on her right arm).
She got so dehydrated in just five hours of vomiting at home. All I can say is if you feel your baby is sick and acting "off" don't hesitate to take them to the ER or to at least call your doctor to see what they think you should do.

The night before last was horrible. She had painful gas and was just screaming and crying all night long. She didn't want me to hold her, didn't want me to put her down, didn't want Daddy... I finally brought her downstairs and collapsed on the couch. She finally went back to sleep from sheer exhaustion I think.

Today Zoë is sleepy but eating and able to hold liquids down. She ate dinner last night and was so famished! And she slept in her crib and only woke us up once. She is doing much better and while she woke up happy this morning she's back to being sleepy and clingy (she's asleep in my arms as I type this). A nurse from the Children's hospital called to followup on Zoë (how nice is that?!) and told me when babies are nauseous they will sleep. She's definitely more herself (whining and crying when she's uncomfortable instead of motionless and not crying) but still recuperating from her horrible virus.

Praying all of you are healthy and safe! Something nasty is going around.


Julie said...

poor li'l Zoe Boey! What an ordeal for her (and you). I'm glad she's getting back to normal. Give her a hug from Aunt Julie.

The Mommy said...

Hope Zoe is back to her sweet self very soon! Sounds like you received great treatment at the Children's hospital and a follow up call too!!

Kaysha said...

Praying she feels all better soon!

Becky said...

Aww, poor girl. Glad she's on the mend!

Twinside Out said...

Poor Zoe! And poor Mommy! It must have been so tough to go through all that, with pregnancy hormones to boot. I'm so glad she's feeling better. We've had an awful virus here, but thankfully the babies haven't gotten the full version of it. Praying that your house is sickness-free SOON!

Mel said...

I am so sorry to hear about poor Zoe. I hope she's feeling better. There is a MEAN case of stomach virus going around this winter. L got her first one in late December and it was just heartbreaking watching her vomit non stop for hours. She ended up being ok and then I GOT IT. Poor pregnant mommy actually had to go to the ER because mine didn't ever get better and I was worried about the baby. I sure hope it misses everyone else in your house and Zoe is back to herself soon.

Vixbil said...

Praying she is feeling better today and you are recovering from the exhaustion too. William got rotovirus when he was about 18mths old and we spent the night in ER in similar circumstances to yours. It is horrid but so lovely when they start to come right again
love to you all