Monday, January 17, 2011

Mamarazzi has special news!

The wonderful lady over at Dandelion Wishes has some big news about bringing email back to life! In this bloggy world we've become a little... shall we put it............... Facebooked! Instead of replying to a commenter for a personal conversation we have turned our comment thread into a Facebook status. The problem with that? If I leave a comment or important question on someone's blog post I never go back to that comment thread to see if I got a note back from the blogger. I don't get a notice if they reply on their own comment thread either. We're losing a little bit of personal touch... blogging isn't meant to be this way and is a more personal and intimate relationship between blogger and readers.

The true problem behind all of this is that many of us are No Reply Bloggers, meaning that somewhere along the way our email became hidden. By simply going to your Dashboard you can click on Edit Profile and enable your email (if you want you can always use a different email to hide your personal one). Easy as apple pie! And you'll hopefully be flooded with bloggy love from bloggers who take the time to get back with you.


I just can't tell you how GOOD it feels when I leave a comment or question on a blog post and the blogger themselves takes 2 minutes of their day to reply back to me.

Join the revolution! I'm off to check and make sure I'm not a No-Reply Blogger myself. Do the same!


Mamarazzi said...

woo the revolution!

Adrienne said...

I love to reply, and get replies! It really opens up a whole new blogging world! :) Found you on mamarazzi.

Joy: said...

Hi Joy! This is actually my frist visit to your blog. I can't help but love it, we share the same name! I agree about the commentary. I love asking a question of folks from time to time. It is disappointing not to hear back. I see that you are Joy Belle on Faceboo. My grandmother calls me Joybelle too. Funny! You have a lovely family.

Joy @