Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jesus made the pies!

I always try to engage my girls in conversation and let them use their imaginations. Elaina is very much by-the-rulebook and doesn't really think outside the box when it comes to storytelling but she has an amazing mind for remembering details. She told me today about her "dream" but it was really a retelling of the movie Beauty and the Beast almost scene-for-scene and word-for-word. It was so cute and endearing and she picked up the most minute details!

The other day Abigail and I were eating lunch.We started talking about God and Jesus. I asked her an open-ended question. I asked her, "What did Jesus make"? figuring she'd tell me he made the trees and the sky and the animals, etc.

With Thanksgiving fresh on her mind she thought for a moment and then said, "Jesus made the pies! And......... the turkey!" Gobble, gobble!

 Happy 1st Birthday Zoë (10/23/2010)

Zoë is also still breastfeeding. We're down to three feedings a day; morning, afternoon and before bed. I've been giving her Lactaid throughout the day at her meals but not because she is lactose intolerant. Cow's milk is hard for our stomachs to digest so it was recommended to me that Lactaid would be easier on Zoë's stomach and once she is able to have lower fat milk (we drink 1% at our house) she won't need Lactaid.

Miss Zoë is so so so smart. She is almost 15-months-old now. If I give her a command she instantly knows what I am talking about but she still isn't talking much. She'll say the words: baby, uh-oh, Jesus, Bah-Bah (for Abby), Laina, this, what, mama and dada. She can also sign: eat, more, all done and milk.

Just today I told Zoë we needed to put her cup of milk back in the fridge because she was about to go upstairs to play and then to take a nap and I didn't want it to spoil. She immediately turned and toddle-ran to the kitchen. The gate stopped her but I knew she was heading right for the fridge to bang on it until I opened it.

She's also started climbing the stairs (we keep a gate up and I only let her climb when I'm walking behind her). She knows what, "It's time to brush your teeth" means and RUNS to the bathroom and holds out her hand babbling earnestly until we place her brush in her hand. Then she'll back her little self up until the back of her knees meet the little step stool and she'll sit and happily suckle on her toothbrush.

And she's a little stinker! We say, "NO!" and she giggles and keeps doing it. This one is going to keep us busy because my other girls never did that. We said "No" and they knew we meant it and immediately obeyed (at least when they were Z's age; they're not as compliant now, ha ha). She is constantly flitting from one thing to get into to the next thing to get into. Her toys sit ignored for the most part; it's OUR stuff she wants to get into like important papers, my photos, the kitchen drawers she loves to empty (hence the gate!).

Miss Elaina is reading and writing. Seriously! My little 5-year-old can read and it just blows my mind and makes both Daniel and I puff up with pride. She is doing so well in school. She got "A's" for first and second quarter of school. She is also reading above her grade level. This is the first year she wrote all her own thank-you's after Christmas (complete with cute pictures) and everyone was so touched by that.

Elaina is also my crafter. She'd be content to draw and color and paint and craft all the day long if I let her. I'm thinking about getting her an art easel for her 6th birthday or a couple of those fun craft kits for her age that you find at hobby stores. She's made her own purses, potholders and has even begun her Valentine's which are definitely not store-bought!

So just had to do a little bragging on them since it's been awhile!


The Mommy said...

Sounds like everyone is doing great! How on earth did Zoe get o be 15 months old????

Kaye said...

So glad to get an update on the family.

And your "Zoe is a little stinker" paragraph...the WHOLE thing...sounds like our Abigail! So fun and so frustrating rolled up in one! =)

Susan Sene said...

Ri was still breastfeeding 3 times a day until this week. Until this week, she hadn't completely refused me. But I'm ok with it. I was determined to nurse until she decided it was enough. And she still nurses each morning. :)

I can't believe Elaina is reading and writing! I mean at 5 years old, I was MAYBE coloring between the lines.

Julie said...

I love it: "Jesus made the pies!" Too cute. I miss the girls so much, and Miss Z sounds JUST like Maddie.