Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We've decided to do a budget makeover and so we're pinching pennies and we're pinching really hard! I'm going to start going to Aldi's for groceries (we have a nice, new one really close to my house) especially as the grocery store I frequent is about a 30 minute drive. I need to start saving on gasoline, too!

So I'm excited to see how our budget looks after our makeover. We don't have cable/satellite, no cell phones (D has one through work), we are very aware of turning off lights and electronics and water. We're also going to try to refinance our house! I'm hoping that we'll have enough equity to finish the projects I've started and have been unable to finish due to dental bills.

Speaking of which... more poor dentalphobic husband has to get all four of his wisdom teeth pulled and we have to pay out-of-pocket as his coverage for oral surgery doesn't begin until March! I think we're just going to get the one out that is bothering him and then hopefully the others will be fine until 2011.

I'm reading The Birth Order right now and loving it. It is about how your birth order may have helped develop your personality and nuisances. It really is so true for everyone I have applied it to and this man (who is a Christian, btw) has been studying this for 35 years! I have found out that even though I am the fourth of five children I have the attributes of a firstborn, middle child AND baby of the family but more so the firstborn. Why? Because there's more than 5 years between me and my next oldest sibling so it begins a new generation, yet I'm also sandwiched in the middle along with two other siblings and I'm the baby GIRL of the family.

It has opened my eyes to so much about myself AND my husband. Most importantly it is helping me to know how to raise my kids based on their birth order and their uniqueness so I can help shape them into well-rounded little people! I highly recommend. Go, buy, love!

On a totally different subject (wow, if you've read this much you're awesome) I think this is O-week. We should know the first week of October if there's a bun in the oven or not. I'm not really thinking this will be our month but you never know! I'm just going to not worry about it and just have fun! The rest will fall into place (hopefully!).


The Mommy said...

I'm so excited to hear any of your money saving tips. We have an Aldi in a nearby town, but I've just never taken the chance to try it out. I hear they have cheap milk and boy do we drink a lot of that!

Kahla said...

Good luck w/the new budget and the babymaking! ;o) Have fun!

Andrea said...

I love The Birth Order! It describes me, my brother, and my sister SO accurately. I also like the book "Growing Up Firstborn" by the same author. I actually need to get it because I want Evan to be more understood than I was as a child. My mom was the youngest in her family and is also not a considerate person to begin with. So I had a rough time growing up and always thought something was wrong with me until I read that book.

Woot! I hope you'll be joining me in this pregnancy as well!!

Meeghan said...

We switched to Aldi's about 6 weeks ago. I love it. I have been really happy with almost everything. Once in a while I have run in to a few things they don't carry, but it has cut our grocery bill almost in half. HUGE savings.

*~Chelsea~* said...

I look forward to hearing about your money saving tips! Is Aldi's cheaper than Walmart? We do Walmart but I'd be more than willing to switch if it's better. I'll have to check it out.

I talk a lot about birth order and personality in my classes. :) Glad you enjoy that research! I do, too!