Friday, September 17, 2010

Much, much better!

Thank you for all your prayers!

So I'm feeling so much better. I slept so soundly that I felt like I closed my eyes and opened them right back up to morning. I didn't wake up once! Not even when Daniel came to bed (and he's like a lumbering bear; no matter how quiet he thinks he is being he is still loud). I woke up feeling tired (go figure) but the pain was gone. We went to the grocery store, I lugged my huge tub of fall decor out of our third story, vacuumed, cleaned out the fridge, folded laundry, etc. without a word from my ovary.

I am so relieved! I was really hoping I wouldn't have any issues today and having the pain leave is very reassuring. I still plan on making an appointment soon, though. Just to check things out!

On another note my jewelry business is going fantastically! I may not have ever mentioned this here but I actually changed the name to something more personal and memorable. My hand-stamped business is now called Joy Belle.

If you want to become my Facebook fan (click link below) there will be special sneak peaks, giveaway opportunities, behind-the-scenes type posts on what I do, lots of pictures of jewelry to drool over............ hope to see you over at Joy Belle!

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RELH said...

Of topic question... how did you block people from rick clicking and opend your links, pictures, etc? Thanks ahead of time!