Thursday, September 16, 2010

In Pain

So I'm having some pains. This would be the third day. I am thinking a cyst on my left ovary so I've taken Tylenol and I'm heading to bed really early in just a few minutes. It's just really frustrating to me. I have been fine up until that first period and now it feels like things are flaring back up again.

I've tried to look up prevention of ovarian cysts but there is no information out there (that I have found). We try to eat as much homemade foods as possible (no MSG, no preservatives and fillers, etc.) and all I drink is water and milk and the rare Starbucks treat. I'm actually exercising more (maybe that has aggravated things?!). I have been stressed out about many things lately and I know cysts are based on hormonal things and stress messes with hormones. So perhaps that is it. Not that any amount of my guessing is going to come to a conclusive answer. Still frustrating no matter the cause.

It makes me feel hopeless about this cycle but we'll see. Just because I feel hopeless doesn't mean that it is or that things end up dismal. I've already resolved to not expect to be pregnant for awhile because I don't expect it to happen very fast at all (humor me! Sometimes when you least expect it it happens so I'll just be the least expectant from here on out, ha ha). Truthfully I think Daniel is more tenacious about TTC right now than I am which is definitely a role reversal! I worry that if I get a negative this first cycle he'll cry or something and then I'll feel guilty my woman parts didn't do their job.

Ahhhh well I better get my butt in bed and prevent any bursting and twisted cysts because I can't afford a $300+ ER visit. If I'm still having problems tomorrow I'm calling my midwife to see what she says. It's too early to be a pregnancy or possible ectopic. I don't feel that is it at all. Sharp pains in my ovary when I walk and move; pains that come and go. However no fever, dizziness or anemia or anything like that. Definitely cystic and definitely annoying and definitely stressing me out. Say a prayer if you think of me tonight! And please, if YOU have a prayer request leave me one. I hate asking for prayers without feeling the need to pray for that person right back, ya know?

P.S. I just found some VERY interesting information that says I shouldn't be diagnosed as someone with PCOS but rather as someone with just polycystic-appearing ovaries. Here's the blurb from EMedicine:

Polycystic-appearing ovary is different from the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which includes other symptoms and physiological abnormalities in addition to the presence of ovarian cysts. Polycystic ovarian syndrome involves metabolic and cardiovascular risks linked to insulin resistance. These risks include increased glucose tolerance, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

I don't have insulin resistance so I guess I was misdiagnosed. And it sounds like many other women may have been as well. Either way one thing is the same in both of them; cysts!!!


The Mommy said...

I have had cysts on my ovaries for about 15 years, but I have never been diagnosed with PCOS, so I guess my ovaries are like yours. I've been having trouble off and on with them lately and it is so aggravating. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Vixbil said...

Hey Joy,
Just prayed for you and your ovaries :-)
If you could throw a prayer up for my dad I would be grateful, he is having his prostate removed on wednesday (cancer) and is getting more and more nervous. The surgery was cancelled last month so he has been waiting ages bless him
Much love