Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crazy Emotions

First of all Zoë decided to crawl today! *applause* She also started waving yesterday. She rolls her fat little wrist around and flings her arm up and down. She's also been pulling up on things (including me when I was trying to do my workout yesterday!).

And that's another thing. I finally broke out my 30 Day Shred again, brushed the dust off of it, popped it in. I was interrupted... oh about a dozen times. Whenever I'd get down on the mat for crunches or push ups Zoë would start climbing all over me. So here I am sweaty, trying to breathe but also laughing because she was just so darn cute. I LOVE this age!

In two days we will be having our Home Anniversary. It'll be 4 years since we moved into our 100-year-old Post Victorian home. Our first home. And I have to admit I kind of want to break up. This house has been a huge blessing, it is big and beautiful but........ it also just needs so much work we can't invest into it at this time. And as each month passes something new (or old) seems to grate on my nerves until I just feel fed up and tired about it all.

So I started house surfing. Oh that is so dangerous. I begin daydreaming of moving into a new space, one that is more "finished" where I don't have to do major remodeling projects (read: replace windows, floors, gutters, an entire kitchen, etc., etc.). There are literally mansions down the street from my house that are selling for under $75,000 right now because of the economy. These mansions just a few years ago sold for a fraction of a million dollars. There is even one for under $30K!

Not that I need a mansion but I found that interesting. There is no commitment to move. Just a bored housewife dreaming of a finished kitchen and windows that open.

Then I start to feel guilty because I DO know that I am blessed to even have a roof over my head, that some people have it worse. And I also start to feel a little nostalgic. This is our first house. How would it feel to empty out the room for a new family to take over (and possibly ruin it)? How would I feel if I drove by one day and saw it rundown or being used as rental property. You start to feel a little protective.

Like I said we're not moving but I'm starting to warm up to the idea of it becoming a possibility here very soon. For homeowners out there- what made you finally decide to move? How did it go for you? I am super confused on how it would work. Because we can't afford to pay two mortgage payments we'd probably have to live here until the house sold but then we'd be homeless until we found a home to move into?! And any profit we make on the house could be put toward the new place, right? Luckily for us we have an amazing realtor friend, who is a Christian and family friend and just an absolutely all-around sweetheart who really tells us things she isn't "supposed to" tell her clients. Not that anything I asked here is taboo but you know! I thought I'd ask about your experiences since I am not going to be giving her a call just yet!


The Mommy said...

We're in our second house and we purchased both brand new and this one had barely been started. I know me and I like things finished and I know my husband, who isn't good at finishing things!
You would need to make sure that you had a contingency on your current house closing before you were expected to close on the new house. The realtor in me was SO nervous about our old house closing so that we could continue towards the purchase of our current home.
Good luck & prayers!

Katie said...

I want to know where you live! And move to the mansions! Our area still has held value fairly well, so there are no deals like that. The only problem is, what would your house sell for and then could you afford one of those mansions?

Kaye said...

Hooray for Zoe, first of all!

Secondly, like The Mommy said, you can typically write you purchase up on the contingency that your old one sells. That way you don't have to move until the old one sells. Downside? You can't move until the old one sells. But that's the only way to avoid two mortgages.

I want to move into your neighborhood if the depreciation has been that severe! Only room for growth it sounds like!

Mel said...

Would selling be hard since the prices are so messed up in your area? We STRUGGLED to sell for years, but we were in a new construction area and that makes it extra hard. Competing with builders is difficult! Having the house on the market is BRUTAL, though. ESP with pets and children... showings generally happen with maybe 30 min-1 hour worth of notice and your house has to be spotless and they prefer you leave during them. I struggled to keep it together, but it worked out great. We needed a bigger house so badly and if God is tugging at your heart about this, then maybe it is time to move your family on! I was also sad to leave the first house but the new house has been amazing. Couldn't be happier.

As for the interim living and such, most realtors would tell you to wait until you have interest on your house before looking for the next. We put ours on the market and waited until we had a hard offer to put an offer on another house. Then you just have a contingency written in on the new house that you don't buy it if yours doesn't sell. It is a real production to make the timing work out, but it can be done. We had to live with my dad for about 6 days between closings, but it wasn't a big deal. Again, totally worth it.

Good luck with deciding what to do!! It is a rough time to be a seller but a GREAT time to be a buyer.

Photogrl said...

Yay for little miss! :)

We've never sold, yet. A few years ago we started looking, but never really found anything we fell in love with. The thought of 2 mortgages scared me to death!

But like others have said, you could do a contingency plan...good luck!