Sunday, June 27, 2010

And time keeps dragging on!

My beautiful blue-eyed baby girl is 8-months-old. She is pulling up to her knees, so so so close to crawling (does the army crawl count?!), pulling herself up to sit, sitting by herself, saying, "Dada" and other things though I don't count that as a first word since she doesn't mean it specifically for Daddy.

Here are just a few of the many pictures I took of her yesterday! Click on them to see them better (the editing I do on them always looks weird when they are resized here on Blogger unless you click on them).

The nose wrinkle! She does this when she smiles and laughs and it is SO SO SO cute!

Sitting pretty! This picture really captured how blue her eyes look, too.

More nose wrinkling and playing with pearls! It looks like she has teeth but that is actually just her gums. She has no teeth yet! But she is getting more hair and it is looking more and more reddish.

She loved the pearls!

We've started some solids on a more consistent schedule. So far she really doesn't like baby food but since I have a cabinet FULL we're going to keep on trying. She does like those fun puff things but she's still a little young for them. I gave her a couple under supervision and she gags on them a little so we're going to wait a couple more weeks before reintroducing them to her.

Still breastfeeding but no period. I'm starting to get antsy about that. I know it is normal for an exclusively breastfeeding woman to not get her period but I'm kind of ready for my body to regulate itself. Hopefully if she eats some more solids for me I won't have to nurse her as much which might kick my body into gear! Though I do want to nurse her for as long as she needs and wants to nurse.

Exercise. Oh exercise. I've been so so so bad with this. I did take the dog for a walk this evening after dinner so that was nice but Shar-Peis are sensitive to heat so when she started panting hard I had to go back home even though I wanted to walk more. She has finally started to eat for us. She's been avoiding water as well which was another reason I needed to get her home. I didn't want her to pass out! The water bowl we got her is self-watering and when it gurgles it startles her so she stopped drinking from it. But after the walk she was so thirsty she finally went for it and I think she knows now it won't hurt her!

And I did some squats while my girls got their jammies on tonight but I really need to do a full workout. I just hate working out if Daniel isn't there because I get interrupted a bajillion times by kids and then I need to be able to take a shower right after. I cannot workout and wait to shower. That's just nasty to me. I am the type of person who hates being interrupted when I am concentrating on something. If I am working out I want to give it my full concentration and really go for it.

I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and do what I can though. I really want to lose 40 more lbs and it isn't going to just come off all by itself. I need to get serious because my tummy WAS getting smaller but now it is looking bloated. My Elaina girl keeps asking if I have a baby in my tummy (I don't) so I know that means I need to start working out, ha ha!

For the record I weighed 174 lbs last time I weighed myself a few days ago. I would love to be down to 135-140 lbs (though my height suggests I should be between 115-135 I would be happy with 140!).


Mary said...

I have the same problem with working out. Lilly can play by herself, but not for 30 minutes and I think that less than that is just not enough.

Vixbil said...

I just love the nose wrinkle! I have the same problem with working out, mine try to do it with me which is ever so cute but not great for me because I don't then do it properly!

The Mommy said...

Time flies!! Zoe is getting so big.

I don't really exercise because of the interruptions and lack of shower too. But I NEED to lose about 15 pounds.

Kaye said...

Love the update and the adorable pics! She really does look like a redhead in those pics--at least for now. Too cute!

Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said... did I miss this adorable blog? !!! Love it and your babe is super, super cute!!!

Mel said...

Love that little nose wrinkle! How precious. Your girls all look so much alike, yet so very different at the same time. God is so amazing.

I got my period back around 8 months post partum. I think it was around the time we were dwindling to maybe 3 nursings a day? I was eager to get her on solids and she took to it very well and began losing interest in nursing about that time. I did press on until she was a year, but by that point we were just going through the motions. She was over it. BUT my cycles were only normal twice before my PCOS came right back in and took over my body again. Sigh.

I don't know how I would ever exercise with 3 girls! That would be so hard. I used to take the baby in the jogging stroller with me, but the heavier she got, the harder that became. Now I wake up before everyone else and run 3-5 miles 4 days a week. It is a challenge for sure, but it is also an awesome routine. Could you maybe get up extra early to do the Shred? Since its only 20 minutes, it is a good one that can be knocked out FAST. Love it!

Susan Sene said...

Yes the army crawl counts! :) I'm still waiting on my cycle to return too...but I'm sure it's because I still nurse Ri 6 times a day (and no real solids for her either...just a lil taste here and there). I dreamed it came back the other night. :)

Amber said...

She is beautiful! I am stuck at 185 which is almost a 40 pound loss so far this year, but I need to get in gear too. I'm like you with the workout thing. I hate being interrupted and my kids are constantly interrupting me every time I try to exercise. Then when it's nap time or when Josh gets home at night, I'm just too tired to even attempt it. I need to get motivated again!

Photogrl said...

8 months already!?!

She's SO cute, playing with the pearls!