Friday, May 28, 2010

Boy Sperm are Just TOO Sensitive!

I recently learned something interesting and had to share it. Apparently an acidic vaginal environment can mean a higher risk of having girls. And apparently women with PCOS have a tendency to be more acidic than what is considered normal.

I guess that explains my trio of daughters!

Obviously women with PCOS have boys, too, and it may have something to do with their diet or even their husband's diet and lifestyle. The Y-carrying sperm (which make boys) are sensitive and can die quickly yet they are the faster swimmers. The X-carrying sperm (girls!) are a lot more resilient but slower swimmers. So if a couple has sex right as they are ovulating and the sensitive X-carrying sperm swim faster and reach that egg before the acid kills them then they obviously have as good a chance of having a boy than a girl.

I actually read in You: The Owner's Manual by Dr. Mehmet Oz that it really isn't all on the man on what gender your children turn out to be. The vagina's environment can play a huge role in which sperm survive and which do not.

So next time someone jokes that the man is at fault for whatever gender you end up with needs to take a good look at their vagina! Ha ha ha ha ha!

And I also found an interesting blog called How to Have a Boy. I'm not really into gender selection (at least the scientific stuff where they take your little embryos and only implant a certain gender) unless the couple has a rare condition that would cause one gender of their offspring to be more susceptible to certain chromosomal and genetic disorders that could threaten their lives. But this was just a fun blog with do-no-harm tricks that might sway your odds more in favor of having a boy in a natural way. For instance they tell you to avoid dairy and focus on foods high in sodium and potassium (banana, anyone?). I'm a DAIRY COW! I drink a ton of milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. So that may explain all my girls too!

No matter if you do headstands after sex or eat 5 bananas a day I still believe, at the end of the day, that God knows exactly who was meant for your family and He is ultimately in control. After all He knew us before we were yet conceived!


Amber said...

This is really interesting. I was detoxing when I got pregnant with Walker and cut down all dairy for 2 weeks before my targeted ovulation date. We also did injections that were supposed to trigger ovulation and then we timed when we "tried" down to the hour. That gave us a boy (not that we cared!). Interesting stuff!

I never got back to you about that giveaway... I just got so busy! I'm still interested in doing it though!

The Mommy said...

I think we should just blame everything on our vaginas!

Andrea said...

have heard that boy sperm swim quicker and don't have as long a life as girl sperm, so you can try to time sex to try to have one gender over another. I just try to get pregnant, I can't afford to risk giving up a chance to BD just because I might want one gender more than another!!

However, that is very interesting about the acidity and the fact that you can avoid dairy, etc. I used to rarely drink milk before I got pregnant with Evan. During and after pregnancy I drink it multiple times a day. I wonder if that will affect the next baby???

Anonymous said...

When we were reading about getting pregnant before we started trying, I ran across a couple of similar reports. What I read recommended the potassium to sway the pH in favor of having a boy and magnesium to sway the pH in favor of having a girl. I took magnesium every day while we were trying, so we'll see tomorrow whether it "worked." Next time around I'll eat tons of bananas and potatoes. LOL. :)