Friday, April 30, 2010

She Never Ceases to Amaze Me!

So a few weeks ago I was painfully talking about how difficult Abigail was to potty train. Bribery was my middle name those first days. I wanted to give an update on how she is doing.

As difficult and rocky a start it was I have to admit she has ended up potty training way easier than her over-eager-to-pee-like-a-big-girl older sister. What do I mean? Well while Elaina was eager to go she wasn't consistent and wouldn't tell me she had to go until she was already peeing her pants (she sometimes still does that and she's going to be 5 soon!). Whereas Abby drops what she is doing, wanders upstairs, goes potty.......... and I don't even realize she has done it until I hear the toilet flush or ask her.

I am so incredibly proud of her for overcoming her potty training fears and for being consistent. She is definitely aware of her body.

It sounds like I'm saying she is better than Elaina but I'm not. I certainly don't feel that way. I just think this is one area Abby has excelled in that Elaina needs continual encouragement and work on. Elaina has many strengths over Abby and vice versa. I guess I'm just shocked that after all the fighting over going potty Abigail is going all by herself and hasn't had accidents. She even stays dry at night!

So way to go Miss Abigail!

And since I bragged on her I have to brag on Elaina and just say that girl can sing. Her music teacher made a special visit to us during our parent-teacher conference just to tell us that not only does Elaina have great pitch but also tone and all sorts of interesting music words (I'm musically challenged, ha ha). She told us she's not telling us this lightly but that Elaina truly is excelling in her singing. That she is singing way above what she expects for children her age. The teacher said she can sing a note and Elaina will match it. And that she will hear a song and be able to repeat the tune without music.

Last night I really got to see this for myself. I will sing but not in front of people other than my kids. I won't even sing in front of my husband. Probably because he sings REALLY well and it intimidates me. Anyway so I'm singing with my daughters and Elaina starts harmonizing with me. I'm talking perfect harmony. I changed my voice and she followed fluidly along. When I videotape her she gets all goofy and silly but one of these days I'm going to catch her singing!

When Elaina was a toddler she could harmonize with me as well but they weren't songs. We'd just make silly noises. To say that Elaina's musically talented Daddy is proud is an understatement. He wants all of his kids to be musical in some aspect. Though I know that if one or some aren't he'll be fine with it too. But he was absolutely BEAMING when the music teacher came to talk about Elaina's singing.

Okay this proud momma is off to bed! Busy errand day tomorrow not to mention paying bills. Blech!


The Mommy said...

Yay for pottying and yay for singing!!!!

Jewels said...

Way to go, Abby! That's quite an accomplishment. :)

And how cool is that about Elaina! Wow, I had no clue. She may be singing back-up in Daddy's band soon!

Noah said...

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Kaye said...

Awesome job to both of the girls!

I totally get Daniel being so proud. Chip and I are both musical and I so desperately want both of our kids to be as good (at least) or MUCH MUCH better than either of us! I'm honestly hoping that I'm not secretly disappointed if it doesn't happen. Is that absolutely horrible?

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

They are all so different aren't they? It's astounding!