Saturday, April 17, 2010

Not much

Just uploading some pictures of the kids! I hardly get any pictures of Elaina anymore because she's at school all the time. But I got some of her at the park. I'm so glad spring is here. Anyway, here are pictures of what is going on in our little corner of the universe!

Breaking out the onesies!

I love those chunky baby thighs!

Testing out our new Sleepy Wrap!

Daddy even tested it out the day I got my wisdom teeth out so he could be hands-free while he played Mommy.

I just thought this was a super cute picture of Abigail!

So I found one of our binkies and I thought I'd see if Zoƫ would take it. Success! She likes to play with it and chomp it more than suckle on it for soothing purposes, which is fine by me. I think babies with binks are so cute!

Last weekend we went to the park and it was so wonderful!

Elaina is getting so big! She tried doing the monkey bars and did pretty good so long as we helped her.

Daddy... a kid at heart! I walked over and they yelled that I was an alien and they were going to shoot me. Niiiiiice. 

I'm doing much better from my wisdom teeth removal! The worst part was the pain pills. After I stopped taking them I felt so much better. I just take regular Tylenol for pain/soreness. I didn't even get chipmunk cheek (only one side was done, LOL). Now I'm trying to convince Daniel he needs to get his lower ones out. We'll see! He really needs to do it but he was almost having a panic attack just from taking ME to the dentist.


Anne Elizabeth said...

cute pictures:)

The Lynchs said...

Great pictures! And I love the sling - I don't know that I've seen one like that before.

Rachel said...

Wonderful pictures!

I love the sling. Isn't it wonderful to carry our babes that way?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family! Your kids are gorgeous!

Kaye said...

All the pictures are adorable, of course. That last one...there is a rocketship like that at one of our local parks and Patrick runs to it IMMEDIATELY when we visit that park. said...

I love the pictures with the sling!

I left an award for you on my blog:


Becky said...

Where did you get the sleepy wrap? I can think of a couple of moms in my life that could use it...and that one looks kinda stretchy and more comfortable than most.