Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Less Wiser

I finally did it- I got my wisdom teeth out. Well, half of them anyway. I just did the ones on my right side. I was a big baby about it, too, I'll admit. I was awake for the whole thing and only had topical injections to numb the area (so no loopy, crazy fun much to Daniel's dismay). It took less than 30 minutes from the moment I walked in, got numbed up and he pulled the teeth. Am I making you shudder?

The bottom tooth had an abscess (puss-filled sac in my gums from the infected tooth) so it has been draining and is so gross. But at least I'll feel a ton better and won't have anymore pain from that area once this is all healed up.

I am doing great today since I stopped taking the Darvocet (pain killer; supposedly safe while nursing). That junk made me feel dizzy and nauseous and achy. I finally decided I'd rather be in pain than feel like I'm going to vomit all day and night long. So now I feel like I can function!

Zoƫ decided that on the night of the tooth extraction, when I was feeling sick and dizzy, that she wasn't going to go to bed and was instead going to cry her heart out. Poor thing was overtired and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. But we made it through. I just held her and calmed her down. But I had a very difficult time sleeping. Luckily Daddy stayed home and took care of her so I could sleep.

Ahhh, stupid wisdom teeth. What on earth did they do in the past about wisdom teeth?!


The Mommy said...

I hope you'll be as good as new in no time!!
Percocet is my painkiller of choice and Darvocet makes me have VIOLENT bowel spasms. Ewww.

Rachel said...

Oh, those pesky wisdom teeth...I, too, hvae thought about how difficult it must have been to live in times before modern medicine. So often we can look down on today's medicine, but alas...when it comes to pulling teeth THANK GOODNESS for meds.

I hope you heal soon and quickly.



Vixbil said...

I had the same thing with my wisdom teeth and had them done individually which was hard over a couple of years but the last 2 were done within 6 months and it has been sooo wonderful not having them or any more abcessess
Hope you feel better soon

Staycee said...

Hi Joy,
I came to tell you CHEERS to page rank :)
And saw about your wisdom teeth, I hope you feel better. My boyfriend went last week and his regular dentist attempted to take his out. He only succeeded with one and now has an abscess and a fractured jaw it has been a terrible time, I feel so bad for him.

I hope you feel better and have a great weekend :)

Becky said...

My grandma always said that she felt sure those teeth started acting up during the childbearing years so that we moms would be especially sympathetic to our babies teething years.

Oh, what a relief it is to get those things OUT!

The Lynchs said...

Stupid wisdom teeth! I had to have all 4 of mine out at once! Fortunately, I don't remember much of anything, but I was back to normal in just a couple of days.

Hope you feel better soon!

Meeghan said...

I had mine out a few years ago...I was out for it. I was glad to see them go.