Saturday, April 3, 2010


I entered some articles into a contest for a co-sleeping book and one of my articles got in! I'm so stoked. I don't get any money or anything but that's okay. You know when you read books and they have comments or stories from people and you wonder if they're made up? Well don't wonder with this book! One of those pieces will be from MOI! I cannot wait!!!

Another winner is Hobo Mama and I love her blog. She has recently listed some Carnivals going on right now so I'll be entering some of those. I have to blog the articles in order to enter which is great since I've been kind of lacking in the blogging department lately.

The main one I want to enter is at Science and Sensibility on not laying on your back while in labor and delivery and following your urge to push. I'm excited to post my thoughts and experience with that!

Well it is almost Easter. I have to admit I celebrate Easter separately from Resurrection Sunday. For me these are two separate events. Easter is more about celebrating the return of SPRING whereas Resurrection Sunday is about the King of Kings, Jesus. Today we did our Easter celebrations. Here are some pics (PS Our PAAS egg coloring kit was a piece of JUNK! The dye would rub off of our eggs. Anyone else have the same prob?):

Zoë has a really bad cold right now and felt a little feverish earlier so I gave her some Tylenol and she's snoozing on my chest at the moment. I feel so badly for her! She's up all throughout the night so we're not sleeping very well the past few nights.

Well I cannot remember if I blogged about this before or not but there have been some deep political issues going on with Elaina's school. I attended a board meeting this morning and it was so intense. One board member lost her seat as president and the principal was fired. (I wasn't there when the principal was fired.) I'm not really sure why or what is going on but I have my suspicions that it is partly due to her sexual orientation. Whether that is true or not I am not saying; completely speculation. Regardless of the why I am distraught and not happy with the decision to fire Elaina's principal. What she does privately had no bearing on the school or the children. I believe there is already someone new taking her place. She seemed to realize it as I saw her mouth, "There's the new principal" to someone near me at the meeting today.

Okay so I just had to get that off of my chest because the whole ordeal has been weighing heavily on me this evening. I know God is still on the throne and what will be will be. I just wonder what the repercussions of this decision will be on the school as a whole. Will the new principal be as hands-on and as loving as our former principal? How are other parents going to act? Will there be a strike or picketing or petitions? I just don't know.

So I don't want to end on that note and this is already long. Phew! Daniel is at her first worship meeting with his band tonight. I was supposed to go but because Zoë is sick the girls and I stayed home to do Easter baskets and the egg hunt. We also made pizza. I hope he's having a good time and that he gets home safely! And I cannot wait to hear how his first thing with his band went. Still no band name. They can't decide and keep coming up with goofy things.


Anne Elizabeth said...

You got some cute pictures! Hopefully I can get the ones I took today uploaded tomorrow:)

Sarah said...

Love the egg dying and hunting photos, but I really love that photo of Miss Zoe with her bunny ears, and the way she is holding that egg!! Awwww way TOO cute!! <3<3<3!!

The Lynchs said...

Looks like the girls had lots of fun! I'm lovin' the bunny ears!

Kaye said...

Congrats on getting published! =)

The pics are adorable, but you already know that. =)