Sunday, March 14, 2010

Whole Lotta

This has been one majorly busy week. For starters I went to the dentist and I haven't been since my mom was alive. I think the last time I went was 2003! I have a wisdom tooth that is coming in but there isn't enough room so it is cutting into my cheek and has now created an abscess. I will be getting the wisdom teeth on the right removed mid-April (sooner if it flares up).

Daniel was asked to be the lead singer and guitarist in a worship band. I cannot tell you how incredibly exciting this is for him and for me! I believe my husband is anointed to be a worship leader and I know great things are going to happen for him (and now his band members who happen to be close friends of his). I don't know why these guys didn't put it all together sooner but God's timing is God's timing. No band name as of yet and they already have a gig for April 3rd. I'll let you know what they will call themselves as soon as it is official! And I hope that in the near future I have CDs to giveaway and offer for sale!!!!!!!

Zoë is officially a thumb-sucker. I think that it is super cute. I wonder if she is also teething even though her gum isn't swollen. She is so drooly and always gnawing on her thumb or fist. I do know teething can happen over the course of many months. I cannot believe she may have teeth very soon! Where is my newborn, wrinkly baby?!

A few people contacted me about doing jewelry for them and I want to show you the designs they came up with.

This Tiffany-inspired bracelet is sterling silver and is called "Aaryn". Aaryn actually created it with the birthstone charm on the other pendant but when taking pictures I forgot to switch it over. Isn't this gorgeous?! I wish pictures were living so you could really see how this looks and how it sounds (the silver makes a beautiful sound when you jangle the bracelet):

Here is the "Rylee" necklace, a combination of a birthstone crystal, rectangle piece and circle pendant!:

And here are a couple of pieces I created. The first is the "Zoë", a deep domed pendant.

And the second one is the "Elaina", a locket style pendant.

Thank you to everyone who helped create custom pieces! I'm always happy to do more if people are interested in designing something and giving their design a name!!!

And one more thing- I enjoyed doing a swap so much this month I've signed up to do it again! Want to get in on the action? Just click on the image below and sign up!!!



Andrea said...

Very cool about the band! Congrats, Daniel! That's a good birthday present for him. :-)

The bracelet and necklaces are gorgeous! i"m going to hint at Matt to order something from you for a Mother's Day gift. ;-)

Sarah said...

That is great news for Daniel! You'll have to post a lil video of them playing for those of us that are far away! ;)

Jewels said...

That's such great news for Daniel! Yay!

Vixbil said...

Great news for Daniel! Your jewellery is gorgeous too
xx said...

your little baby is sooooo cute! are so talented! Wow, I am going to keep your etsy in mind.

Hope Endures said...

Congrats to Daniel! Sooo exciting! Sometimes God's timing is confusing, but He never ceases to amaze me with the way He works everything together for good. Keep us posted!!

Love the jewelry, BTW!

Aaryn said...

Joy- I've been meaning to write: I got the bracelet!!! I've been wearing it ever since, love it :)

That's funny you mentioned the jangle, b/c I was going to mention that too; it makes a beautiful sound!!

I'm already planning my next piece....
Thanks a bunch, Aaryn

Joy said...

Aaryn- yay! Isn't that chain awesome?! I really like the chain we ended up deciding to get. Glad you love it!!!