Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some funny things and Abby's FIRST haircut!

I wanted to type these out before I forget!

Today Elaina was having a hard time, kept getting in trouble. When I took her out of timeout I told her, "Mommy doesn't tell you to do things because she's mad at you or doesn't like you. I tell you so you don't get hurt. You're my princess, you know that?"

Then Abigail pipes up, "Am I the princess, too?"

"Yes, Abby, you're Princess Abigail... and this is Princess Zoë!" I said.

Then Abigail bounces up and down and says, "And there's Princess Beckett!" as our MALE cat strolls through the room. I laughed so hard!

The other night we were sitting at the dinner table recounting our day. I had gotten to go on a walk with my two younger girls as Elaina was at school. So beautiful out! We have a museum/mansion down the road from us and as we walked around it I was so disgusted to see piles of dog poo everywhere (people are supposed to pick up after their dogs). Abigail exclaims, "Ewww... that gwoss!"

So anyway, at the dinner table Abby decides to tell her big sister the highlight of her day. "We saw cat poop on the ground. It was ucky.' And then as an afterthought she sternly told her sister, "You don't EAT poop, Elaina!"

Almost everyday Abigail will come up to Zoë and say to her, "Good morning, Sunshine!" And because Zoë sees Abby more often she is really into Abby. Zoë just lights up when she sees her. And as Zoë grins and laughs at her big sister Abigail will say, "Ohhhhh.......... she's SO cute!"

In fact both of the bigger girls are so sweet about telling Zoë how cute and beautiful she is all the time.

Abby got her hair cut for the first time today!!! She went from excited and happy to full blown crying and thrashing. BUT we got through and her hair is adorable!!! Elaina got her hair cut today, too. She wanted bangs:


Scroll down to see another post I wrote late last night if you missed it!


Anne Elizabeth said...

My favorite line: "You don't eat poop Elaina". ha ha

Jewels said...

ha ha ha....that's what I was going to say. The girls are so sweet & comical!

The Mommy said...

Love the new haircuts! Elaina looks so big!

Becky said...

Soooo adorable!

Love that the cat is also a Princess, lol.

Photogrl said...

I love the new do's!

SO sweet!

The Lynchs said...

Love the new hair - adorable!

Morgan said...

Awww, her hair cut turned out really cute!

Did the boy doll come with the pink outfit on?

Too cute on the color purple. I have a little girl who loves purple too.