Monday, March 29, 2010

Potty Mouth

Last night was rough. I was woken up by a screaming baby... who wouldn't stop screaming. This was different from any other time she has woken up. She would arouse enough to cry like she was in pain, fall back to sleep, then a few seconds later start screaming all over again without ever opening her eyes. We tried gas drops, waited 15 minutes or so, then I broke out the Infant Tylenol. I think she was having some teething pain because the gas drops did NOTHING but the moment she had the Tylenol she stayed asleep and didn't arouse herself to cry anymore.

So phew! I hate nights like that. I hate trying to guess what is going on and wonder if I'm doing things right. Her eyes were so puffy from crying. And it is so weird because before bedtime she was SO HAPPY. It is so hard to imagine such a happy baby screaming like she had been.

After such a harrowing night I decided I was done with Abby's diapers this morning. Just done! She just turned 3 and she has been in diapers this entire time. I put off potty training her because she never showed interest or seemed ready. I'm finding out pretty quickly it is more about her will than readiness. I don't think it would've mattered when I started the training. This child does NOT want to go on the potty.

We've had 3 clothing changes today. Even though it was frustrating I kept a chipper attitude and let her know I wasn't mad. We just cleaned it up, no fuss. Having wood floors does come in handy! She never made even one successful trip to the potty but I praised her for at least trying when she did sit on the potty.

Thankfully once Daddy and Elaina got home she would at least seemingly make a more valiant effort. She sat there for 20 minutes after dinner, reading books. But nothing. Went on a walk, came home and put her potty in front of the TV to watch nature stuff... still nothing. I think she was holding it in for her nighttime diaper.

So I don't know what else to do except be consistent with what we were doing. I've bribed with chocolate, candy, playing outside, etc.

Basically I put her in her pan.ties and give her tons to drink. I ask her every 5-10 minutes, "Do you need to sit on the potty?" and ask if she feels the urge to go in words she understands. Right as she starts going she tells me, "I need to go!" so at least she is getting used to the sensation and what to expect.

So prayers that tomorrow is better. We'll be at church with Daddy all day so I may bring our potty chair with us and tons of clothes. I'm NOT giving up. This child needs to start going in the potty.

I'm also finding out something new about Abigail. While Elaina will come around and do things in her own time, Abigail kind of needs a good shove in the right direction to even find the motivation to do what is appropriate for her age. She also balks at pressure (like her momma, ha ha). So it's kind of a Catch 22 but we're going to get through it once she gets over her fear.

And check it out! Abby is my little model for a Flower Girl set I created HERE.


The Mommy said...

Isn't funny how different each child can be? I hope things get better in the potty department.

Kaye said...

Last night my Abigail took a cue from your Zoe I think. She started screaming like she was in pain and when Chip went in there to see what was wrong, she was standing in her bed staring at the door and screaming. He held her for a few minutes and she was okay and went back down without issue. I also hate guessing what is going on with them. I feel bad for sometimes giving her Tylenol as a last "guess" effort, but when it works it doesn't seem too bad. =)

I am already not looking forward to potty training again. Patrick was frustrating on many days, but looking back, it really wasn't that bad. I really hope Abigail is the same way although I expect the worst just because Patrick was easy. That's not really fair for the girl, but I don't expect to be so lucky twice!

I'll be praying for direction for your Abby and patience for you. =)

Angie S said...

Oh gosh...that unexpected screaming baby is so scary! I'm glad the tylenol worked!

Good luck with the potty training. I'm gonna try to start with Hayden this summer.

Andrea said...

Evan has had a rough day. I think his teeth are about to break through though. I can feel them just under the gum!

I feel so bad about your night with Zoe. *HUG* You know what though? It makes me feel better to know that an expert mom like you feels the same way I do about a crying baby! It's bad enough not knowing what's making Evan cry, but I always stress out wondering if I'M doing the right thing. It's crazy being the person who makes decision about a little one's life!

Good luck with the potty training! I don't know much about it, but I've heard to be consistent, so I'm sure it will pay off soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if youve looked it to the amber necklaces for teething?? I have a cloth diapering store here that swears by them.
If you havent the website for them is
Just an idea tho, im not being pushy. (I havent had to deal with teething pains...yet.) :-)