Friday, March 26, 2010

5 months, infections and girliness galore

Okay so Zoë turned 5 months old a few days ago so you know what that means! Pictures!!! She had a well child visit today, too. I declined vaccines again. I can't bring myself to do them yet. But we are doing them. I believe that not doing them can be very detrimental and not fair to other children. I just wish they were spaced out more and given at different ages. That's just me. I don't mind what other people do. My other two were vaccinated per the recommended schedule and are fine. Don't know why I'm freaking out with baby #3 so much! I don't feel she is our last so she won't be the baby of the family. Lord help the baby of the family! Ha ha ha!

*ahem* Anyway...

Everyone who saw this said it cracked them up so I had to post it!

SPRING IS HERE! We went outside to take pictures. She liked it for a little while. Look at that- a onesie. I can actually see her thighs and precious feet now!

And she LOVES her feet. She is still obsessed with her hands too.

She started saying "Da da da da da da da" and "Duh duh duh duh duh" yesterday. Her ped. said that is actually a 6-month milestone. Go Zoë! We make 'em smart.

I've been losing weight. I haven't really been working out. Scratch that. Haven't been working out at all. But I am weighing less than I did when I first got pregnant with her. I'm taking it 10 lbs at a time.

I just realized I have no idea how much Z weighs now. Abigail was throwing a fit and I had all three girls at the appointment by myself. They usually write it down for me but I think we all forget in the midst of Abby freaking out. She was kind of afraid of the pediatrician and nurse. Thankfully her next appointment isn't for another year. Phew! It was a challenge that included her kicking the doctor in the stomach. Yeah...

Elaina actually didn't have an appointment but she came along because she's been experiencing hearing loss and then last night woke us up crying because of an ear infection. I had them ALL THE TIME growing up. I've had tubes in my ears twice. So needless to say I knew her pain and felt so bad for her.

Her doctor checked her ears out and said, "Oh yeah, she definitely has an infection. And I can totally believe she can't hear. There is so much puss in there!" I should've taken Elaina in sooner. More mommy guilt. Us mommies are good at that, aren't we?

So anyway she's being treated with antibiotics now and has numbing drops if the pain flairs up. I guess she's had fluid in her ear for awhile and it was just brewing. Last night the dam broke, so to speak. I think she'll be fine. I just hope she doesn't have any permanent hearing loss. We can talk in a normal voice and she can't hear us!


The Mommy said...

Those ears can cause so many problems!! I'm glad to hear that Elaina is getting better.
That Zoe is quiet a chunk! Don't you just love seeing those cute thighs!?
Congrats on the weight loss. I "only" need to lose 15 pounds to be where I want to be.

Andrea said...

Wow!! Look at Zoe!! She's ADORABLE! She's grown up so seems like the last pictures I saw of her she still had that "expressionless" (I know, not to YOU, but to people other than family) baby look. Now she's all smiles! Don't you just love getting to see her arms and legs now that the weather is warmer? Evan looks like a whole new baby when he can wear his warm weather clothes!

Poor Elaina! I feel so bad for her. :-( My sister also had problems with ear infections and had to have tubes put in her ears twice. Unfortunately, she did suffer permanent hearing loss, but I don't know FOR SURE that it was from the infections. She even has a hearing aid now! And she's only 19 years old. Crazy.