Friday, March 5, 2010

All About Abs

This month my baby girl is turning 3! I haven't talked about my older girls in awhile so I thought I'd dedicate this post to Abigail. The picture above is Abigail with her favorite doll- a BOY doll. And believe me when I say it is a boy. It has boy parts. Why he is dressed in pink... I don't know! Probably because all we have is PINK in this house, ha ha!

Well her favorite doll has a name. This is Kyle. I think it was a name I just threw out one day and it has stuck ever since. She loves that thing. One time she left it at Nonna's house and was so upset. She got through, though and it was like Christmas morning when she got him back! Poor Kyle, though, is losing a leg. It won't last much longer before it finally falls off. We'll still love him!

Abby's favorite color is purple. When I ask her what her favorite song is she'll say, "The Purple Song!" Um, there is no purple song. Or if I ask her what her favorite story is it is always, "The Purple Story!" And guess what? If you ask her what her favorite color is she'll say, "Purple!" Sometimes she even tells me, "I the puh-ple giwl!" Translated to say- the purple girl.

But if I try to tell her MY favorite color is purple? She'll have NONE of it! It is hers and hers alone.


I cannot believe she'll be three! She has come from being a very independent baby to a somewhat dependent toddler as the world becomes a bigger, scarier place to her. I am really trying to encourage her into being a little more independent but not pushing it. Loud noises and big things frighten her. She is more like her mom than she knows. She will come around in her own time and I will patiently wait with one hand stretched out, ready to take hers when she is ready.

How did she go from this...

... to this?!

Abby and Elaina are going to go to the Disney on Ice as part of their birthday presents (even though Elaina's birthday isn't until this summer). And Abby has a wonderful birthday party planned the weekend before her birthday. Whenever I mention her birthday she giggles and laughs until she is almost crying because she is SO EXCITED! I love seeing her excitement. She is such a joyful child and so full of life. If she loves something she loves it with her whole heart and is just so sweet.

I love you my daughter! May God help me teach you to be an empathetic soul who is filled with compassion and passion. You're growing too fast and I'm trying to learn to soak you up everyday. You make me proud with the bright things you say and your laugh is so contagious (you get that from Daddy)! 



The Mommy said...

She's growing up right before my eyes!!! I cannot believe that Maggie will soon be four. Time just flies by too fast!

Anne Elizabeth said...

This was such a sweet post! I am SO excited for her birthday party too:)

Becky said...

Awww...that was so sweet! And Abby is a doll.

Disney on Ice? Luuuucky!!!