Monday, March 29, 2010

Potty Mouth

Last night was rough. I was woken up by a screaming baby... who wouldn't stop screaming. This was different from any other time she has woken up. She would arouse enough to cry like she was in pain, fall back to sleep, then a few seconds later start screaming all over again without ever opening her eyes. We tried gas drops, waited 15 minutes or so, then I broke out the Infant Tylenol. I think she was having some teething pain because the gas drops did NOTHING but the moment she had the Tylenol she stayed asleep and didn't arouse herself to cry anymore.

So phew! I hate nights like that. I hate trying to guess what is going on and wonder if I'm doing things right. Her eyes were so puffy from crying. And it is so weird because before bedtime she was SO HAPPY. It is so hard to imagine such a happy baby screaming like she had been.

After such a harrowing night I decided I was done with Abby's diapers this morning. Just done! She just turned 3 and she has been in diapers this entire time. I put off potty training her because she never showed interest or seemed ready. I'm finding out pretty quickly it is more about her will than readiness. I don't think it would've mattered when I started the training. This child does NOT want to go on the potty.

We've had 3 clothing changes today. Even though it was frustrating I kept a chipper attitude and let her know I wasn't mad. We just cleaned it up, no fuss. Having wood floors does come in handy! She never made even one successful trip to the potty but I praised her for at least trying when she did sit on the potty.

Thankfully once Daddy and Elaina got home she would at least seemingly make a more valiant effort. She sat there for 20 minutes after dinner, reading books. But nothing. Went on a walk, came home and put her potty in front of the TV to watch nature stuff... still nothing. I think she was holding it in for her nighttime diaper.

So I don't know what else to do except be consistent with what we were doing. I've bribed with chocolate, candy, playing outside, etc.

Basically I put her in her pan.ties and give her tons to drink. I ask her every 5-10 minutes, "Do you need to sit on the potty?" and ask if she feels the urge to go in words she understands. Right as she starts going she tells me, "I need to go!" so at least she is getting used to the sensation and what to expect.

So prayers that tomorrow is better. We'll be at church with Daddy all day so I may bring our potty chair with us and tons of clothes. I'm NOT giving up. This child needs to start going in the potty.

I'm also finding out something new about Abigail. While Elaina will come around and do things in her own time, Abigail kind of needs a good shove in the right direction to even find the motivation to do what is appropriate for her age. She also balks at pressure (like her momma, ha ha). So it's kind of a Catch 22 but we're going to get through it once she gets over her fear.

And check it out! Abby is my little model for a Flower Girl set I created HERE.

Friday, March 26, 2010

5 months, infections and girliness galore

Okay so Zoë turned 5 months old a few days ago so you know what that means! Pictures!!! She had a well child visit today, too. I declined vaccines again. I can't bring myself to do them yet. But we are doing them. I believe that not doing them can be very detrimental and not fair to other children. I just wish they were spaced out more and given at different ages. That's just me. I don't mind what other people do. My other two were vaccinated per the recommended schedule and are fine. Don't know why I'm freaking out with baby #3 so much! I don't feel she is our last so she won't be the baby of the family. Lord help the baby of the family! Ha ha ha!

*ahem* Anyway...

Everyone who saw this said it cracked them up so I had to post it!

SPRING IS HERE! We went outside to take pictures. She liked it for a little while. Look at that- a onesie. I can actually see her thighs and precious feet now!

And she LOVES her feet. She is still obsessed with her hands too.

She started saying "Da da da da da da da" and "Duh duh duh duh duh" yesterday. Her ped. said that is actually a 6-month milestone. Go Zoë! We make 'em smart.

I've been losing weight. I haven't really been working out. Scratch that. Haven't been working out at all. But I am weighing less than I did when I first got pregnant with her. I'm taking it 10 lbs at a time.

I just realized I have no idea how much Z weighs now. Abigail was throwing a fit and I had all three girls at the appointment by myself. They usually write it down for me but I think we all forget in the midst of Abby freaking out. She was kind of afraid of the pediatrician and nurse. Thankfully her next appointment isn't for another year. Phew! It was a challenge that included her kicking the doctor in the stomach. Yeah...

Elaina actually didn't have an appointment but she came along because she's been experiencing hearing loss and then last night woke us up crying because of an ear infection. I had them ALL THE TIME growing up. I've had tubes in my ears twice. So needless to say I knew her pain and felt so bad for her.

Her doctor checked her ears out and said, "Oh yeah, she definitely has an infection. And I can totally believe she can't hear. There is so much puss in there!" I should've taken Elaina in sooner. More mommy guilt. Us mommies are good at that, aren't we?

So anyway she's being treated with antibiotics now and has numbing drops if the pain flairs up. I guess she's had fluid in her ear for awhile and it was just brewing. Last night the dam broke, so to speak. I think she'll be fine. I just hope she doesn't have any permanent hearing loss. We can talk in a normal voice and she can't hear us!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Super large cupcakes! Yummo!


The after party- playing with the toys!

Happy Birthday to Abigail (Wednesday)! She is 3!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Friday Follow

Have any of you participated in this before? It is so much fun! I've only done it with Girly Girl Giveaways but decided to put When Does Daddy Come Home?! out there to meet new friends.

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I look forward to "meeting" you! Please do follow and we'll catch up!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stupid Mommy!

As parents the power of our words run deep. Even when we think they're not paying attention our children are soaking up everything they hear. So it was no surprise that Abigail laughingly said to me, "You are a stupid Mommy!" the other day. *gulp* I have a tendency to mumble, "Stupid cat" when Beckett does something that irritates me. It may be under my breath but the words have impact! And of course my cat isn't stupid and neither am I. Poor Abby just didn't understand what the word meant at all and it wasn't said to hurt me.

I didn't get upset with her but I did let her know that wasn't a nice word and I apologized for using the word myself! Another thing that I say a ton that I really need to watch (and not just because of my kids) is "Oh my God!" While the first few times were cute hearing Abby's exasperated little munchkin voice let out an OMG it isn't something I want her repeating because in many contexts (aka non life-threatening) it isn't appropriate or respectful. So now we're trying to train ourselves to say something else, sometimes "Oh my goodness!"

What kinds of things have your kids said that had you going, "WHOA! Wait a minute... I need to watch what I say!"?

"Train your child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it."  
           Proverbs 22:6
"Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger, but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord."  
          Ephesians 6:4

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Whole Lotta

This has been one majorly busy week. For starters I went to the dentist and I haven't been since my mom was alive. I think the last time I went was 2003! I have a wisdom tooth that is coming in but there isn't enough room so it is cutting into my cheek and has now created an abscess. I will be getting the wisdom teeth on the right removed mid-April (sooner if it flares up).

Daniel was asked to be the lead singer and guitarist in a worship band. I cannot tell you how incredibly exciting this is for him and for me! I believe my husband is anointed to be a worship leader and I know great things are going to happen for him (and now his band members who happen to be close friends of his). I don't know why these guys didn't put it all together sooner but God's timing is God's timing. No band name as of yet and they already have a gig for April 3rd. I'll let you know what they will call themselves as soon as it is official! And I hope that in the near future I have CDs to giveaway and offer for sale!!!!!!!

Zoë is officially a thumb-sucker. I think that it is super cute. I wonder if she is also teething even though her gum isn't swollen. She is so drooly and always gnawing on her thumb or fist. I do know teething can happen over the course of many months. I cannot believe she may have teeth very soon! Where is my newborn, wrinkly baby?!

A few people contacted me about doing jewelry for them and I want to show you the designs they came up with.

This Tiffany-inspired bracelet is sterling silver and is called "Aaryn". Aaryn actually created it with the birthstone charm on the other pendant but when taking pictures I forgot to switch it over. Isn't this gorgeous?! I wish pictures were living so you could really see how this looks and how it sounds (the silver makes a beautiful sound when you jangle the bracelet):

Here is the "Rylee" necklace, a combination of a birthstone crystal, rectangle piece and circle pendant!:

And here are a couple of pieces I created. The first is the "Zoë", a deep domed pendant.

And the second one is the "Elaina", a locket style pendant.

Thank you to everyone who helped create custom pieces! I'm always happy to do more if people are interested in designing something and giving their design a name!!!

And one more thing- I enjoyed doing a swap so much this month I've signed up to do it again! Want to get in on the action? Just click on the image below and sign up!!!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Mamarazzi Boxes are FLYING!

This was my first time participating in the Mamarazzi Favorite Things Swap and it was so much fun! I think I had more fun putting my box together than receiving because I just LOVE giving to other people. Well my box arrived today and this is what I found inside:


A pair of fun socks!
A cooking magazine
A candle from Bath & Body Works (seriously, the best candles- they smell so strong and they last forever!)
New 5 gum called Solstice
Yummy Moose Munch candy bar (yes, I already ate it... *drool*)
Nail polish
Box of beautiful cards!

My husband totally snagged the candle for his office because he loves pineapple (and hey, that office NEEDS something, ha ha)! And that Moose Munch bar? DELICIOUS! Never heard of them or tried them and they are absolutely delicious. I'm a chocoholic so I ate that right after I snapped the picture.

Everything was so wonderful! Thank ya partner!!! I hope you enjoy my favorite things (and I hope they arrived safely and not all smooshed)!

This was so fun! I hope I get to do it again soon!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some funny things and Abby's FIRST haircut!

I wanted to type these out before I forget!

Today Elaina was having a hard time, kept getting in trouble. When I took her out of timeout I told her, "Mommy doesn't tell you to do things because she's mad at you or doesn't like you. I tell you so you don't get hurt. You're my princess, you know that?"

Then Abigail pipes up, "Am I the princess, too?"

"Yes, Abby, you're Princess Abigail... and this is Princess Zoë!" I said.

Then Abigail bounces up and down and says, "And there's Princess Beckett!" as our MALE cat strolls through the room. I laughed so hard!

The other night we were sitting at the dinner table recounting our day. I had gotten to go on a walk with my two younger girls as Elaina was at school. So beautiful out! We have a museum/mansion down the road from us and as we walked around it I was so disgusted to see piles of dog poo everywhere (people are supposed to pick up after their dogs). Abigail exclaims, "Ewww... that gwoss!"

So anyway, at the dinner table Abby decides to tell her big sister the highlight of her day. "We saw cat poop on the ground. It was ucky.' And then as an afterthought she sternly told her sister, "You don't EAT poop, Elaina!"

Almost everyday Abigail will come up to Zoë and say to her, "Good morning, Sunshine!" And because Zoë sees Abby more often she is really into Abby. Zoë just lights up when she sees her. And as Zoë grins and laughs at her big sister Abigail will say, "Ohhhhh.......... she's SO cute!"

In fact both of the bigger girls are so sweet about telling Zoë how cute and beautiful she is all the time.

Abby got her hair cut for the first time today!!! She went from excited and happy to full blown crying and thrashing. BUT we got through and her hair is adorable!!! Elaina got her hair cut today, too. She wanted bangs:


Scroll down to see another post I wrote late last night if you missed it!

Friday, March 5, 2010

All About Abs

This month my baby girl is turning 3! I haven't talked about my older girls in awhile so I thought I'd dedicate this post to Abigail. The picture above is Abigail with her favorite doll- a BOY doll. And believe me when I say it is a boy. It has boy parts. Why he is dressed in pink... I don't know! Probably because all we have is PINK in this house, ha ha!

Well her favorite doll has a name. This is Kyle. I think it was a name I just threw out one day and it has stuck ever since. She loves that thing. One time she left it at Nonna's house and was so upset. She got through, though and it was like Christmas morning when she got him back! Poor Kyle, though, is losing a leg. It won't last much longer before it finally falls off. We'll still love him!

Abby's favorite color is purple. When I ask her what her favorite song is she'll say, "The Purple Song!" Um, there is no purple song. Or if I ask her what her favorite story is it is always, "The Purple Story!" And guess what? If you ask her what her favorite color is she'll say, "Purple!" Sometimes she even tells me, "I the puh-ple giwl!" Translated to say- the purple girl.

But if I try to tell her MY favorite color is purple? She'll have NONE of it! It is hers and hers alone.


I cannot believe she'll be three! She has come from being a very independent baby to a somewhat dependent toddler as the world becomes a bigger, scarier place to her. I am really trying to encourage her into being a little more independent but not pushing it. Loud noises and big things frighten her. She is more like her mom than she knows. She will come around in her own time and I will patiently wait with one hand stretched out, ready to take hers when she is ready.

How did she go from this...

... to this?!

Abby and Elaina are going to go to the Disney on Ice as part of their birthday presents (even though Elaina's birthday isn't until this summer). And Abby has a wonderful birthday party planned the weekend before her birthday. Whenever I mention her birthday she giggles and laughs until she is almost crying because she is SO EXCITED! I love seeing her excitement. She is such a joyful child and so full of life. If she loves something she loves it with her whole heart and is just so sweet.

I love you my daughter! May God help me teach you to be an empathetic soul who is filled with compassion and passion. You're growing too fast and I'm trying to learn to soak you up everyday. You make me proud with the bright things you say and your laugh is so contagious (you get that from Daddy)! 


Monday, March 1, 2010

The big 2-5

Yesterday... was my birthday! I am now 25 but I still feel like a teenager sometimes. My husband gave me his cold for my birthday so I'm feeling a little under the weather today; drainage and coughing. Blech! Daniel's birthday is exactly a week after mine except on a leap year.

Miss Elaina was on the news! It was a blurp about her school and they showed her class dancing around. It was super cute and I'm going to show her when she gets home from school.

I'm trying this new thing right now where I don't pick up after anyone. So far I feel like I'm going to rip my hair out because of the messes. I've lasted about 7 hours so far today. I've almost broke down a few times to scrub everything. Maybe I'm being petty or selfish or maybe I'm just plain tired of the same old routine everyday. But I'm just not picking up after anyone today. Or even tomorrow... maybe...

Well I need to go make a grocery list. Even with this darn cold I need to get groceries (don't worry, I use disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer like crazy as it is).

Bet you can't stick your fist in YOUR mouth!

That picture reminds me.........................

.................. the GREEN GIRLY GOODIES giveaway event is going on RIGHT NOW! Click button to go to the blog and enter to win some fabulous prizes from Etsy artists. 10 giveaways have posted and there's about 10 more to come!

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