Saturday, February 13, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

...I took a pregnancy test and it came up positive! My sweet little Zoë was a tiny little embryo and is now this kicking, laughing, beautiful chunk. I found out the day before Valentine's Day that I was pregnant with her and she is definitely the best little Valentine I could ever ask for (well, other than her sisters; it's all equal when it comes to them).

Zoë means LIFE and she is definitely full of life. She knows what she wants and what to do to get it (read: cry). She loves to be involved and a part of whatever is going on around her. She can be very serious and watchful, too!

I'm very blessed to have the three most beautiful girls!

Valentine's gifts! LOVE the wrapping, too. ;-) They don't seem to mind! They opened theirs early since Daddy wasn't going to be here for Valentine's Day.

Fast asleep in the car, wearing her pink jacket from Michaelle!

This is what they were doing today- having "lunch" with their toys. Love how Z is looking over at me, too!

Getting so big!

*I realize my first sentence can be confusing. Read it along with the post title. I am not saying I am pregnant now. Just reminiscing about finding out a year ago about Z!


The Mommy said...

Hard to believe that it's been so long ago, isn't it! What a year!!

Photogrl said...

A year already, hard to believe!

I love the picture of the girls having lunch...precious!

Becky said...

Great pictures! Beautiful family! :)

Becky said... how Zoe is looking at you in that photo! Too cute!

Those kinds of 'moment in time' photos, of kids playing together as kids do are SO precious!