Friday, February 5, 2010

One of these days!


This is so not like me to be such a slacker in the blogging department! So much to say and so little time. It's already past midnight here but I had to give a quick update on the happenings here.
-Zoë has really found her voice this past week! She has been screeching up a storm and she really sounds like a little girl when she does it. She does this funny thing after a cough or sneeze that is so ladylike that almost sounds like "Awww".

-She is also a spitter! She loves to spit. She'll stick out her tongue and drool will start flying. It's really quite cute! All of my girls are noisy babies. I thought before she was born that she might be the quiet one. Um, no! She also does this funny thing where she'll whine herself to sleep as loudly as she can. So loud you cannot hear to talk!

-Still bed-sharing! I'm hoping that once it starts warming up outside we can start transitioning her to her room if she's feeling up to it. It's so cold in our house that our body heat keeps each other warm at night. 

-I am SHEDDING! Like crazy. At this rate I may not have hair next month. Absolute craziness! I hate it. I have to clean out my brush every time I use it.

-I've lost a few pounds and am so close to pre-pregnancy weight (pre-pregnancy with Zoë anyway!). I'll be happy losing 40-50 lbs. I'm taking it 10 lbs at a time and not really over-thinking it. The 30 Day Shred hasn't been touched in a couple weeks now. I really need to find the time to do it because I know I'll see better results.

-I reopened my Etsy shops: HERE and HERE. Getting rid of current inventory so I can start fresh and new. I started another shop but it isn't open yet and won't be until I make some money first (ooh, surprises!!!). I want to continue making jewelry but not just hand-stamped items. I'm actually interested in learning on new techniques and new styles of jewelry. I want to really do a whole revamp on my shop. If you decide you see something you love, you live in the USA and you follow my blog LET ME KNOW at checkout and I'll ship to you for free (refund via PayPal). My pictures totally suck but the items are actually very pretty IRL! Pictures don't do them justice.

That's all for now lovelies! Keep checking my giveaway blog!!! I just put up some Cowgirl Chocolates to giveaway. Spicy chocolate? Yes! Also a giveaway for a pearl necklace, a Vital ID bracelet for your child and all sorts of other goodies!!! Go check it out. Enter! I've won a few giveaways myself (will post when I get the items in the mail) so don't think, "Oh I won't win!" because you might!!!


Sarah said...

That is THE CUTEST picture Joy!! Good luck with your etsy store Joy! I am working on mine too. I'm hoping to announce it soon!

The Mommy said...

I've been wondering about you, but I know you must be so busy!
Your little one is SO cute and growing so much!

Vixbil said...

SUCH a cute pic xx
Well done on the weight loss that is fantastic

*~Chelsea~* said...

Cute pic!!!!! :)