Monday, February 15, 2010

Etsy Here I Come........... Again!

If you didn't know it, and most of you probably don't, I have had an Etsy shop since 2008. And I opened a second one not long after the first. I closed them halfway through my pregnancy with Zoƫ but just last week reopened the doors. And I have to admit it is a little overwhelming. Mostly because I wanted to revamp it before I got pregnant with her and that is still my desire now but I have so much leftover inventory and it just isn't selling because the hand-stamped industry has EXPLODED. When I started there were only a handful of hand-stamping artists. Now it is everywhere and it is hard to stand out in the crowd.

And that is what leads me to this post. I need and desire your help if you wish to participate! I'm going to be refining my hand-stamped jewelry to more personal and personalized pieces. I will also have birthstone crystals and pearls to add to the jewelry. The great thing about me is that I don't over-price my items. I feel I offer them at a fair price for the material costs and my labor. When I see someone selling a similar piece for DOUBLE the price of mine it makes my heart hurt. I want to tell the buyer, "You know I can make that for half the price!!!"

So how can you help? If you have wanted a hand-stamped item in the past but just never got around to it I am offering customers who customize a piece free shipping AND they get to 'name' their customized piece.

For instance, if you decide you want to customize two domed sterling silver pendants into a "locket" type piece with a birthstone jewel hiding inside I will quote you a price, create it, ship it for free and you will get to name it after someone dear to you (a niece, a daughter, your mother, an aunt, a friend, etc.). So if you have a best friend Suzy and you create a piece you can name that design "SUZY" and credit will go to you for the name. Your design would then be sold in the shop and people could customize it to their specifications.

Or perhaps you want a fun and funky flower shaped sterling silver pendant with your children's names stamped around it in a pretty scrolly font.

Or maybe you'd like a heart shaped pendant that is hammered and textured. Maybe you want a copper AND sterling silver pendant. Maybe you want to layer pendants, etc., etc. The possibilities are ENDLESS and I'd love to hear your ideas.

The main reason I need this help is that I can't afford to buy the silver and just stamp random names and add birthstone crystals. I need real people with real names so I can photograph the pendant without having to keep it forever because no one has two children named Billy and Sue. I hope that makes sense! This is how custom pendants are done anyway but you get the bonus of free shipping and the honor of having a design that you helped create and name. Usually the artist just takes your customized idea, charges you extra for the custom work and names the piece themselves.

I can do just about anything you see in other hand-stamped shops except soldering. I cannot solder metals together yet as I do not have the tools or the funds to get soldering equipment. One day I would absolutely love to learn to solder! But that day is not today.

Here are examples of items currently in my shop that I've priced as low as I can possibly go (sterling silver is not cheap). I'm clearing current inventory to make room for the new and improved pieces that I hope some of you will help create!!! Look at how awesome my new camera is at capturing how gorgeous these pieces really are, too:



This LUCKY pendant is the only one not on clearance in the shop because I created it for St. Patrick's Day.

*Eternal Love is an OOPS piece*

I have copper, sterling silver and I can get gold-filled. I can mix metals, I can layer pendants. I have design stamps and can stamp designs and "pictures" into pendants. I have circles, squares, stars, hearts, "guitar picks", etc., etc.

Oh, so here are the links, by the way!

Creations By Chara
Chara's Creations

The second shop is just random jewelry that I've made. Some pieces are priced as low as $1.50 because I just need to clear out some space! I also have new plans for that shop. My favorites are the amethyst pieces and skeleton key necklaces!

A third shop is also in the works that is not jewelry but I still need quite a few more things before I want to reveal it. I will, however, reveal the name. It is called What Girls Are Made Of. Anyone who does graphic work- I AM looking for a banner and avatars if someone can help me out. I can't spend money on anything right now but can do store credit instead if that interests you.

The legal mumbo-jumbo:
*Please note you only get the honor of naming a design if you design it AND purchase it. If you do not wish to make a purchase but would still like to come up with some design ideas you are more than welcome! All rights would belong to me, the artist. I cannot compensate anyone for their unpatented ideas.*


The Mommy said...

I had wondered when you were going to get off the couch and make some more jewelry!! Just kidding, I KNOW you've been busy! I can't wait to check out your shops ans maybe order myself a little something. I have never worn the VP necklace you made for me because it sort of makes me cry. I do take it out of the bag and look at it and rub it and I LOVE IT!

Veronica said...

I would LOVE a custom piece and to name a piece.. Problem is.. I have no clue what I would want! Something that signifies my family, but beyond that.. I am loss. If you wouldn't mind, could you email me with some ideas?

Andrea said...

Very cool! I like the idea of you designing cell phone charms and key chain charms as well as jewelry. I ordered a custom cell phone charm (right around Zoe's birthday!) with Evan's name and birthstone on it. There's a picture of it in my facebook. Whenever we have baby #2 I will order one from you!

Aaryn said...

How should I contact you to discuss a jewelry piece? Thanks

Jewels said...

ooo...I can't wait to see What Girls Are Made Of! Sounds so mysterious....

What a neat idea to have customers help you design and name jewelry! I bet your niece, Hannah, would love to create something with you. I'll get back to you.

Katie said...

I want a key chain for my husband for Father's Day. Maybe something with two layers? The first circle could be the smaller one on top that says, "Daddy's Kids (or Boys if we have another)" or "We Love Daddy" with the larger circle underneath saying their names. We will know the sex/name next week so we could start working on something then. How much would a key chain cost (approx)? You can e-mail me if that would be easier. . .

This is a fun idea!