Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doctor, Doctor and Vaccines

Zoë has a pediatric appointment tomorrow! I cannot wait to see how much she weighs. I have decided to delay vaccines. I don't exactly have a plan but I do know I don't feel comfortable with her getting vaccinated at this time. I've read a few articles from medical professionals stating that their immune systems are still immature and introducing vaccinations at such an early age is counter-productive. She will be vaccinated but I may wait until her 1st or 2nd birthday.

What are your thoughts on vaccinations? I know it can be pretty controversial and some mommas can really get riled up about it. I know that vaccinations are important. Since people have stopped vaccinating altogether (not delaying but downright refusing vaccines) many diseases that have been dormant have cropped back up. I can't help but see a connection there. 

I also know that the diseases that vaccines can provide protection against can be very deadly and very scary. It's so hard to know what to do when you feel like the medical community isn't 100% upfront and honest with us, the consumers. So for now we delay.

My sister delayed her third daughter's vaccines and when she was telling me about her daughter's first shot, as a toddler, she was delighted to see how much better her daughter took it compared to her sister who had been getting shots since she was an infant. 

I'd love any resources or information you may have, or even your thoughts and opinions.

I also want to point out that I've started two new blogs! One is in collaboration with a childhood friend of mine. It is currently called Fit & Fabulous but may change (the URL won't change). We're keeping each other accountable for weight loss. So if you need encouragement or have a weight loss blog you can recommend for our blogroll, send it my way!

The second one is a review and giveaway blog. I've been approached by a few companies to review products in the past. I turned down a couple and others fell through with their communication. But I've been entering many giveaways recently and I really like the whole aspect of reviewing and giving away product. So you can check it out. It is Girly Girl Giveaways! Aptly named for the fact that I have three girls. I will start off with just reviewing products and will hopefully have some awesome giveaways lining up soon!


Sarah said...

Max has his 9 month appointment tomorrow!
We do vaccines, but we spread them out, so we have a different plan then doctors office, and they were really supportive of that.

*~Chelsea~* said...

I'm not sure what to think of vaccines! It can be scary when you read the research, so I definitely feel like it's a personal decision that isn't to be made lightly.

Yayyye for our new blog! So excited!!!

Cool about your other new blog! I want to win stuff! ;-)

The Lynchs said...

Can't wait to start reading the new blogs! One of my resolutions is to lose weight, too! It's always good to find people who are doing the same thing!

The Mommy said...

Vaccines are so confusing to me! Maggie's ped was always great at talking about the vaccines and advising me on what she needed. We agreed that she didn't need certain optional vaccinations because she wasn't in a daycare setting when she was itty-bitty. Ellie's dr (and now Maggie's too) just gives the vaccinations and then a sheet telling you what they were given. I was appalled because I WANT a choice. Needless to say, things are done a little differently now.
It's such a personal choice, but I'm like you and think the vaccinations are important.

Kaye said...

I am just getting caught up on my blog reading. When I took a break from writing one across the holiday break, I took a break in reading them as well. I've really enjoyed getting caught up with yours. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Vaccinations? I don't do the optional ones (like flu), but we do the "standard" ones at the times that the ped recommends. I have some strong opinions on the matter. I don't see any problems in delaying them...especially if they aren't in a daycare-type setting during the day, but strongly feel that they need to be given. I don't buy a lot of the research that I've seen for various reasons. I know there is currently a greater number of diagnosed cases of autism and ADD/ADHD cases now than in the past. I know that these have been linked to vaccinations by various people and groups. They are free to believe that if they want, but I don't. I have seen too many cases where that is NOT the case. And now old diseases are cropping back up unnecessarily. Just last year, Patrick had a child in his class at school with the mumps. THE MUMPS!!! How absurd. I wonder if that parent questioned not getting vacinnated when that poor little boy was suffering with that one!

Sorry. I'll try to stay off my tangent just a bit better. =) I just wanted to liven up the conversation in your comment area. =)

I need to lose that weight along with you. I need to do at least 60 myself, but 70 would be ideal to me. I need to get motivated though because if I start at this moment, I will be setting myself up for failure right now because my heart just isn't in it at the moment.

Look forward to the other blogs as well!

Whew! I think I've commented enough to consider myself "caught up" =)

Amber said...

Hey! We originally planned to delay Walker's vaccinations by 2 months (his prematurity), but the more I read, the more leery I felt. So we ended up delaying them another full year. He is 2 1/2 and just got his last set. We wanted him to be healthy and on track with his growth before we did them.

Jess said...

We are heading out to Hailey's 2 mo appt today too. She will be getting her shots.

andrea said...

We do vaccines. I think the dangers from the diseases the children are vaccinated against are far worse than the danger from the vaccines. A child with German measles, for example, normally doesn't get very sick, but if he/she passes it to a pregnant woman, her fetus faces serious issues. We've never had a bad reaction to a vaccine, although they can of course happen. Delaying vaccines probably is fine if the child isn't in day care or anything.

Amber said...

One thing to consider in this... if you are keeping your baby home, you might be able to more safely delay vaccinations. If I wasn't staying home with Walker, I probably would have vaccinated him on schedule to protect him.

Vixbil said...

Yeah on the new fitness blog, I just did the first day of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, my legs feel like JELLY but heres to some abs soon