Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blessed beyond measure!


Today I got a goody box in the mail! My sweet friend from Monkey's Momma sent us a box filled with baby clothes, shirts for the big girls, stuffed monkeys and monkey stickers (of course!), a pack of pencils, flashcards, photography prints, Skoy cloths, gorgeous bird votive holders, hair things, a little purse, little notepads, a bar of heavenly scented soap...

Such a blessing and I wanted to give a shout out to her because I REALLY appreciate it and am so grateful to have amazing people in my life. Not for what they give me but that they take the time and really care. I get so caught up in my own world I forget to step back and really say thank you so I wanted to take the chance, even though I wrote you earlier. I'm so glad we "met" a couple years back. 

Michaelle has been a source of friendship and has been that still, calm voice when I've had my freak outs on here since we met about 2 years ago. Thank you so much for thinking of us during your day-to-day hectic-ness! You made my day (seriously you should've seen my face- I was silently squealing as I took each thing out because the kids were napping) and you made my girls' day!

Abigail found the monkeys in the box She also found the button you push to make them screech, LOL!:

The really cool flashcards that she sent! You care write on them.

 I sat at the table and held up the flashcards for the girls. They loved it! Elaina got almost every picture right. She did say "Sheep" for the "L" card (it had a picture of a "Lamb"). LOL! This will be a great tool for them. She got them from an Etsy shop so I may contact them to see if they'd give a set away this summer. Stay tuned! They may, they may not.

On another note, go visit her blog! She's giving away 3 Chicken Soup books. Who doesn't love a good Chicken Soup story or two? Go enter!


Leah said...

What a sweet and thoughtful friend you have. So nice. :-D

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

What a blessing!

Jewels said...

So cool! That was so thoughtful of M! I love the looks on Elaina's and Abby faces too.

Becky said...

Wow...what a very thoughtful gift! Truly a blessing.

I was just catching up on the last, oh, say ELEVEN posts or so (sorry...I haven't forgotten about you...just been swamped), and laughed my head off when I read about you "feeling like a T-rex doing dishes with the Moby and a chunky baby strapped to your chest". BWAHAHA!!

That little chunk is A.Dorable! I love chunky babies...they're so healthy and cuddly and're doing a great job, mama!

I've heard there are some crocheting techniques "Mile a Minute" and others that are supposed to make it very quick to crochet.

All these years I've been limping along with plain old single crochet...and finally a woman at church showed me how to double and triple! What a difference! And having an actual pattern developing under my fingers makes such a difference!

Veronica said...

Just stopping by to say hi! What an awesome gift your friend sent you! I would have been smiling ear to ear too!

Your little girls are precious and I love your breastfeeding ticker at the top. That's something I hold near and dear. I nursed my first two and plan to do the same with this little girl soon!

I also read from the previous commenter about crochet stuff. Do you crochet too? How fun!

The Lynchs said...

How thoughtful! Good friends truly are a blessing!

Hope Endures said...

What a great friend! It looks like the girls had a lot of fun unpacking everything. They are too cute!! :)