Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And she screams

Last night was a rough one! Zoë was happy and content so long as I was playing with her but when it came time to go to sleep... she'd have none of it. Commence the crying! For almost two hours. Yeah.

At times she'd cry like something hurt. Her gums are not swollen or red. Maybe her ears? Nope. Checked her toes and undid her clothes. The moment I take her clothes off she's smiling and cooing, with red-rimmed eyes. Maybe she's hot? Nope, she wants to play! Because playing and talking to her was the only thing she'd stop crying for. Because she knew it was time for bed since the only time we go in my room is bedtime!

Ahhh, well, she did end up going to sleep. How can anyone resist this cute face? She's even cute when she cries! I just don't like not knowing what to do when she does.

I've been so unmotivated to update my blog. I feel incredibly boring and as though I don't have much to say. And I've been focusing a ton of energy on product reviews. You wouldn't think that would take very much time but writing PR reps and organizing your calendar, actually testing products, researching for the best of the best, promoting and building your website and following, etc. takes up a ton of time in the midst of cleaning, entertaining children, feeding, clothing, bathing, paying bills, writing grocery lists, etc.

But I really like being busy. I thrive on it. When I have nothing to do I get quiet and snappy. Wow, that's kind of an oxymoron but it's true. And bored and depressed and bitter. So it is fun to have this to do. I may pick up my jewelry shop again, too. I haven't decided if it is worth the $ and energy.

Giveaways coming up (and I tell you guys first because I WANT you to enter and win!)- Piggy Paint nail polish, Baby Bond Nursing Cover, jewelry (The Chunky Pearl!), teething jewelry, chocolates, etc. But you have to head on over to Girly Girl Giveaways to enter for the Girly Goodies. They'll be coming in February...

Other things I'm working on are the big girls' birthday parties. I ordered their invites from SeeHere. I got 50 photo invites for free (just paid $4.99 to ship) using code newbaby at checkout. Score! You can split it up, too. You don't have to buy 50 of one particular invite.

And I'm checking Etsy for some fun party favors. I'd really like to get tutus for all the party girls. Some sellers have bulk listings but it is still more than I probably want to spend for party favors. I haven't decided what to do for Elaina yet because I have no idea if I should invite all of the girls in her class, all the kids or have her pick some. Then again I don't want some kids to feel left out (her school is a small, family-like school). Peer pressure I tell ya! Most of their parents don't speak English so I wouldn't even know how to communicate with some of them either. And I don't want people to feel obligated to bring a gift at ALL but I know people feel pressure, even if you tell them not to. So I might just tell her to pick a few friends. It's far enough away that I can figure it out later.

Abigail's party- she wants cupcakes she picked out from the Walmart grocery. I actually like Walmart's bakery better than every other grocery store bakery. She told me she wants pink plates and cups. But no theme, at least not yet. I was thinking about doing the tutus for Abby's party as favors and going with a princess/fairytale theme.

Elaina's party- this will be her first Kid Only party. There'll be adult supervision (me!) don't worry! But it'll just be her and her friends free to play and eat pizza. It'll be more child-directed than planned I think. Ooh I just thought of a neat party favor idea for Elaina's party. I could get those plastic popcorn things and fill them with movie-themed favors. Yes, I am obsessed with party favors.


Veronica said...

I follow your blog since our baby girls are a week apart. I read the part about wanting tutu's at a good price. Check out www.haloheaven.com. Amazing prices and very cute stuff!

Jewels said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough night with Zoë. It's always so hard as a mom to not know what to do when they cry. I hated that art.

The birthday parties sound fun already! Let me know if you find any good tutus. Have you checked Oriental Trading Company?

*~Chelsea~* said...

Sorry to hear about Zoe - glad she finally got to sleep, poor thing!

The parties sound cool!! I wish we lived near each other b/c I have a bunch of extra pink plates and cups from Mel's baby shower that I'll probably never use.

Walmart DOES have a good bakery! Very moist cakes and cupcakes. MMM!

Kaye said...

Holy moo, I'm glad I read your comments before posting mine (mind if I eavesdrop?) because that haloheaven is AWESOME! I will definitely have to bookmark that one!!! Thanks, Veronica.

The reason I actually click on comment:

I'm so sorry that Zoe had a rough night! It can be frustrating and stressful and overwhelming even (especially!) when you know there is nothing truly wrong.

The birthday parties sound like a blast. I've gotta' figure out what I'm going to do about Abigail's 1st birthday party. We had a big shindig at my mom's with the extended family for Patrick's but I don't know if that is going to be as easy with Abigail. What to do?

Keep us updated on the birthday plans though! Can't wait to see what you do!

And don't worry about being boring. I like to read normal life stuff. =)

Joy said...

Veronica- you are a DOLL! That is the exact price range I was looking for and was getting so discouraged. You can get really nice, fully ones super inexpensive. THANK YOU!!!

Veronica said...

Whoohoo! Glad that website will work for you. I myself am placing an order for my little girl!

Photogrl said...

Don't worry about being boring...I've been feeling the same way lately.

Poor Zoe...and Mommy. It's so hard when they just cry for no reason!

Yay for birthday parties...I'm in the middle of planning Miss O's right now, too.

Kahla said...

She is quite the cutie!!! WE have that same onsie. ;o) Sometimes we have those nights as well, little stinkers.

I so want some piggy paint, will totally be waiting on that giveaway!

So about the tutus. I'm about to open an etsy store called The Pink Bulldog (hopefully in the next two weeks) and we'll be selling tutus! I bet I could beat the price you find, we'll have to chat about it.

so glad you're still around!

Morgan said...

Teething jewelry, huh? Sounds like a fun giveaway! I'll have to remember to check out your other blog next month.

A free play + pizza party sounds nice. I used to do a lot of planning, games, ect, but have totally burned out. For the most recent birthday in our house, we went bowling and took a family that we're friends with. It wasn't the cheapest way to have fun, but it was a good time and less stressful planning compared to when the kids were younger and I tried to plan something extravagant.

I hope the parties go great! Movie themed favors sound like fun!

Oh, and very cute picture of your baby! She's a cutie!

Andrea said...

Evan was doing the same thing at my grandparents' house. The only time we'd go into the bedroom was when it was naptime or bedtime. He figured that out so any time I'd walk him near the room he'd start to fuss and cry. He wouldn't do it anywhere else in the house, just as soon as we stepped over the threshold! At home we are in and out of the rooms too much for him to associate any one with sleepy time. These babies are too smart!!!!

I feel the same way about blogging. It's all baby baby baby. I like being busy too. You sure are busy! I can't believe how much stuff you do. I could never fit all of that into a day, especially with 3 kids.

Oh yeah, I LOVE the movie themed party favor idea. Very unique! When it comes time to plan Evan's birthday I want you to help think of ideas. :-)