Friday, January 15, 2010


When will women start caring about the care they receive for labor and delivery? Why do we allow ourselves to become victims of the system? Why are surgeons (AKA obstetricians) taking care of the births of low-risk women? Why is America's infant mortality rate higher than almost every other nation in the world when the rest of the world is using midwifery care and we're not?

Serious questions we need to ask ourselves. I hope change is coming. But change won't come unless we speak up and start doing what we need to do as women, such as hiring midwives or refusing unnecessary interventions.

OBs are a necessary part of the labor and delivery process ONLY if there is need for them in a high risk situation. Thank God for them in necessary situations. But why must other women subject themselves to the SAME care if they do not NEED it? That is perhaps the largest question of all. 

This video, along with The Business of Being Born (view it for FREE online by clicking HERE), is a really big eye-opener. You may agree or you may not. But I can't help but feel passionate about this when babies are dying more quickly in America where we seem to be doing everything wrong when it comes to the birth of our children.


Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with you that the infant mortality rate is much too high, and things certainly need to change. However, I completely disagree that "OBs are a necessary part of the labor and delivery process ONLY if there is need for them in a high risk situation." That statement belittles their education and experience. I can't tell you how many messages I get from my stepmother, a NICU nurse, with a quick "please pray, home delivery went poorly, baby struggling", or the stories she shares later on because a situation seemed low risk going into delivery, but wasn't. Sometimes they can't make it to the hospital in time. My pregnancy was easy peasy and completely low risk. My delivery was stress free and easy... until my son's cord was wrapped around his neck twice. I don't want to think about what would have happened if we wouldn't have been at a hospital and in the care of my OB.

It seems to me that we live in America where women have free choice and don't have to "subject themselves to the SAME care if they do not NEED it", or if they do not want it. As for myself I will always see an OB for prenatal care and delivery. You absolutely have the right to choose to do as you please. But your words sound very abrasive and dividing. All moms want the best for their children; I firmly believe choosing an OB/hospital delivery was and will be the best option for my family. I wish we could all agree to disagree, rather than rudely telling other moms what they should or shouldn't do.

Joy said...

You're right in that I shouldn't have said "ONLY in high risk situations". There are many wonderful obstetricians out there who do listen to their patients. Unfortunately there are far more many who do not and end up putting women through things they should not be put through. Obstetricians are, however, surgeons. Most have not even witnessed a live birth until they have started their residency. The truth and stats are out there if women would just look for them.

The same is true with some midwives; not all are perfect by any means. I think we all must use our best judgment in choosing a health care provider which is really the gist of it all. People spend far more time researching TVs and cars than they do researching who will be there at the delivery of their child.

Home birth is considered safer than hospital birth for low risk women.

Jewels said...

Joy wasn't trying to tell any woman what she should do. In fact, when she writes about controversial topics, she's very good about saying that everyone is free to have their own opinions and do what's best for them.

The Lynchs said...

I completely agree with you Joy, and I totally get what you're saying. MANY regular OBs don't take the time to treat birth as a natural process, and it's a shame that we're so technologically advanced but we have the highest infant mortality rates of the developed countries! Fortunately, there are also some OBs who completely understand birth, and who treat it like it should be treated. Mine is one of them - he is fabulous and fully supports birth as a natural process. I just adore him - because I know that he's such a rare find! :-) I hope that over time, America will finally start getting the picture, and go back to doing birth the way it is done by the entire rest of the world!

Nancy said...

I don't think you're correct about our infant mortality rate. There are a number of things about our health care system that trouble me, but I think our infant mortality rate is actually quite low. Our rate of ceasarians ... that's pretty high for some of the reasons you reference.

The Mommy said...

YOu know I'm with you on this! I cannot say enough positive things about midwives! I truly believe that if a doctor had been present when I was inducted with Maggie that she would have died. Midwives are so present during a birth.

Nancy said...
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