Monday, August 31, 2009

Week 33 and LOTS of Updates

Had a great appointment today (no delays, was seen right away!). Daniel and Abby came with me. It took the doc quite some time to find the heartbeat, which was strange considering how big she is now! But it was strong and beautiful. Just so I wouldn't forget to give him the revised birth plan I set it on the counter so he'd immediately see it. I talked to him about some new ACOG guidelines (he's a member) that state women can now have clear fluids while in labor. I didn't realize women couldn't have them..?

Anyway, so I mentioned a compromise on the whole I.V. thing. I said I'd gladly have a Heplock if I could have fluids by mouth, just so the nurses would have a vein accessible if needed. He liked that compromise because I was pretty adamant about not having an I.V. at all, but hospital policy states that you have to have an I.V. or Heplock. I like the compromise because I can't stand the stupid I.V. tubes and my blood always gets pushed up into the tube somehow and it was going to be an I.V. so I wouldn't get dehydrated. Thank God ACOG put that up before I gave birth so now I can have my fluids by mouth!

Other updates:

-The girls are sharing their room better! I give credit to Elaina's school, for wearing her out so well everyday. The downside is that they have no idea what "sleeping in" means on days when there isn't school. Phooey.

-Elaina is doing ballet, music and gym at school, among the normal preschool stuff. She showed me her pirouette today and it was so cute and funny. Today they talked about math: counting and patterns! I'm glad to hear some information on what they're learning and that they're actually learning some solid stuff instead of just colors, shapes and sing-a-longs. Speaking of which, I overhear her singing songs I've never heard before all the time and love it! She's retaining what she's hearing and fast. I can tell her teacher adores her, too.

-The company who made our crib has decided they'll pickup the crib and reimburse us for it! So exciting but now I'm back to the drawing board, trying to figure out what crib will be a good fit for us, without breaking the bank (which is already close to broken anyway). We probably won't be able to get it until after she is here, which is fine since we have a bassinet, because it'll take 4-6 weeks to get my reimbursement check.

-I just played a ton of FreeCell while writing this post. ;-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Day in the Life of Joy

Now that we're starting to settle into a routine with Elaina in school, I'm starting to feel more grounded. More tired, too, but more grounded nonetheless. I think being tired recently has more to do with not being able to sleep soundly.

My days lately seem to consist of sitting, sleeping, eating, more sitting and eating, more sleeping... oh and cleaning. I seriously feel like such a slug some days and am so ready for a burst of energy to light me on fire.

I think my hip is out of socket. Just a sidenote. Not really sure what to do about it. Not really an emergent situation for the E.R. and will see doctor Monday morning, bright and early. Hopefully it's just a sore joint and will feel better when I wake up tomorrow.

Oh, did I mention?! Went to doctor appointment only to be told doctor was at a birth and would be late. This is the second time this month that has happened to me. It really didn't bother me, but I had to reschedule lest I was late picking up daughter from school. Not to mention the gasoline it took to drive there! But I truly understood the delay and knew that one day it might be me giving birth and holding up the waiting room (as Sarah pointed out!).

So instead of seeing the woman doctor I'm back to seeing my regular doctor Monday. I don't know why but I'm so nervous about bringing up my birth plan to him (totally talking it to death! Gotta love having a blog). I don't want him to feel like I'm so hung up on it and will be a difficult patient if I don't get my way. Which is not true! I may ask my MIL to come with me so she can hear the heartbeat and help support me in bringing up the birth plan to him (she is his doctor as well; he saw her through her cancer!).

Okay, so what does a day of my life really look like?! Basically it consists of me waking up stinking early, which makes me feel ill. It made me feel ill as a kid and teenager when I had to get up for school, too.

I get the kids changed and breakfast on the table (cereal, anyone?! I need to get more creative with breakfast, LOL!). Elaina and Daniel go out the door and...........

...... a whole lot of nothing seems to go on. I feel like the day drones on. If I don't have errands or appointments, then it is basically Abigail and I goofing off, taking a long nap together, cleaning and organizing. I make lists of things I want done but cannot physically do myself. I call Daniel and bug him. Update my Facebook.

Yeah, it really is a pretty boring day. I'm so ready for Zoe to come and fill up those empty minutes where I am just sitting around doing nothing.

And Lord knows that in those moments when I'm covered in spit up and listening to her wails that I'll be wishing for those boring days of my pregnancy when I got to sit around and not do a thing! Ha ha!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Week 32... only 8 more to go?!

Since finding out Andrea had her baby I got this pit in my stomach. I realized... I'm next! Ahhhh! All of a sudden I feel like I have nothing ready at all. My To Do List has been stagnant and left alone for quite some time now. And I realized there are some things I hadn't even thought about getting, like nursing bras. I have NONE.

So I spent Saturday and Sunday doing some painting in the nursery, wanting to knock of one of the biggest things on my list. Daniel decided he didn't want to put up chair rail and we both agreed it wasn't a priority in our budget right now. We have more pressing issues to deal with in the house. So what is a woman to do?!

I finished painting the walls green. I literally used every last drop of paint to get three walls done. I did the fourth wall in a pink (that I mixed myself using white, pink and red paint I had leftover from other rooms).

My new [pink] curtains! And I plan on painting the dresser drawers something else (a different shade of pink or nice berry red). I feel like the room is in green overload all of a sudden.

Okay so the wall looks really purple here but it's actually a very soft pink.

I did NOT repaint the closet door. That would be insane. Don't mind all the stuff I still have in the room. I was too tired to put it all away and D needs to move the ladder for me anyway. And yes, Abby is on the changing table. I took her diaper change as an opportunity to grab the camera!

In other news: my stomach has shrunk (have to eat toddler-sized portions at times) and my bladder is being squished to the extreme. I hate that "I have to go right now!!!" feeling. And I feel it when I hardly have to pee at all. Good times, good times! All the running up and down the stairs is good exercise though.

My wedding ring is going to have to come off soon, too. I was hoping to get by without having to take it off. My fingers definitely feel slightly swollen. But my feel and ankles still look normal, so that's good.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Baby is Born!

If you read and follow Andrea's blog, go wish her congrats! I just saw a Facebook status from her hubby saying: "

Baby Evan Vincent was born at 4:03pm on Aug. 23. He weighs 7 lbs 2 oz and is 19.5 inches long.

Ahhhhhh!!! Congrats friend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Check it out!

So check it out. On the right side of my blog is a link --------->

You can go to that site to play an easy little game! All you do is make a guess on our baby's gender, weight, arrival date, etc. Whoever gets closest to the actual weight, height, date and time little Zoe is born may win a special prize (the gender is a given)!!! So go on over and be sure to leave a guess. It'll take all of 30 seconds. Be sure to put "blog friend" in the spot that asks for your relation to me so I know who is leaving the guesses.

Tonight was a parent meeting at Elaina's school. It was very informative. For instance, they're raising money to hopefully build a bigger facility. They've also extended school hours from 8am-4:30pm because last year's test scores were on the low side (and I do mean low) and they're on warning. The reason the scores were so low is because most of the students are bilingual and their primary language is not English. So they are taking state tests in English and not fully understanding the questions. They are taught English at the school but it's one thing to take a test in your own language and quite another to take it in a language you've only been learning for a few years.

One woman got really upset about the extended day and left. She feels there isn't enough family time at the end of the day as it is, which I agree. I see both sides of the argument. The catcher is that kids who score well on tests (at or above the expectations in place) will get to leave school at 3:30 and not have to stay the extra hour. So it is an incentive for students to work hard.

There will also be no homework as kids will get to do the work in the school, with tutors and teachers. Most of the parents only speak their own language and so they cannot help their child with homework as it is so students are not getting support at home. However, parents are more than welcome to come to school, at any time of day, to help out and help educate the children as well, to read them books and help them with their literacy skills. So parents are NOT cut out of the picture; quite the contrary. They want parents deeply involved.

The principal refuses to budge on this new policy and told parents they're welcome to choose another school, in a firm but polite way. Props to her! This isn't a regular school full of Caucasian, English-speaking children. There are 7 countries represented at this school and those children are learning English as a second language. It can take 7 years to learn a language. They aren't beating information into these children, either, btw. They learn through interaction, exploration, immersion, games as well as through books and projects. Not everything is textbook and memorization. At the end of the day I agree with this course of action, as does Daniel, for THIS school and its unique community of students.

The preschoolers are exempt and still get to leave at 3:30, thankfully, unless they have an older sibling who is required to stay the extra hour. It's already a long enough day for children who are so young. Elaina has been coming home excited to talk about her new friends and share what they did in class. Some days she is super hyper and animated, other days she flops on the couch and falls fast asleep until dinner.

I've been with Elaina every single day of her life, except for 2 days when I was in the hospital after Abigail's birth. This is so foreign. As a stay-at-home parent it's difficult to come to terms with the fact that your baby is now under the care and supervision of other adults after years of being with just you. I've had to learn a LOT about letting go, just in these first 4 days of school. I'm still her parent and still make executive decisions on important issues... but someone else is comforting her if she falls down, someone else is making sure she goes potty, someone else is playing games with her all day long...

But I've also been less stressed with her at school. She's been getting bored at home. She and her sister have started to get into a lot more arguments and I have just been at the end of my rope with her at times. So this is a bittersweet situation; to have to let go but also to have a break from one another as we were both stressing one another out. Believe it or not but parents do need breaks from their kids and vice-versa or emotions begin to run high!

It's hard to articulate exactly what I mean but I'm sure if you've lived in similar shoes you understand. Sometimes I feel like such an awful parent. That I'm messing her up, not meeting her emotional needs, not paying enough attention. I feel like I've become Military Mom. It breaks my heart to think of myself that way. So I've been trying to be better about it. I feel like I'm so much harder on Elaina than Abby and so fairness and equality are two major words rattling around my head.

I've been careful to choose my battles lately. I don't nag and get on them about every little detail. I let them be and explore, so long as they aren't in danger. I try to show them how to solve their arguments without having to tattle and scream in anger. I just feel like I'm constantly trying and I worry about the things/attitudes Elaina may pick up at school.

This parent thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be. It's one thing to burp babies and soothe them to sleep. They're so innocent and needy. It's when they grow up and become more and more independent from you that your heart just splits between wanting to watch them grow, with pride, and between wanting them to need you forever. I now understand why and how some moms just NEVER let go (which is NOT healthy).

This post seems redundant to one I wrote not long ago but I don't care. I have to get it off my chest. I have not cried once since Elaina has gone to school (I'm not really a crier anyway) but one of these days it is going to slap me in the face and I'll probably break down while washing the dishes or something. If I do cry it is usually always when I wash the dishes because my mind wanders to those scary places.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Day Part 2: Shopping!

First Day of School Part 2: Shopping!

A picture of Abigail with her own lunch tray while Boo is at school!

After school we went shoe shopping. Yes, Elaina was cranky but promised she'd be good for shoes. Eh, not so. It was one embarrassing trip to Pa.yless and Tar.get. BUT I did get 4 pairs of shoes for $30!!! SCORE! I love BOGO!!! I got 2 pairs for myself and 2 pairs for Elaina for school.

My shoes are awesome (Elaina's are too)! I love them. One was $7 and the other was BOGO 1/2 off at $3.50. You cannot beat that for shoes that were originally over $20 apiece. I like flat, comfy shoes. The black pair are one size too big in case my feet swell. They still fit, just a little loose. The purple shoes are stretchy.

At Tar.get we got more school clothes. I had to take back 2 pair of pants I had gotten Elaina as they were too big. So we got one pair of pants and one pair of shorts.

I think I'll be looking a lot more closely at 4th of July accessories/jewelry since her school clothes are red, white and navy! Bet I can find some awesome stuff clearanced. ;-)

Abigail did so good today I let her pick out something from the Dol.lar Sp.ot. She got this really cool bouncy ball that has floating, multi-colored balls inside (reminds me of a snow globe). The bead-things float around in slow motion when you bounce it. Elaina threw a fit that Abby got the ball, but she's already gotten so much in preparation for school that I told her it was Abby's turn and to be grateful.

AND we got Zoe's going home outfit. !!! I've looked high and low for something and everything was either too bright, too dull, too froo-froo... I'm excited about our find. It was less than $8, too.

Someone sent us a beautiful, hand-knit hat for Zoe, too! They made it and prayed over it while they knitted. Little did we know that these two would actually match and look cute together! We definitely didn't do it on purpose so that makes it even more perfect. The flash kind of made the colors in the hat look slightly different but believe me, they look CUTE together! It's a pink, brown and cream hat.

I can't wait to bring our baby home in this! We got NB size because I am afraid preemie size might be too small. So this will be huge on her but it's still cute!

On a sweet note, Daddy had taken this upstairs and laid it exactly like this in the crib, envisioning his baby laying there. Can I get a collective "Awwwwwww"?!

Scroll down to read the post about Elaina's first day of preschool and see pics!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Little Birds

It is really interesting having two very, very talkative daughters. Dinner at our house is always served in the dining room, at the table. When Daddy is home for those dinners everyone is literally yelling to be heard! Elaina will try to talk over Abigail who is trying to out-talk me when I'm trying to talk to Daniel. No one knows who is saying what and it's just a noisy affair. I love it!

I love hearing my daughters carry on a conversation. Abigail is saying so much, even things I didn't know she could say. She is not my physically affectionate child so if I come and give her a kiss on her neck or shoulder or cheek, she will glare at me and say, "Don't kiss-a my shuldah!" Then, of course, I do it again and again until she laughs.

My favorite Abby-ism right now is "Oh, that is UCKY. That is soooooo gwoss!" She'll say it if she finds a piece of lint on her shirt.

Oh, and that is a funny one, too. When she says "shirt" let's just say you don't hear the "r" in the word. The first few times she said "shirt" I was so astounded because I thought she was cussing.

Something Abby said the other day that broke my heart was, and keep in mind she likes to talk in third person, "Abby go to Kids' Cwub! Abby get a back-back and go to scool." My poor little girl! I feel so badly that her big sister is branching out and doing new things while she's still stuck at home with her pregnant mom who is always too tired and hot to do anything really fun. ;-(

Elaina likes to make a ton of noise and is really starting to vie for our attention, especially Daniel's attention. She does these funny dances and sings songs, which remind me of my sister's eldest daughter. If Abigail is telling us something, she immediately interrupts to try to tell us something even funnier or more interesting. Or they just squabble to tell us both the same thing.

Even though the sisters "fight" to out-talk one another, they are really best of friends. Everyday I find them giving hugs, sharing their toys and snacks, helping one another. Elaina really hurt herself either yesterday or today and was crying. Abigail stood by her side, rubbing her back, saying, "It's okway, Boo! Don't cwy!"

Likewise I also find them fighting over toys. They aren't very physical when they fight. Every now and then one of them will hit the other. But mostly they just stand there and scream if a toy is snatched or if the other gets into their personal play space.

Weeks ago all three of us girls were upstairs, Daddy was at work, when we hear someone knocking on the door. I had just climbed the stairs and was busy with laundry so I wasn't going to answer the door. Usually if someone comes over, that we know, they call first. So I figured it was a solicitor.

Immediately both of my daughters are running around like chickens, wondering who is at the door and why I'm not answering. It's quite comical. I glanced out the window and saw two Hispanic men walking away with a lawn mower.

"Elaina, they just want to cut our grass for money."


"They probably need to make money so they can buy groceries!"

And then my child said, without knowing anything about ethnicity, piped up with, "Or maybe they want to buy burritos!"


Her first joke. Though she didn't know she made a joke. I laughed so hard my sides started hurting!!! And my laughing made them laugh, which made me laugh harder because you could tell they were fake-laughing because they had no idea why I was laughing so hard.

And one last one:

One morning I greeted Abigail and she told me, "I not Abby! I Jasmine. I a pwincess!"

We've never seen Aladdin, nor have they ever seen this particular Disney princess. So lately she has been Jasmine and I find it so endearing, even moreso because they don't even know who that princess is! And of course Elaina thinks she is Hannah Montana.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Much to Be Desired

The following is my mindless ramblings, needing to get things off my chest. Feel free to skip.

I don't know if I'm just being a hormonal, pregnant lady. But I'm starting to wonder if my OB is the right fit for the birth we hope to experience (again, I understand things come up and plans change! I'm talking about in the event all is well with myself and baby). It's probably just me. I am feeling quite paranoid about everything lately, it seems.

Today I had my 30-week appointment and he had a couple of emergencies so he was really behind. So we didn't have a chance to even go over the birth plan again (I made a few changes to it and wanted to talk about it). He was really distracted. I have some important questions regarding hospital policies and what he expects during L&D. I'm really sensitive to touch and have some major personal space issues. So I don't want an IV and all these monitors all over me the entire time I am there.

But I could see my birth plan in my file and he wrote on there "NEEDS IV". I am not even at the hospital yet and he assumes I instantly need an IV. I'm not ill, not being treated for a sickness... I am pregnant and giving birth, like women have been doing for centuries. And homebirths, with a professional present, have LESS mortality rates than births in hospitals, mind you. It's probably just hospital policy. But instead of just writing things on the copy I gave him, he should be discussing this with me. I don't want SURPRISES when I come in to give birth in regards to some things I put on my birth plan (again, can't stress it enough, in the event ALL IS WELL).

I don't know. Something just isn't sitting right in my gut. I'm kind of wishing I had found a midwife instead but I have no money to change things now. I've spent it all paying for this OB and his practice. I think maybe I kind of feel like a nuisance for wanting to talk it over again with him? He doesn't make me feel that way. He was just distracted today because he literally had an entire waiting room full.

Things never happen the way we expect or want them to so I probably shouldn't be stressing so much anyway. I just don't want this birth to go like the first two did (the first two weren't BAD, per se, but I was just a default patient who didn't advocate for herself and just did what everyone told her to do). I want them to know what I prefer as opposed to being treated like any old person who has walked in from the streets like with my first two births. And I want to be spoken with about those preferences.

In two weeks I see another doctor in the practice. Actually, the one who delivered Elaina. So I will probably just bring this up with her. Since she is a woman maybe I'll feel more comfortable broaching the subject and giving her the new copy of the birth plan and having a discussion about hospital policies in regards to some things. Okay, that makes me feel better. My regular doctor is an older man, fatherly type. Because my parents divorced when I was little and I don't have a relationship with my dad, I think I get really intimidated when I need to speak up about something to a fatherly figure. I always choke on my words, like I did when visiting my dad. I was always too afraid to ask him for anything or to speak up. It's probably a bunch of psych that I'm not even aware of. Well, it makes sense!

Maybe I should switch to a female doctor in the practice. Not that it matters before Zoe is born, because whoever is on call is the one who will deliver her. So I may end up with him in L&D anyway. But maybe I should after she is born? Or maybe I should get on my knees and PRAY and beg God to have the perfect doctor there on D-Day.

Ugh, my brain just feels like mush.

In other, more important news, please pray for this family. They just lost their baby girl unexpectedly, though I do not know the details--- Katie's Keepers

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here are the sisters' 3D pictures together, with Zoe's in the middle. Keep in mind I was about 26-27 weeks with Elaina for her sonogram so her cheeks aren't as full and chunky yet. Abigail's sonogram was done when I was 28 weeks. Zoe's was done when I was almost 30 weeks.

(And yes! Abigail had super chunky cheeks even though she was younger gestationally-speaking. This particular picture doesn't even show just how chunky they were.)

A lot of Zoe's sonogram pictures remind me of Elaina as a baby. But side-by-side she looks like she's a mix of both sisters. What do you think?!

And just for kicks and giggles, here's one more of each of my older girls. I hope to do a post soon, since we have a scanner now, of their newborn pictures next to their sonogram pictures, if anyone is interested! They really do look like their 3D pics.:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Countdown!

I have entered a new countdown- 10 more weeks until Zoe arrives! I just can't believe it. I thought time would slow down. I thought things would move at a glacial pace. Apparently not! When you have other little ones your days are filled and fly by.

Still feeling good! I feel like a hibernating bear. I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep! I fell asleep in the chair, reading, on Sunday night. Then I woke to a huge thunderclap and our lights kept going off and on. So we went to bed early (10pm!!!). I'm still tired after going to bed early. Ugh! I know it's because I'm pregnant. My husband doesn't seem to understand that. He's like, "HOW can you be tired?! You took a nap and went to bed early!" Uh, duh. Growing a human being inside of you isn't a relaxed lap around a pool. It's a marathon!

No swelling. No major cravings. Zoe's movements have moved higher and higher, well past my ribcage. I am feeling more breathless, especially in the morning. I feel like my stomach has stopped growing forward and is now widening, too. I AM having Braxton Hicks and have been for weeks. It feels so weird. No pain, my belly just gets really tight (sometimes when I'm walking; such a strange sensation).

I bought some new maternity tops! All of my size L were getting too short. So I ordered some XL from Old Navy... only to have them be REALLY super long. Go figure! But they're super cute and even if they are big on me, I'm wearing them. This belly isn't getting any smaller just yet! Plus, I'm afraid they'll have run out of size L if I try to return them (can only return via the mail, not in the store).

I have plans to finish the nursery sometime this month and will post pictures. I've decided we're just going to finish painting the walls all green, instead of keeping the cream on the top half of the wall. Daniel doesn't want to do the chair rail. I love how he communicates this stuff to me AFTER I work really hard on something, like painting an entire bedroom while pregnant. So. Anyway, be on the lookout for those pics!

BTW, my SIL is being induced to have her son, my nephew, today!!!

Another countdown- Elaina starts school a week from yesterday (Monday). I'm all nervous now. Our lives are definitely about to change. I cannot wait to see all that she learns this upcoming year.

I was able to go to the school today and turn in her paperwork and ask some questions. They've laid new carpet and flooring throughout the school. We didn't get to see Elaina's classroom, though, as the room isn't set up yet. But we did get to try out the bathroom so Elaina could see what it was like.

I also found out that her teacher (a man) will have a female assistant in the room. So Elaina was excited about that, too! And momma is a bit relieved. It's one thing to have an older child have a male teacher. But the little ones have things come up (like potty issues) that I wouldn't feel comfortable with having a male figure deal with.

Friday, August 7, 2009

3D Sonogram (picture overload!)

Well our little Zoe is definitely a girl! I did not post any gender pics, though. The pictures aren't as great as they looked on the TV/sono screen; aren't as clear. But still really good and I think we got a ton of great shots of Miss Zoe.

She gave us a couple smiles, but didn't open her mouth or eyes. She kept resting her head on her legs, as her feet were often above her head or in her face. We weren't able to get very good pictures of her hands or feet either, because of placement. She had one arm stuck between her legs and the other stuck behind her, resting on her butt!!!

We got unlimited black-n-white pictures, with some of them in sepia. Elaina is going to help me choose which go on the fridge after naptime. So anyway, here is our Zoe girl!

Happy Toes!

Her sweet little face- she looks like her sisters!

Her hands in her face

A foot and fist in the face!


See the toes by her forehead?

Full body shot... giving us the cold shoulder!

Snuggling up with her foot again!

Profile shot

What a sweet grin- reminds me of Daniel!

Another little grin!

Daniel's parents came with us and really seemed to enjoy seeing Zoe. Our girls were enthralled for about 5-10 minutes (of an entire hour) before they were ready to go. So Poppy (D's dad) kept them entertained.

I found out she is head-down. Her head is to my bottom left hip, her butt to my top right ribcage. So she's at an angle. I assumed she was at an angle because I always feel movement in those exact places! The sonographer is certified and has been doing this for years. She said Zoe has some hair in the back (didn't see on top due to position), too.

Some pictures she looks like Elaina and a lot she looks like Abigail. Her cheeks are not as chunky as Abigail's cheeks were, though, so she may not be as chunky (we did Abby's sonogram earlier than this one, too, so she was younger than Zoe is now).

We got the smile shots from Zoe after Elaina and Nonna sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"!

And now... I can finish the nursery with peace of mind! No mistaking the gender parts this time. It was clearly some girly goods. ;-)

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Quick little post to say I PASSED my 3-hour GTT, which I thought I would.

Fasting level was 72 (needs to be under 95)
1st hour was 172 (needs to be under 180)
2nd hour was 151 (needs to be under 155)
3rd hour was 130-something (needs to be under 140)

All well within the limits for those particular hours.

Tomorrow is the 3D sonogram--- EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! I can't wait!

Stay tuned for pictures of Miss Zoe. Unless, in some strange or crazy way we find out the first sonogram was wrong on her gender. I still have one person holding out that we're having a boy and refuses to believe it's a girl! LOL!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poked and Prodded

Well Elaina had her eye exam this week. It wasn't bad at all, though they did dilate her eyes. She look startled all day with her pupils so huge and black. But her vision is fine and she has slight astigmatism (seriously, who doesn't?). No need for glasses or anything like that! She doesn't have to go back for another 2 years.

I did my 3-hour GTT today and it wasn't bad at all. Just really boring and the seats were so uncomfortable for a pregnant body. I do have to say that out of the three lab technicians one was the worst. She couldn't ever get a vein! She would dig and dig. She stuck the needle in and just dug around, poking and re-poking. I'm like, "MY VEIN IS RIGHT THERE!" The other two technicians didn't even bat their eyelashes- just poked me the first time and filled the vial in a snap.

She took another guy back and he came out rubbing his arm and muttered to his friend, "She couldn't find my d--- vein!" So apparently I wasn't the only one being dug into today. She did mention it was her first day back... so who knows! Maybe she was just nervous. I don't have a problem with needles so it didn't bother me a great deal... but it might bother someone more outspoken one of these days if she doesn't get more practice in!

The drink was stronger and really syrupy and thick. I got orange again. I chugged it in 1.5 minutes, if that. I did NOT get woozy or even shaky at all. Fingers crossed all is well!!!

Blah, this is such a thrilling post. I should have the results tomorrow on the GTT. My doctor's receptionist told me that they usually don't call when it's good news but that she'd call to let me know either way. She is a really sweet lady and helped me through my first miscarriage. Coincidentally her name is also Elaina (though spelled differently). She always gives so much information and is always patient! Love her!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Week 29 and Diabetes

I am 29 weeks! I'm almost to the 30's. And almost to counting down single-digit weeks until baby girl is here. Still no swelling, still wearing the wedding ring, and feeling great! Though major fatigue has hit me and I've had to start taking naps again. Which I hate. I always feel so groggy and like I've wasted my day when I take a nap. I don't take "cat naps". I nap with the kids, who sleep anywhere from 1-3 hours.

Anyway, I just got my GTT results and they came in at a 137. Lab says over 139 is problematic and considered gestational diabetic. However my doctor wants it under 130. So I'm borderline based on the lab's calculations. Which means... 3-hour glucose test!

I made the appointment for tomorrow morning at 7:40. If you know me, you know I am not a morning person. At all. I don't even talk to people in the mornings. I don't think I even open my eyes. I just stumble around and grunt.

I also have to fast, so no food after 7:30 tonight. Which is fine because I don't usually eat anything late unless I feel as though I'll be sick.

I'm really nervous. I knew this was a possibility because of the PCOS (puts you at higher risk of developing it). So if you pray, please pray that I pass with flying colors! I think that I will. I HOPE that I will. And a major re-evaluation of my diet is in order, no matter the outcome. I've let a few things go since being pregnant because I knew I wouldn't get to do them after I had the baby because of my strict exercise and diet regimen I had going on pre-pregnancy. Not a smart idea, fyi.

I think that the reason I was borderline this time was because I ate breakfast as I walked out the door to the lab. I wasn't required to fast this last time. I wish I would've just fasted anyway to avoid having to do the 3-hour in the event all is truly well. Eh, well can't do anything about it now.

And now I'm off to figure out a low-carb, high protein dinner.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


During church this morning I felt this strange tapping sensation where I thought Zoe's bum was. Nope, apparently it is her head, not her derriere, that I've been feeling at the top of my belly for the past week as Daddy and I thought! So I guess she's in breech presentation... for the moment! But the cool part is that I got to feel her have hiccups!

Five more days to the 3D sonogram. I can't wait! I'm trying hard to not think about it, so that it will come more quickly. We invited Daniel's parents to come along and our girls are coming. It's going to be fantastic and I am like a kid at Christmas right now, in anticipation of seeing her face for the first time. And I'm eager to have her gender confirmed. Call me crazy but when the tech didn't seem very sure it didn't exactly put me at ease. Though the picture I have sure does look like a girl to me.

My brother and his wife are due with their second baby together (his fifth) within 8 days, unless she goes overdue. I can't wait to meet him! They're naming him Gavin and this will be my fifth nephew. So we'll be waiting for the phone call all week long!

Elaina has an eye appointment this week. She has to have an eye exam before school. At four years old! Can you believe that? I don't understand how they do an eye exam for such a young child. Even one of the doctors I called said she was really young to be having an exam and referred me to someone else because they didn't want to check her out.

Some other things I plan on doing this week include a few house projects, mostly organizing. I feel like my house is upside down and topsy turvy! I'm ready for everything to be in its place!!!

After the sonogram I plan to finish the nursery. I've been too nervous to finish, in the slight chance the sonogram tech was wrong the first time around. It has been known to happen (happened with the aforementioned brother when his firstborn son was born! They thought he was going to be a girl and didn't even have a name or clothes for him!!!). Because this has happened to someone I know, albeit that was like 15 years ago or so, I need more confirmation.

Funny thing- the other day I was about to yell for Abby across the house and I actually yelled, "ZOE!!!" I'm already getting her name mixed up with her sisters. Ha ha!

Sometimes Elaina will mix Daniel and I up. She'll be talking to me and say, "Daddy... I mean, Mommy! Oh, whatever your name is!!!"

We all have a tendency to do the name mix-ups in this household.

Yesterday Daniel and I were talking about periods and how "fun" it'll be when all 4 of his women (me included) synchronize and are all having our special time together. I told him he'll have to make runs to the store for us for pads and chocolate and his response was, "I won't be there! I'll be GONE every month for three days!" I don't blame him. Ha ha!