Saturday, December 5, 2009


Baby girl has been with us for 6 weeks now! It doesn't feel like she has been here this long. It seems like just a couple weeks ago she was born. She is still doing amazing. She is a Momma's Girl. She'll tolerate someone holding her for a few minutes before getting mad and needing her Momma. Seriously the best feeling in the world to me!

If I hand her off to someone while she is sleeping she will wake herself up just to throw a fit about it until she's handed back to me. She's not as bad as Elaina was because she'll at least calm down at some point and hang out with someone other than me whereas Elaina wouldn't! Elaina once cried for about 2 hours straight while I was at the store and her dad was watching her. Nothing he did could calm her until I walked in the door. I have learned early on to not always step in the moment Zoë starts fussing with someone. I am trying to give them a chance to soothe her and for her to be soothed by them. So long as she isn't screaming or in distress or hungry... a little fussing won't hurt her.

Co-sleeping is still going well. We've moved from her sleeping on my chest to her sleeping in the crook of my arm. A pattern is starting to creep up that I'm noticing! She wakes up around 4am every morning and goes back to sleep until I get up (usually by 7am). So she is doing really good sleep-wise. I've started trying to nurse side-lying, too. It's really an awkward way to nurse a baby but we're making it work!

My post partum visit was Thursday and it went well. I dropped Abigail off with Daniel at work so Zoë and I headed to the midwives office. Again, the difference between OBs and midwives astounds me. We sat and chatted. She asked me how my birth went (she wasn't the one who delivered me), how I felt about it, how I was feeling now, etc. As we chatted I was holding Zoë on my lap so she was facing the midwife, just calm as a clam. So the midwife asked how the baby was doing and if she was always calm like she was being.

Talked birth control and exercise, too. When it was time for the exam she held the baby and showed her off to the other midwife while I got undressed. Seriously unheard of! How many doctors take the time to oogle the baby they essentially helped look over during pregnancy?

I knew when Zoë was born that I'd wonder how quickly time would go by and how fast this newborn stage would end. But honestly it feels like she has been a newborn for forever and that sadness isn't there anymore as I am eager to see her change and grow and to hit new milestones! She is becoming very smiley and responsive to us which makes me eager to hear her laugh which makes me eager to see her respond to Peek-a-Boo! You get the point. You just get to this point where you, of course, want to soak up all of them in that moment but also want to see them accomplish something new!

Her newborn rash has cleared up a ton only to be left with very red and chapped cheeks from the weather. I've been putting Vaseline on her before we leave the house as a barrier to the elements (even covering her entire seat doesn't prevent the wind burn) and Hydrocortisone cream to heal what is already so chapped. Already that is looking better in itself.

And I have to add just one more thing I'm loving at this point- for some reason I absolutely love seeing her dimply hand fanned out on my breast as I nurse her. There's something so intimate and special about it, like we're connected in a way.

Now I'm off to get as much sleep as I can, knowing she'll be awake in three more hours or so. Nighttime feedings aren't difficult with this one. Many nights, no matter how tired or how hard it is to rouse myself or if she is impossible to soothe back to sleep... I end up just staring at her and touching her hair and face. These moments are so fleeting! Hold your loved ones close today.


*~Chelsea~* said...

Awe...whoa, I can't believe it's been that long! That's good her rash is clearing up - I know you were ready for that. It's so sweet she always wants her mommy! :)

The Mommy said...

It's hard to believe that it's been 6 weeks already. Time flies!
I LOVE to hear someone else marvel at the difference between their midwives and an OB. Isn't the difference wonderful & amazing??

Kaye said...

Doesn't time fly? Thanks for the update. =)

Carrie said...

So late but congrats!!! Zoe is beautiful :)

DS1 had rashes and such on his face - they seemed to take forever to clear up so I'm glad to hear Zoe's is already doing much better!

Anonymous said...

Glad your Dr appointment went well! My OB is fab, she spent a ton of time with me and B at my 6 week check too. I think you must have just had a really icky dr before. :(

B has super red cheeks too! At his appt on Friday our dr said it was from teething, plus the fact that he's wiping drool all over his face with his hands, and then the cold weather. He said vaseline or aquaphor would do the trick, and it certainly has! I hope your peanut's face stays calm, I know how hard it was to see B with the splotchies when he was tiny, it just looked like it hurt!