Tuesday, December 15, 2009


If you are a member of TheBump you can now join this website! We're going to start the New Year off by working out together to Jillian Michael's DVD "30 Day Shred". If you want to join in and aren't a member of TheBump then by all means come join along! I'm so excited to shed this weight. As it is I want to lose about 50-60 lbs.

This is just the motivation I need because I haven't done a darn thing since having the baby, even after the all-clear. It doesn't help that I'm making Christmas treats this week either, ha ha!

Elaina had her Winter Showcase at school today. Her class sang some songs and it was so cute! Elaina stood there up until the last song because she was so nervous. Afterward I met her in the cafeteria for a nutrition class and we made some pumpkin pancakes and learned how to make spaghetti squash. We got to take a spaghetti squash home, too! Her school is affiliated with a few farms so they donate fresh fruit and vegetables all the time. Everyone in her school gets 2 snacks a day of fresh fruit!

Today Elaina also got to see a movie, eat popcorn and got a bunch of treats compliments of the Kansas City Chiefs.

On Friday she's going to have her first Class Party and I'm so excited to bring treats and see all of her friends and what they've been learning so far.

Saturday we're having our annual Christmas party. This was something Daniel and I started but I'm handed off to others. It's just too much to do with a newborn and I've run out of money. Parties are not cheap to throw! We'll be bringing some lil' smokies and doing the White Elephant exchange.

I need to get groceries tomorrow and Daniel is going to finish his Christmas shopping. I'm hoping to find some magnet sheets so I can make magnets with pictures of my girls.

So that is a glimpse of our week! Busy little bees!


Andrea said...

I haven't worked out at all since having Evan...and I've had 2 more months than you have to get back into it!! It's horrible.... maybe I will join that to see if it will motivate me too.

That's so cool about Elaina's school! It sounds like it's really working out for her. Does she like it?

*~Chelsea~* said...

Hmmm...well perhaps I can join you but do the treadmill instead of the video? I want to make working out my FT job since I have some time off work until the spring semester. ;-) Sounds like you have a fun week planeed!

The Mommy said...

If I would lose 15 pounds I would have a LARGE assortment of clothes to wear to church. On Sunday mornings I feel absolutely disgusted with myself. Mike & I are hoping to make a few lifestyle changes the first of the year. we have so many holiday parties to attend and I do not want us to fail when we're just getting started.