Monday, December 21, 2009

She's got me wrapped around her pudgy little finger!

My SIL ended up giving me her papasan bouncer which has been a godsend. I already have one bouncer that I use downstairs but with two levels you can't have too many! I took the papasan one upstairs to use while I took showers or needed to clean up there. We still haven't gotten the crib! One of these days we will. I think Z is getting money for Christmas and we'll put that toward it. Anyway, so I took the papasan bouncer into the bathroom with me this afternoon and put baby Z in it. She was liking it! Having a great time, looked really snug.

And I was having a great time and taking my time showering since she was doing so well! I was singing and washing. Well then I noticed how quiet she was so I peeked out at her and she's wide-awake with her huge eyes and just content as can be.

I say, "Peek-a-Boo!" in a sing-songy voice. Zoƫ looks around until her eyes land on my face and then........... her little lip quivers and her bottom lip juts out in a pout and she lets out this roar of a cry! The more I talk and sing to her trying to soothe her the more she cries.

So I get back to washing and rinsing off as quick as I can to attend to her and I notice... she has stopped crying. In fact when I looked out at her she was back to doing the same thing she had been doing before the tears; just looking around and sitting peacefully.

Did she? Did she really just give me some alligator tears in hopes I'd pick her up? ALREADY?!

I had to test this out. I peeked out again and said, "Zoooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" in that sing-songy voice again. Her eyes dart to mine and lock on. She stares at me a moment without reaction before that little chin quivers again and that pout pops out! Ha ha! It was so pathetic and so cute. I cannot believe how smart she is that she can cry and know that Momma will be there for her.

Made my heart melt... made me laugh aloud... and made me realize that someone has got me wrapped around her pudgy little finger!


Sarah said...

Awwwwww so cute!!!

Kaye said...

Love it! Abigail isn't quite "reaching" to be picked up yet, but she looks at you and frantically opens and closes her hands while they are out to her sides. It rocks.

Love some baby stories! Keep 'em coming!

*~Chelsea~* said...

Awe, how cute!!! She definitely has you wrapped around her finger. ;-)

The Mommy said...

So sweet!

Susan Sene said...

Ok that is so weird cause JUST today, Ri did the SAME thing. I was showering, had her in there in her bassinet so she could breath in some humid air and I started singing in the shower and she cried and cried. When I stopped, her cry dwindled and after I stopped singing for a while, she completely fell asleep. Soooo, either she really wanted me to pick her up or she really hates my singing! haha!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! What a smart little girl! :)