Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moby is My Hero

Look who is as snug as a bug in a rug! I got a Moby for Christmas from Daniel's grandmother and it is a hit. Well for me anyway. Zoë doesn't quite know what to think just yet. She prefers being up on a shoulder but she had two really good naps in the Moby as I cleaned. As you can see above she was fast asleep.

I have to admit, though, that it was really difficult doing the dishes with her in this thing. But that's probably one of those common sense things. You see, I don't always exercise the best common sense. I felt like a T-rex doing the dishes because I have short arms and a chunky baby strapped onto my chest.

But it was great being able to actually get the Christmas decorations put away once and for all. I've been working on getting them put away for 4 days straight.

Well I definitely recommend the Moby Wrap if you're having a baby, have a baby or will be having one in the future. It's very versatile. I got it wrapped on correctly on the first try, thanks to a how-to video I watched on their website. Plus the wrap comes with a very comprehensive book on how to do all the different wraps. I feel like an African Mommy Goddess with this exotic wrap since many ethnic groups wear their babies with yards of fabric wrapped all over themselves.

I also ended up just wearing the Moby all day, even when she wasn't in it so that I could easily scoop her up and put her in. Apparently you can breastfeed your baby in it as well, though I'm not brave enough to try that just yet. I am what you would call well-endowed in that area and sometimes the milk lets down so fast that she chokes. I can just see myself soaking the Moby and spraying her in the face as she screams and chokes while trying to pull her body out of the wrap. Um, no thanks. Maybe one day I'll brave it and let you know how it goes... but that might not be until she's much older!

Do you have a baby wrap or sling that you just cannot live without? Or one that you and baby just hate?


Sugar Pop Ribbons said...

Love your baby in the moby wrap! She is precious!

Thank you for commenting on my blog, it's always so nice to "meet" people online.

Leah said...

That's a great suggestion. I was just registering for baby stuff, and was stuck on what kind of sling/wrap to register for. I saw this one, but figured it would be too complicated to figure out. Sounds like it's doable though. Great. :-D

The Mommy said...

You know I LOVE my slings! I have a New Native Pouch and a ring sling by Sweet Pea Ring Slings. I wanted a Moby, but was afraid that I'd never yse it because of the whole wrapping thing. It looks super comfy and Zoe looks SO cozy!

*~Chelsea~* said...

I can't say I have a baby wrap that I can't live without. ;-) But I'm glad Moby is working out so well for you! Happy New Year's Eve, Joysters!

Anonymous said...

How did you get DD's head in the wrap like that? I tried this hold with my DD the other day and she wouldn't keep her head tucked in. She would rather have her head out and I'm afraid it's too much on her little neck. Even though she wasn't in it quite right she is def more a fan of the moby than the baby bjorn.

Katie said...

I haven't ever tried a Moby, I definitely will start looking for a secondhand one before this baby arrives.

When Will was little (as in newborn,less than 10 lbs), I used the Bjorn. I liked it then, but once he passed the 10 lb mark, my shoulders and back would ache if I would wear it longer than 20 minutes or so. . . which is the whole point, really, isn't it?

One of my girlfriends had an Ergo Baby Carrier. Oh my word, this thing is awesome! It has great straps and most of the weight is distributed to your hips, rather than back our shoulders. I wore Will for hours with no pain. I still use it with Will (he is 23 pounds now) and my girlfriend has borrowed it to take with her tailgating with her 2 1/2 year old. It works up to 40 lbs, I believe. It can be attached to the front, back, or side. The back and side aren't easy to do by yourself (but possible, just a little juggling), but the front carry is a snap. It has zip pockets, a privacy cover if they fall asleep, or you want to block the sun. Apparently, there is an infant insert, but I have heard it's a waste of money and to just use a receiving blanket to wrap around them to make it a bit more snug.

Anyway, I got my Ergo second hand, because the downside is they are a bit pricey new $90. I DO think it's worth it, BUT if I can find it cheaper, I do.

Susan Sene said...

such a cute pic! I have a moby wrap but it's homemade. Since it's really just a long piece of fabric, I got online to get some info and went to Walmart, found some fabric, cut it, and wha-lah! :) I'm too lazy to learn all the different ways to wrap it but when I have used it, I LOVE it!

Christy said...

I have some homemade Maya Wraps (Ring sling) that my mom made for me. I want to get a Moby this time too, to see if I like one over the other and just like a coupe different options. I also have a Baby Bjorn that I see another commenter posted about, if they're not on correctly they will be uncomfortable, but when worn correctly you can wear the baby for hours without much discomfort!

Oh I'm EXTREMELY well endowed (F cup here) and I was able to nurse while wearing Emma. I started doing it at home, and then moved onto out in public, since she was born during soccer season it made practice and games nice that I could do it privately and no one knew. I actually had a friend come up to me to take a peek at Emma and before I could tell her she was nursing, she'd moved the wrap back a bit and got an eyefull, thankfully it was a female friend! :) It's nice though that others can't even tell what you're doing (it DOES take practice though)

Anonymous said...

Wow this is funny because i was just talking to my sister about gettin one for her (shes due in july) but shes not sure. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my moby,ive tried to breastfeed in it but i dont find it easy or comfy for baby or myself but it is nice for breastfeedin in public for the xtra cover.