Thursday, December 17, 2009

La la la la laaaaaaaaaaa!

Well there's a week left until Christmas. I spent the day making fudge and it kept turning out really funky and crumbly instead of melt-in-your-mouth soft. I've made fudge so often that I just didn't get what I was doing wrong! By my fourth attempt I realized I was using butter instead of margarine. It was the only thing I was doing differently. Doh! So Daniel is out at the store right now getting me more ingredients.

I spent time making chocolate-covered bananas for Elaina's class party tomorrow (Friday). I also made vanilla-covered pretzels. I ordered some travel mugs for faculty and have been waiting for them to arrive! If they didn't come by today her teachers wouldn't have their gifts so.......... when I heard a knock on the door this evening it was like a kid on Christmas morning. I may have even jumped up and down while clapping my hands.............

Finally letting me put her down throughout the day so I can get things done. So looks so cozy!

I just love how she's looking at me. She seems like she WANTS to reach out to touch the toys but obviously cannot do it just yet.

Homemade hats! Elaina got hers from school. A volunteer made a ton and donated them. It's so much cuter in real life. There's this big pom pom of yarn on top! The one Abigail is donning is one my MIL made. The flower is supposed to be facing to the side, not straight on like that, ha ha!

Now that she's started smiling she does it so much whether she is asleep or awake!


Anne Elizabeth said...

As usual I love these pics!

The Mommy said...

All three girls are just so darn pretty!
Merry Christmas!

*~Chelsea~* said...

Zoe's smile is the cutest thing EVER! Love all the pics!!! I can't believe in a week, Christmas will be here! Time flies!

just me, dawn said...

wonderful pics! and yay for the arrival of the mugs in the "nick" of time! and for figuring out your fudge issue :)