Sunday, December 13, 2009

Another Picture Palooza!

Okay so I don't actually know what "palooza" means but it sounded fun. Little one has been growing and growing. She has rolls on rolls especially on her "thunder thighs"! And while her baby acne has disappeared cradle c[r]ap has crept in...

I gave Zoƫ one of her Christmas gifts early- her gym! She loves it a lot but only when she's happy. Here she is staring down the octopus toy, which she coos at constantly, too:

Big sisters love it! When I showed the big girls the mat after it arrived Elaina promptly told me, "It's nice Mom. But it's for a BOY!" I tried explaining that it was for either a boy or a girl but she doesn't believe me!

I love it when she s.ucks on her lower lip! Aww!

Some days I manage to get so much done because of that mat! When we first wake in the morning is her happiest time where she'll lay there without fussing. I'm able to get dishes done, fold laundry, dust, etc.

Here are some more pics of the little one from the past few days!

My vantage point while holding Z:

Z looks so big until you see other children next to her! Still so little! You can see a resemblance between these two in this one:

Flirting with her Momma!

She's such a happy girl!


*~Chelsea~* said...

She's SO CUTE! Haha, glad she loves her Christmas present! Smart of you to give it to her early. ;-)

Sarah said...

She is without a doubt adorable! I'd frame that sleeping smile picture if I were you!

Leah said...

Such adorable pictures. And that gym looks great. :-D

just me, dawn said...

so glad that zoe loves her gym.....totally hoping that someone buys that for our shower next month!

Hope Endures said...

So precious!!! I love the one of all three of them together especially.

Becky said...

She is so beautiful!

Anne Elizabeth said...

I loved these pictures! That mat looks awesome! I need one for my guy. As I type this he is trying to crawl under my desk and get the cords!