Friday, December 18, 2009

8 Weeks Old and Nicknames

Yesterday someone turned 8 weeks old! In 8 weeks Zoë has gone from a eat-sleep-poop cycle to periods of wakefulness that include lots and lots of smiling! I think I even heard her laugh today. I was changing her diaper and was checking out her belly button. When I touched her belly near her belly button she made a strange sound! My eyes darted to her face where she was grinning, as though it tickled. I THINK that strange sound was a laugh! It was a moment that made my heart skip. I've been waiting to hear that precious sound.

Other milestones:
-better head control
-her eyes follow objects and people walking around
-recognition of parents and siblings

So I bet you want to get to the fun stuff, the pictures.

♥ Zoë Beth ♥

You have to love Picnik's editing program!

I got the best Christmas gift! Stocking was compliments of my SIL who let me borrow it. Her middle son was born in December and the hospital gave this to her. There was a Santa hat as well but Z's got a big noggin' so she got a bow instead!

She seriously has enormous eyes! Don't believe me? Check it out yourself:

Twinkle Toes

Fast asleep! So asleep, in fact, I could manipulate her body and she'd stay asleep. She's usually a very light sleeper so that was nice!

Tried a little editing trick. Didn't turn out perfect but that was the program's fault. It would only let me do a small circle of color rather than the more rectangular shape that I needed. Oh well, it's still cool!

I got these blocks on Etsy (seller information below):

Abigail joined in the fun! Her Nonna made this hat for Elaina but Abby wears it all over the house, all day long. I think it is super cute! I love the crochet flowers she makes.

Seller information for the blocks: My Father's House 4
It would be really neat to have her make blocks that say MERRY CHRISTMAS or whatever for the holidays if you do a more rustic, old-world theme with your décor.

So I bought my blocks when I was still pregnant and was in no rush to get them. But this artist had them made and shipped so quickly that I wondered how well the blocks would look. I was pleasantly surprised! You cannot even tell that someone altered the blocks and added new images. They look so professional and are very, very well made. I scrutinized every little corner, felt over each side with my fingers and couldn't find a single flaw! Even if there was a small flaw it would just add character to the block but I was just very impressed with the artist.

She has so many vintage images to choose from, too! Each side of the blocks has vintage images. I adore the BATH block set she has for sale right now because it has all these vintage bath images on them!

Another Etsy store of note is one that sells large pieces of fleece for you home photographers! As you can see from the pictures I used a very wrinkly sheet. I kind of made it wrinkled on purpose but going through the pics I realized how much I didn't like that. Fleece will give you that clean, unwrinkled look. I have plans to buy black, white and pink and maybe other colors in the future. This is the BEST price I've found. For $7.99 you get 3 yds of fleece! That's usually how much 1 yd is at a craft store. Here's the shop: Jordan Ashlee

For my own records, nicknames we've called baby:
-Zoë Bug
-Goober/Goober Pea
-Muffin/Love Muffin
-Fussy Pants
-Zoë Belle
-Pumpkin Girl


*~Chelsea~* said...

Awe, she just gets cuter and cuter! Same with Abby! :-) I love the stocking pictures...sooooo cute!

Becky said...

I love the pictures and the editing you have done. I have never taken the time to do that with any of Will's pictures but maybe I should give it a shot.

I love the bow as well and the color is beautiful. What a sweet little princess you have there :)

The Mommy said...

She just gets cuter with every picture!!!! I think it's funny how the nicknames just come out of my mouth. My new one is "Doodle"...for both girls.

r.a.w. chronicles said...

Awww... very cute kids.

Thanks for entering my giveaway!!

Anne Elizabeth said...

Awww these are so cute! She looks so precious in the stocking. Hard to believe A ever fit in there.

Jessi said...

Your babies are ADORABLE! So cute!

I also use picnik and love it!

Kaye said...

Love all the pictures!