Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sweet Emotions

Look what I stumbled upon last night............... two sleepy-heads!

And I never really ended up showing nursery pics. I don't know why the pictures look so grainy. I think it's my blog layout. Anyway here is the changing table:

Here is her closet door. My MIL made the tassel hanging up and the grocery sack keeper on the doorknob. I keep grocery sacks in there for my Di.aper Ch.amp.

Open shot of the room! Abigail was helping me show it off...

And of course I have to add a picture of the littlest princess of our house sporting one of her new outfits! She had had a bow in her hair but I must've forgotten to put it on for the shot. Ohhhh well!

So things are going really well. Daniel went to work on Monday and my days aren't that difficult. I think the true test will be when Elaina has off from school and I have all three girls. I feel badly for Abby. I wish I had more energy and time and hands to engage her in activity. As it is we mostly sit on the couch all day since I nurse around the clock. My brother and his family came to visit yesterday and Abigail had a blast with her 3-year-old cousin, Addy, which was good for her!

Zoƫ is starting to stay awake a little longer each day. She's gazing at us a lot more (they are huge eyes- wish I could get a good picture of them). She makes all sorts of funny grunts and sounds, especially when she's hungry (which seems like a constant, ha ha).

She also smiles a ton in her sleep. Yesterday she actually had herself a good belly laugh in her sleep! I don't care what anyone says--- I think babies truly do smile. If they can express anger, frustration, hunger, sadness and fear then how can they not also express happiness? When my babies have gas they grimace and cry, not smile! But when they're dreaming about eating and they smile then how can you not assume it's real? They're happy when they eat! Total tangent. Ha ha!

So like I said, my days have recently consisted of lounging with her on the couch. Though the past couple days she has let me lay her on a blanket on the floor while she gurgles and stares around so I can get a few things done. She is mostly quiet, though. She has a very alert quiet state that she gets into throughout the day. It's so awesome! Today she slept a lot in the bouncer so I was able to get some things done. Until today she has hated the bouncer.

She doesn't really cry unless someone other than Momma is holding her. Oh yes, I have myself another Momma's girl! And I love it. Abigail didn't ever want to cuddle so my arms have been aching for some baby cuddles and I'm just soaking it all in. She won't cry for very long unless she is hungry and sometimes calms down for Daddy for a bit.

We are co-sleeping for the time being. She hates the bassinet so I just sleep with her on my chest. I sleep semi-sitting with pillows propping my arms up. I sleep so lightly and don't move without waking first anyway so it works for us. I'd rather she sleep like that then directly on the mattress where one of us could roll on her. Elaina also co-slept with us. And of course Abigail didn't. She was my good sleeper who slept through the night from 2 months old and on!

Okay so this is getting rambly. Hope everyone is doing well! I'm trying to keep up with blogs and comment when I have a free hand (or two).


Kaye said...

You can get as rambly as you want about baby stuff. =) That's what we come for! =)

Love all of the pictures. She sounds like a great baby!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Zoe is an absolute doll.

And I adore her closet door. How special. :)

*~Chelsea~* said...

LOVE the pictures! How cute!!

Becky said...

Darling photos!

You just take all the time you need, lounging around taking care of that baby. The rest will get done eventually.

Amber said...

beautiful pictures!

Hope Endures said...

The nursery came out so well...I love it. And what a gorgeous little girl you have!! Sounds like she is keeping you busy for sure!

Morgan said...

What a gorgeous room! I like the color combination of the green and pink!

My last 2 babies co-slept with me for the first few months too. I found that it made sleeping a little more restful as Baby and I could both fall asleep while nursing.