Friday, November 13, 2009


Today Zoë had a sonogram of her spine. What I thought were birthmarks all over her lower back are actually believed to be a hematoma. It's flat and really does look like birthmarks, not a full blown hematoma that is blood-filled and bubbled up on the skin. Since it's a strange place for a hematoma to crop up, especially one that covers such a large area, her doctor wanted to check her spine just to be safe. Specifically she was looking for "spina bifida occulta". It's the mildest form of spina bifida and very common (meaning many people have it and don't even realize it!). Usually it just means a hidden hole and/or deformity of one or more vertebrae. It is not life-threatening and rare for it to be debilitating.

Anyway the sonogram went really well but we won't know anything until her doctor calls. From the looks of the sonogram itself which I saw and the way the tech was talking there's nothing to worry about! And my doctor said if all was well with her spine then we'd just ignore the hematoma. In and of itself it is a non-issue. It could start to evolve into what people think of as traditional hematomas where it is blood-filled and bumpy but she said that unless it bothered me we wouldn't do anything about it.

So that is our grand adventure for the day! We ended up running errands afterward and I think I finally hit that wall. The adrenaline is gone now and I'm tired! BTW- I am not worried about her spine or the hematoma so I don't want anyone else to be.

We got her new carseat today. Her other one ended up being a dud. I couldn't loosen or tighten the straps as there was something wrong with the contraption that allowed you to do so. I ended up getting her THIS carseat and I love it. And I had a coupon! I went to two different stores and the second store only had one left. Hopefully it fits better in our van as well.

I leave you with pics. I'm a little camera-happy these days... and for good reason!

Taking another bath! She was checking out Abigail who was helping wash her.

Such a beautiful face! Look at that chunk!!!

Raking up the leaves. I told Elaina, "When the leaves change colors and fall from the trees is when Zoë is coming out of Mommy's tummy!" Elaina was in awe of my 'prediction' when it came true!

All the sisters in autumn!

Helping Daddy rake the leaves!

Dog pile!!!

I know I look tired! I've had enough people tell me that already. But had to post a pic of me and baby since I usually don't even think to take pics with my kids.



Amber said...

Hey! I'm praying that Zoe's test results all come back clear. You know, when I first saw pictures of her, I thought her birthmark looked similar to one Ally has... Ally's is on her butt cheek/lower thigh so no one sees it unless she is in a bathing suit. But it's a lot bigger than Zoe's. Anyway, the doctors told us it was a hemangioma and that it wouldn't hurt anything. They said if she wanted it lasered off at some point, they could send us to a dermatologist, but honestly it has really faded a lot! It was really dark when she was born, and now it's barely even noticeable unless you are looking closely. I don't think a hematoma is the same thing, but I wasn't sure. Anyway, beautiful pics and I'm so jealous of your beautiful sweet baby girl! :)

The Mommy said...

You both look beautiful!!

just me, dawn said...

If you are not worried, then I am not either. She is so very beautiful. You look tired, but happy which seems to me to be perfect :)

*~Chelsea~* said...

Cute pictures! You look beautiful, mommy! :-)

So for the future when I have a baby, breast feeding really makes you lose that much weight? You definitely look thin....I'm going to do whatever you do when I have a baby! :-)

Andrea said...

Oh Joy, you look so beautiful! And so does Zoe and your other daughters. You make some pretty babies! I love the bath pictures...Zoe looks so concerned. :-) Evan has that same expression sometimes, including bath time!

Andrea said...

Oh yeah, I have the same car seat, it just has a different pattern. I really like it! I can even adjust the straps myself, which is saying something since Matt normally does all of the "technical" stuff with the baby equipment. ;-)

Anne Elizabeth said...

That carseat is cute! The A's LOVED looking at these pictures with me especially the ones with all the girls in the leaves!

Photogrl said...

LOVE the pictues.

Especially the one with all three girls in the leaves!

SO fun!

Vixbil said...

You look beautiful and so do all your girls!

Beetus said...

Hi Joy! Congrats on the beautiful new baby! You have a lovely family!