Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I hate being cold! And some ?'s answered!

We woke up to snow powdering our roof and car. It didn't stick and I know that the weather can do some crazy things where we live so who knows if we'll even have a white Christmas. But I hate the cold. Our house is 100-years-old and still has it's old windows so it can get pretty cold. We're going to be putting that lovely plastic over the really bad ones hopefully this week.

Well a few weeks ago I asked you to ask me questions! My friend, Chelsea whom I've known since the 3rd grade, had a couple questions!

1). Are you using cloth diapers?

I am not using cloth diapers. I wouldn't mind using them except I ordered them when Abigail was a baby and the seller conned me out of almost $400. Needless to say that really put a damper on it all. I never got my money back and Daniel refuses to even entertain the idea of using cloth now because of that. I use Hugg.ies for the most part.

2). Is Zoe easy going or does she cry a lot? How is she in that regard compared to your other two?

Zoë does not cry unless she's had to wait a little to eat. Even then it is not full out crying! It is more like fussing and grunting. The only times I've heard her really cry her heart out was when she was born and when Elaina accidentally kicked her (not hard but hard enough!) when she was laying on a blanket on the floor.

Elaina cried the most. She's my sensitive girl and she is still the one who cries more than my other girls. Some days she comes home from school and cries because she is tired and overwhelmed from a long day. She cries when she gets in trouble, if she is embarrassed, if someone else is hurt or she hurt them, etc. So she cries more than Zoë. But she also has the brightest and most beautiful smile. When she is happy it makes up for it all because she is just so wonderful and amazing. She can melt your heart! I don't mean to make it sound like she cries constantly but we always have a few meltdowns a day.

Abigail never cried as a baby. Seriously! I can count on one hand how many times she cried as a baby. She is also the baby that never wanted to be held. She was just happy as a bird to sit in her bouncer or on her play mat. Even when she was sick she wouldn't cry. But she's making up for it as a 2-year-old. She cries more now as a toddler than she ever did as a baby, usually it is when she gets hurt and when her big sister isn't sharing.

Abigail is sensitive in a way that is different from Elaina. She doesn't like to be touched or messed with (which is how I am). Elaina is sensitive emotionally and Abigail is sensitive physically. So Elaina needs a lot of physical touch and Abigail needs a ton of positive affirmation. It's funny how that works! I wonder what Zoë's love language will be!

Great questions! I loved having questions to answer! Let me know if any of you have anymore.


JnA said...

I hope the plastic stuff works for you. Our house is old and cold too and unfortunately the plastic isn't working that great in the bedroom for us :(

The Mommy said...

Every child is so different!

Jewels said...

It's always fun to see how children turn out! I also love seeing how my girls are like me, and how they are like Travis.

just me, dawn said...

it is so amazing, how different babies and children are.....and how the personality they are born with remains and deepens :)

*~Chelsea~* said...

Thank you for answering my questions! :) It's so interesting to me. Awe...good that Zoe doesn't cry much! That's probably less stressful for you. ;-)