Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zoe's Luncheon

Well today was the luncheon celebrating Zoe's very fast-approaching arrival! I have to tell you... both Daniel and I woke up today and could feel in our bones that change is coming. It definitely hit me today that she's going to be here and fast.

We were incredibly blessed today. I took Elaina to the luncheon with me. We ate homemade potato soup, homemade bread and homemade pumpkin cupcakes! Daniel's family (extended) joined us along with a couple of friends. Here are some snapshots I took moments ago of the clothes we received as I don't have any pictures from the actual party yet.

Super soft and super cute!

This was an entire set. Look at the bunny faces on the feet!

How adorable and chic are these little outfits? I cannot wait to take pictures of her IN them!

Hand-painted onesies! I had no idea they were hand-done until I was told because they look so perfect.

Some beautiful outfits my MIL got!

We were also blessed to receive diapers, wipes, this bouncer, bassinet sheets, one of these awesome things, a diaper cake full of goodies, Mommy Hook, a candle & book for the momma and two scrapbooks that I get to fill in! Seriously wasn't expecting all of this and I am floored! It makes everything seem doubly real now, too, for some reason. Perhaps because these things were specifically for Zoe and not her sister's hand-me-downs.

Now I am off to wash all these beautiful baby clothes!


Sarah said...

I remember you asking for opinions on fabric for letters? I think, and a lot of these clothes remind me of them. Everything looks fantastic! So pretty! The bunny feet are beyond adorable!!

Kaye said...

Wow...what a great collection of gifts! =)

Kelly said...

Looks like you are ready to meet your princess! Best wishes!

Ashley said...

The food at your party made me soooo all sounded PERFECT:) Love the gifts!!

*~Chelsea~* said...

It looks like you guys got great stuff for Zoe, Joysters! I can't believe she'll be here in just a few days!! :)