Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 39- Sunny Side Up

Had a midwife appointment today. I did not have an internal exam this time but next time I will get one AND a membrane sweep. Woo hoo! Never thought I'd say that and be so excited. Hopefully I won't even make it to my next appointment, which is scheduled the day after my due date. I asked about induction and she said she wouldn't induce until 41 weeks... so around October 28th. Again, hopefully it won't come to that! I'd really like to have her on my own.

Daniel believes we'll have her this Saturday. We shall see!

We did find out that Zoe is still head down but she's posterior (sunny side up). We need her to be anterior (facing my spine). So the midwife has me doing some fun little tricks to try to get Zoe to turn before she engages. Once she engages she is most likely not going to turn to face the correct direction. This is important for reducing labor length and reducing back labor.

Some of the fun tricks? Crawling around the house, sitting on a birth ball, doing hip circles, etc. This is probably why I felt so much pressure and lower back pain yesterday, too, since her skull is pressing into my spine. Come on and turn baby!

So this baby could come any day now. Hear that, Zoe? You can come any day now! Elaina told her at bedtime, "Zoe, please come out!" And then to me, "I think she's going to come out Wednesday, Mom!" I told Elaina that tomorrow was Wednesday and she just grinned. I had to tell her that when Zoe comes is a surprise and not to get her hopes up. I hope she doesn't go tell her teacher that I'm having a baby tomorrow while she's at school. Or that she hopes to see a baby after school.

Abigail has been throwing a lot of tantrums lately. I know, it comes with the age. But sometimes I'm shocked by the outbursts. She's also been talking like a baby and talking gibberish. Again, not surprising. Kids regress when a new baby is about to arrive.

Sometimes I DO pretend my girls are babies. I'll scoop them up and hold them like babies and talk to them in that high-pitched mommy voice. They giggle and just think it is hilarious. It usually ends with them announcing that they are NOT babies but are big girls! But for the most part I don't accept babyish behavior. They know it's different when I'm playing with them.

Elaina was my very sensitive and attached child. I was nervous when I had Abigail because I worried about how Elaina would react to a little baby taking over her mom. But she did fantastic! It helps that she is baby-obsessed. Abigail, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. She has personal space issues. She just doesn't cuddle and doesn't want to be held. But she does like to be near and get a lot of attention. I'm more worried about Abigail's reaction to a new baby than I was about Elaina at around that age. I think she'll do just fine but it's hard not to wonder how she'll do.

Well hopefully next time I post it's because there's a baby to show off! I am going to try to stay off the computer more and focus on resting and preparing for her arrival.


Sarah said...

So exciting Joy!! I can hardly wait!!

just me, dawn said...

so excited! while you will be missed around here, you have to get ready for Zoe, we'll be waiting :)

*~Chelsea~* said...

Awe....Abby will be okay with time. And I'm sure she'll love little Zoe! :-) I can't wait - I'm sure you guys are so excited!!!

Kaye said...

Abby will be fine...maybe immediately and maybe eventually, but she'll love her little sister.

Get some rest and make sure you LET US KNOW (there's FB too, you know!) when she makes her arrival. I'm predicting labor on Saturday evening for a Sunday delivery.

Ashley said...

Can't wait to see Zoe!!

The Mommy said...

Ellie was "sunny side up"...which explains my long labor, back pain and the use of the vacuum. She moved into that position after engagement. My midwife had me on the birthing ball and doing hip circles trying to get her to move. Anyway, A LOT of pushing and she came out...sunny side up.

Andrea said...

I have a feeling she will come on Saturday, too! For some reason Oct 17 has been on my mind for a long time when I think about Zoe's arrival.

I know just what you mean when you say that you feel like Evan is your internet nephew and that you know him. I feel the same way about Zoe! It's just amazing that we tried to conceive at the same time, got pregnant around the same time, and are now having babies around the same time! This year has flown by.

I'm praying for you and can't wait to hear that Zoe is on her way!

Steph said...

I'm excited for you and thinking about you this week! I hope she comes soon!

Hope Endures said...

Praying for you this week! I hope Zoe makes her appearance soon!!

The Wife said...

Thanks for the congrats! And the advice about weight gain. We'll see how it goes. I hope Zoe comes soon and good luck!

The Lynchs said...

How exciting! Can't WAIT to see pictures of Miss Zoe!!

Photogrl said...

5 days until your due date!?!

SO exciting!

Can't wait to see Miss Zoe's little face!

Stacey said...

Saturday is my husband's birthday - a great day to be born! Praying all goes well & looking forward to pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy
I can't stop thinking about you! I have been stopping in to check on you from time to time and I'm excited your baby is close! Good luck with everything. Let me know if I can ever help you.