Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Under Pressure and On With the Show! (even more TMI)

I'm still here... waiting!

Baby sure is cozy and content where she is but our entire little family is so ready. My girls spent the evening telling Zoe it was time to come out! Daddy tried to bribe her, telling her there's so much more room to stretch outside the womb.

Be warned, this next bit is very TMI. If you gag easily or don't care to know certain details please skip.

So Monday the membranes were swept, as I mentioned. Well the next day, my due date, I had bloo.dy sh.ow. I have never ever had this with my others until I was in labor (so I never saw it). And there was a ton and it was just so absolutely disgusting. It reminds me of rubber cement with brown/pink streaks of blood in it. I'll end my description with that.

Because I'd never really experienced it I did a little search and read my pregnancy books. Apparently the majority of women who have this will go into labor within 24 hours to a few days. So her birth day isn't too far off! Still hoping we go on our own before induction day.

Every night since the sweep I've had contractions. Some that were really strong and intense! They were pretty close together. But taking the advice the midwife I'd ignore them and only give them as much attention as they demanded. And obviously each night I went to bed because they were never strong enough or consistent enough for me to call.

Well when I wake up in the mornings the contractions have stopped dead until around dinnertime. It's a never-ending cycle of teasing!

Also I have so much pressure that I can barely walk sometimes. It feels like she's going to fall out. My entire lower belly hurts and I keep pulling those lovely round ligaments. I do not know how mothers of multiples hold all those babies in!!! I have a new respect for them for sure. I think she's going to come soon... I hope so!

For now we wait.


Em said...

I hope Zoe comes so so so soon!

Steph said...

I'm hoping for you that she's here soon! Like tonight! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
C'mon Zoe!

Sarah said...

Come on Zoe!!! Awwww I can't stand it, and I'm not the pregnant one. LOL!!

Kahla said...

Hoping she comes soon and sending lots of P&PT your way!

Jewels said...

I wonder if little Zoe is going to be a stinker? ;)

That's interesting to hear what the bloody show looks like, cause I never saw it with my three babies. Isn't that weird how I could totally miss a ginormous glob of goo?!

I feel bad for ya about the pressure. That's how I felt for the majority of my pregnancies cause the girls were always grinding against the cervix. Ugh, memories.

I hope Zoe comes along today or really soon. It's close enough to my birthday that I'll still consider her my present. ;) You are the world's best sister--giving me a niece for my birthday! Yay!

You guys better take lots of pictures! Lots!

P.S. Enjoy the calm before the storm. I know you are bored, and it goes against our nature, but savor the calm and the alone time with Abby Girl before Miss Zoe makes her debut!

The Mommy said...

I had bloody show after one of my membrane sweeps. You described it perfectly!!

Ashley said...

Hoping its soon honey!!

Sunshine. said...

Come on Zoe!!! Riley was born less than 24 hours after the sweep and 9 hours after I lost my plug.
Come on girl!

Morgan said...

It won't be long! How exciting!!!

Stacey said...

Hey Joy!!! I am praying for you & Zoe today:) I'll be checking back soon to see pictures of your sweet lil' blessing!

Photogrl said...

Come on out, Zoe!

Everyone wants to see you! :)

Becky said...

Okay, so I've not been able to blog recently due to life circumstances, but I'm hopeful for your sake my dear that your last posting 2 days ago means that you've been in the throes of labor and your vacation, I mean your stay in the hospital. ;) Praying all goes well!

Post lots of pictures!