Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So of course these uploaded backward. Here are some pictures from the past few days!

Zoe and Daddy

Eskimo kisses

First hair wash at home! Umbilical stump fell off today so she is going to get a real bath tonight!

This just cracks me up. So cute!

Very proud big sister!

One very tired momma and a sleepy baby!

Zoe and all her sweet stork bites

Waiting to be discharged. So peaceful and sweet!

Our first meeting!

Things are going really well. I am exclusively breastfeeding for the first time ever. Nursing didn't work with my other two. She nurses, it seems, constantly but I know that's because she's a newborn. I have some tenderness (and yes, she latches on correctly) but other than that it is great.

Daniel keeps calling Zoe "Abby" and even asked me today if my mom was going to be watching her while we went to a parent-teacher conference. Um... my mom is dead. Poor Daddy is as sleep-deprived as I am!

Zoe loves the swing but isn't too fond of the bouncer yet (which could change since it doesn't give her the support she needs as a newborn). She is also a Momma's girl already. Cries when anybody holds her for much longer than a few minutes.

She smiles a lot, mostly in her sleep. Speaking of sleep- she slept for five hours last night. BUT she will only sleep on my chest. She is definitely like her oldest sister and love physical touch.


Ashley said...


*~Chelsea~* said...

OMG she's just gorgeous. Congrats!! :)

Anne Elizabeth said...

I loved all of these pictures. She is so gorgeous. I am trying to get that bouncer I have back for you to use. I let someone borrow it and it hasn't been returned yet. I think Zoe will love it because E did.

Kahla said...

She is beautiful, congratulations! Not only do we have the same sleeper, we have that top blanket too!

Amber said...

She is so beautiful!! How is Abby reacting to her?

Sarah said...

She is just so beautiful!!! Glad to hear BF is going well. Max didn't like the bouncer till he was a month and half old. And I remember him liking to sleep on my chest in the beginning too. Awwww I miss those days. Joy she is just too precious for words! I wish I could hold her. :)

Stacey said...

Adorable pics, Joy! Looks like little Zoe has big, kissable cheeks! :) Congrats again to all of you.

Hope Endures said...

Oh, she is adorable!! Welcome to the world Miss Zoe! Congrats to you and your family ~ so happy for you!!

Tasha Via said...

Joy, she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations=)

Leah said...

Beautiful pictures. So happy for you Joy! :-D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I was thinking of you and your Zoe girl! Hope all continues to go well!

The Mommy said...

So sweet!
Daniel sounds like Mike! He can't think straight if he loses any sleep! Thanks for sharing and congratulations, sweet friend!

Kaye said...

Of course I've seen these pics on FB already, but I couldn't pass up another chance to tell you congratulations and that she truly is beautiful!

Also glad that she is nursing properly and sleeping well (regardless of where it is). Take care of yourself and make sure Daniel does the same!

Photogrl said...

She's SO beautiful!

Congrats, again, Joy!

Susan Sene said...

She is so pretty! And so glad for you that breastfeeding is going well. We have struggled and still are but I'm determined to stick with it!

Princess Avanaar said...

Congrats Joy!! I keep forgetting to check my blogs, so I just now saw that you had Zoe! I'm glad everything went well and she came into the world safe and sound!

Hooray for the breastfeeding too! Glad things are going well with that! I know it's been a great experience for me with my son.

Steph said...

Oh my goodness she is just gorgeous! And so are YOU! :)
Sweet! And it's great knowing that's coming up for me in the Spring! :)

Monkey's Momma said...

Love the pics! More! More!