Friday, October 16, 2009

*GULP* I'm next!

Today we went to Elaina's school for the fall recital (singing, dancing). It was so precious! She was so bashful and kept hiding behind a classmate while I tried to film them all doing the Hokey Pokey. When I asked her about it at home, while showing her the video, she said, "But Paul* was staring at me!" (*Paul = a little boy we know but don't want to disclose his name without permission) Apparently Paul staring at her made her nervous! Doesn't help that he tells her he loves her on the playground all the time. ;-)

While we were leaving Daniel got a text from his dad. Daniel's cousin just had her baby boy... and she was due after me! So this means that I'm really and totally next! Yikes!!! And so exciting at the same time!

Daniel is 100% convinced that Zoe is coming tomorrow (Saturday). I feel nothing. Though my feet did swell up like gorilla feet from just yesterday. Other than that all is well and quiet. Maybe a few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there but nothing to go calling the midwife about!

He got out the baby name book and was trying really hard to come up with something. I told him if that wasn't last minute I didn't know what was and why couldn't he have done this sooner?! And no, he still hasn't decided, or at least told me anyway. *getting impatient*

I changed my next midwife appointment to the day before my due date rather than the day after. If I don't have this baby this weekend then I want the first appointment I can get.

Daniel is being super sweet tonight, too. For the past few months he's been in complete denial and wouldn't talk about anything labor related. Now he wants to talk about, now he wants to rub my back, now he wants to go on walks with me and do what he can to help things along. He even vacuumed after dinner for me, without me asking. I think he just wants to be right on the birth date!

I made a big batch of baked ziti tonight. Shaved my legs, showered, cleaned, did the dishes, gave the kids a bath... all in hopes that Daniel is right! I'm super ready now. I wasn't before but once I hit 39 weeks it was time to put an evacuation notice on my uterus.

And nah, I won't be disappointed if he does end up being wrong. ;-) I'm more mature than that!


Becky said...

Oh I so hope Zoe comes soon and I hope Daniel is right, lol. So sweet that he is helping you so much right now :)

Photogrl said...

Come on, little Zoe, it's time! :)

I hope you meet her soon!

The Mommy said...

I know I keep saying it, but I'm SO excited for you!

*~Chelsea~* said...

I can't wait to see Zoe! :)

How do you make baked ziti? Is it easy? Feel free to leave me the recipe.

I hope you're feeling okay - we're still thinking of you and praying for you guys! <3

The Lynchs said...

No Saturday post - does this mean good news?! :)

Amber said...

Praying she comes soon! I can't wait to see pictures. :) said...

Way cool to look at your babystology and see that you are ONE day away from your due date.

I'm so glad you stopped and said hello :)

I wish you all the best with your labor and delivery and new baby!


Jewels said...

I've been wondering about the middle name. Did he finally decide?