Friday, October 30, 2009

A Couple Anniversaries!

Five years ago today I married the most wonderful man. We got married at his parents' home and his dad officiated the ceremony. It was small and private. Daniel had no idea I even had a wedding gown. I would moan and groan to him that all I could find were these ugly white dresses at for our wedding (ha ha). So my biggest surprise to him was when I walked down the stairs and he saw me for the first time...

I felt like a princess!

Daniel, before the ceremony... pretending to get into the cake!

My gorgeous bouquet of fall grasses and flowers! Gotta love the orange Cala Lillies.

Me posing with the bouquet on the stairwell...

Sparkling apple juice! I was pregnant and therefore nauseous so I just pretended to take a sip.

Cutting the cake! My MIL made the cake and she made my gorgeous, shimmery veil.

I told him that I'd kill him if he put cake in my face so naturally I shoved cake in his! I need to crop these to see it better but there's icing all over him. I also didn't eat a bite of our wedding cake. I threw up in the car on the way to our honeymoon. The day was absolutely gorgeous for the end of October! Nothing like the weather has been lately.

Happy Anniversary, Daniel! I love you with my whole heart. I'm so blessed to be your wife and the mother of your children. It only gets better and better every year! Love you!!!

The other anniversary is the fact Zoë is now a week old. And would you look at that... I finally started typing her name properly. On the birth certificate she has the accent on her name so it's only proper I type it correctly.

Finally, FINALLY got Abigail to hold her baby sister and pose. This was the best shot of the bunch and going on the announcements:

Zoë's umbilical cord fell off on her 5th day of life so we gave her a bath. Elaina was so excited to give her a bath. We had to give her the bath in our bathroom because our kitchen is way too cold! She really enjoyed the bath until she had to get out.

She's telling me all about how wonderful her bath was!

Sisters, after Zoë's bath!


Becky said...

First off, congratulations on your anniversary! The pictures were fabulous!

Little Zoe is suuuuch a doll-baby...that photo of her in the bath is priceless! (Must've reminded her of the warm coziness of the womb, huh? ;) )

Looks like her big sisters can't get enough of her, too. So cute all those little girlies together.

Kaye said...

Congrats on the anniversary! I love the dress and I too love the orange cala lilies...two of my favorites in one!

Also love the sister pictures! You have a beautiful set of girls. Daniel better prepare himself for their teenage years, as he's going to have to keep an eye on the boys!

Anne Elizabeth said...

You looked like a princess on your wedding day. Your dress was so beautiful. Hard to believe its been five years. I remember that I had Morning sickness so bad on your wedding day too. I don't even remember if I ate anything. lol

I LOVE LOVE I mean LOVE the picture of Abby and Zoe. It is so cute! How do you get the accents on Zoe's name in blogger? I can never get it to work unless I type it in Word or through my email. I think Zoe's first bath picture is the cutest one I've ever seen. Considering I've done the 'first bath picture' three times myself thats saying something. lol Seriously though she looks like a little princess. I wanted to buy sleepers for her when I was at sam's tonight. I had to resist the urge because my wallet is a little thin right now. They had the cutest sleepers for girls though.

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary !! Thanks for sharing the photos, it's always fun to see personal photos like that from your blogger friends. You looked BEAUTIFUL!! Funny that you toasted with apple cider, I toasted with Sprite. Hahaha. Actually what is strange is that I am finding out that more and more people toast to non alcoholic drinks, I thought I was the only one. And for whatever reason too.

I just LOVE that bottom picture, it is just way too cute for words. And now I see both girls in Zoe. I can't wait to see her grow up a little, but not too fast.

Yay! Happy 1 week Zoe!

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary! And such beautiful pics of your girls. :-D

*~Chelsea~* said...

Congrats on your anniversary! <3 The pictures are SOOOO precious!!! Beautiful girls! :)

Vixbil said...

Congratulations on your weddng anniversary,ours in on the 2nd Nov! Your wedding pix are so beautiful and you would never know you were nauseous in them at all.
The picture of the 3 girls together is so beautiful you ought to use that for your announcements
Such a beautiful family

Jewels said...

Happy Anniversary, Guys! It'a amazing how the years fly by. I have to agree with you, each year gets better and better.

I love all the pictures you posted! It struck me to see the final one---the three girls together. Wow, you really do have three girls. I know, duh--we all knew that was the case, but for some reason, the picture just made it so real to me.

How do you type Zoe's name with the dots above the "e"?? I don't know how to do that.

The Mommy said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your anniversary! And your new baby is a babydoll!

Susan Sene said...

Zoe is such a pretty lil girl - aren't bath pictures the cutest?! :)