Monday, October 19, 2009

40-week Midwife Appointment (TMI)

I am 40 weeks TOMORROW! Baby's due date is TOMORROW! Ahhhhhhh! Couldn't you just squeal in delight?

So we literally just got back from my 40-week midwife appointment, where the midwife checked and found.................... I'm only 2cm and 50% effaced. Slight improvement from last time for sure but with all the EPO I've been using I would've thought at least 3cm and 75% effaced. Oh well! It's not indicative of anything at this point anyway.

She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her to sweep away! Can I just say that hurt in a way that nothing has hurt before. I don't know why it did... maybe because the cervix was so far up and still not dilated very much. I could feel my face turning bright red while she did it! Ugh! And there was blood, too. Yeah, I think it was nice and swept for sure.

Baby is finally in the correct position (anterior) and she is -2 station. A station is where babies head is in relation to the cervix. -3 is far up, 0 would be at the cervix and +3 would be crowning to give you an idea of what that means. AND she guessed baby to be around 8 lbs at this point, maybe a little less.

I want to also add that during the internal she checked out my pelvis and said it was beautiful and large! So she said there shouldn't have been reason for my Abigail's collarbone to have broken during her birth. She read the entire birth account that Abby's doctor wrote out and nothing indicated shoulder dystocia and that her descent into the world was actually very normal and perfect. Which leaves me with my original assumption- the doctor is at fault for pulling on my baby's head.

And finally she said there is now a "nice bulgy bag of waters" after she was done sweeping. So hopefully that means, if baby drops some more, my water could break and take the guesswork out of everything. Ha ha!

So far I just feel sore. We'll probably go on a walk later, even though I already went on a walk today, because it is gorgeous out. Having a few strong but painless contractions since as well.

This appointment made Daniel start to freak out. It was really cute actually. He actually said, on the drive back home, "Jesus, please let Zoe come... at a convenient time!" Just for that I hope I go into labor at 2am. I'm such a nice wife!!!

If the membrane sweep doesn't kick labor into gear then we'll do an amniotomy next Tuesday, which is an artificial rupture of membranes (in other words they take a crochet-hook type instrument to break the bag of waters).


Anonymous said...

FORTY WEEKS?! Holy moly that went fast. I keep thinking you're at 37ish, but obviously time is passing me by! :) Gooood luck! Hopefully she comes very soon.

Jewels said...

Sounds like that was a pleasant experience! ha--not! Ok, if the sweep doesn't work, you have to call your midwife and tell her you want her to rupture the membranes on MONDAY, not Tuesday! (I just won't give up, will I?)

Well, I would think what she did today will work. Now I am on pins & needles--waiting for the call!

I'm glad you're feeling relatively good and having great weather today!

*~Chelsea~* said...

Wow - I'm so glad she's in the right position now! And the "sweep" sounds horrific. :-/ Ouch! watch, you'll go into labor in the middle of the night so Zoe can spite Daniel. ;)

I'm so excited for you guys! *hugs*

The Mommy said...

I HATE membrane sweeps! I totally refused them with ellie's pregnancy, but had two, or was it three when pregnant with Maggie.
I had always wanted to go into labor on my own, but I found both of my amniotomies to be so funny and exciting!

Sarah said...

I can't believe it's time. Okay Zoe..we are all ready!!

Leah said...

Thinking of you! You are so close!

Photogrl said...

Happy Due date, Momma & Zoe!

Can't wait to see her...

The Lynchs said...

Well surely the sweep will get things going! Hopefully ;-)

Priscila said...

wow 40 weeks. CAnt wait to see when you have your little sweetie!
Im having a giveaway over at my blog: if you would like to drop by and check it out!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

No post today...did Zoe make her debut? Ahh, I cant wait to hear the story and take pics. I hope its SOONER than LATER! :)