Friday, October 30, 2009

A Couple Anniversaries!

Five years ago today I married the most wonderful man. We got married at his parents' home and his dad officiated the ceremony. It was small and private. Daniel had no idea I even had a wedding gown. I would moan and groan to him that all I could find were these ugly white dresses at for our wedding (ha ha). So my biggest surprise to him was when I walked down the stairs and he saw me for the first time...

I felt like a princess!

Daniel, before the ceremony... pretending to get into the cake!

My gorgeous bouquet of fall grasses and flowers! Gotta love the orange Cala Lillies.

Me posing with the bouquet on the stairwell...

Sparkling apple juice! I was pregnant and therefore nauseous so I just pretended to take a sip.

Cutting the cake! My MIL made the cake and she made my gorgeous, shimmery veil.

I told him that I'd kill him if he put cake in my face so naturally I shoved cake in his! I need to crop these to see it better but there's icing all over him. I also didn't eat a bite of our wedding cake. I threw up in the car on the way to our honeymoon. The day was absolutely gorgeous for the end of October! Nothing like the weather has been lately.

Happy Anniversary, Daniel! I love you with my whole heart. I'm so blessed to be your wife and the mother of your children. It only gets better and better every year! Love you!!!

The other anniversary is the fact Zoë is now a week old. And would you look at that... I finally started typing her name properly. On the birth certificate she has the accent on her name so it's only proper I type it correctly.

Finally, FINALLY got Abigail to hold her baby sister and pose. This was the best shot of the bunch and going on the announcements:

Zoë's umbilical cord fell off on her 5th day of life so we gave her a bath. Elaina was so excited to give her a bath. We had to give her the bath in our bathroom because our kitchen is way too cold! She really enjoyed the bath until she had to get out.

She's telling me all about how wonderful her bath was!

Sisters, after Zoë's bath!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So of course these uploaded backward. Here are some pictures from the past few days!

Zoe and Daddy

Eskimo kisses

First hair wash at home! Umbilical stump fell off today so she is going to get a real bath tonight!

This just cracks me up. So cute!

Very proud big sister!

One very tired momma and a sleepy baby!

Zoe and all her sweet stork bites

Waiting to be discharged. So peaceful and sweet!

Our first meeting!

Things are going really well. I am exclusively breastfeeding for the first time ever. Nursing didn't work with my other two. She nurses, it seems, constantly but I know that's because she's a newborn. I have some tenderness (and yes, she latches on correctly) but other than that it is great.

Daniel keeps calling Zoe "Abby" and even asked me today if my mom was going to be watching her while we went to a parent-teacher conference. Um... my mom is dead. Poor Daddy is as sleep-deprived as I am!

Zoe loves the swing but isn't too fond of the bouncer yet (which could change since it doesn't give her the support she needs as a newborn). She is also a Momma's girl already. Cries when anybody holds her for much longer than a few minutes.

She smiles a lot, mostly in her sleep. Speaking of sleep- she slept for five hours last night. BUT she will only sleep on my chest. She is definitely like her oldest sister and love physical touch.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birth Day- Zoe's Story

Zoe Beth

Well as you already know Zoe made her debut to the world just two days ago! First, what many of you are wondering... Daniel decided to name her Zoe Beth. Yes, yes. If you recall that is the name I originally had picked out for her before she was even conceived! And does he remember? Of course not! Ha ha ha! So that is her middle name, which means "Promise of God".

Now to the fun stuff... the Birth Story! Note: It's long!

Friday I had a list of things we needed to do: grocery store and the bank. But first I decided to lay down and take a nap. We were all lazying around, no one was dressed. I was absolutely exhausted Friday morning! I laid in bed for about 10 minutes, just daydreaming and unable to fall asleep when.............. my water broke!

It felt like I had accidentally peed myself without actually pushing to pee. So I stood up and fluid gushed out. And no it's not like in the movies where you have an awesome puddle at your feet. It pretty much got soaked up by my sweatpants. I started yelling for Daniel to come upstairs and when I told him my water broke he exclaimed, "Are you kidding?!" He didn't believe me until I showed him my pants.

I went to sit on the toilet while he ran around the house, spazzing out. The poor guy didn't know what to do first! So I had him get me some clean un.dies so I could put a pad on and put on some clean pants. I started shaking uncontrollably right after my water broke, complete with and chattering teeth. All of a sudden I felt really unready. The shaking was a hormonal reaction.

We got everything squared away; Abigail off to Poppy's house, our bag and pillows packed in the car, call put in to midwife and Daniel's mom following us in her car.

When we arrived I was to have 20 minutes of fetal monitoring. The nurse also confirmed my water had broken with a test strip. Now I was thinking that I had to be dilated to the very least 5cm. Oh no, I was only 3cm when we arrived. AND baby's head was still high enough that the umbilical cord could slip out before Zoe and potentially kill her. So I had to lay there for a bit until she dropped more and so the umbilical cord was in the clear.

It didn't take long. Each and every contraction brought so much pressure it was hard not to push. I could feel her getting lower and lower. I did not get a midwife room with the big whirlpool but I did get a room that had a bathtub in the bathroom instead of a shower.

In just about 10 minutes or so I was told we were in the clear of a cord prolapse and was free to get up to move around. That was pretty difficult to do because I think I tore a round ligament. So I decided to get in the little tub. At first it was amazing but then it felt too hot and too cramped and I had to get out. It was pretty much impossible to find a position to help me get through contractions and the water kept draining out.

By this point I was 5cm and I told the nurse I didn't care anymore and that I wanted drugs and I wanted them now. She only said, "I'll see what the midwife wants us to try first". I don't even know what they gave me. Apparently something to take the edge off. I think it was a placebo because all it did was make me dizzy and a little nauseated.

I had a lot of cervical checks during labor as well. How many total I have no idea. But because I had my other daughters within 3-3.5 hours of my water breaking and I kept saying I had so much pressure they would keep checking to let me know when I could safely push so I wouldn't rip my cervix (*shudder*).

My midwife kept offering me things, such as the birth ball or walking. But I ended up staying in bed, curled up on my side, because of the drug I was given. In retrospect I really should've gotten up! It makes contractions less intense.

I didn't have an IV, didn't have continual fetal monitoring, etc. When the contractions started coming faster and faster I could hear myself groaning out, "For the love of God not another one!" I have to admit I was afraid of not having an epidural. But I decided to trust myself.

I kept my eyes screwed shut almost the entire time trying to focus on breathing. I kept trying to relax my body through contractions instead of fight them (Daniel later told me that when holding his hand through contractions my hand was completely limp). But that pressure! Her little head was coming down fast.

And then, seemingly out of nowhere, I started bearing down to push and started yelling. I think my door was ajar as well. So I want to take a moment to apologize to all the moms on the floor who were probably freaked out by what they heard. It was a really weird, out-of-body kind of experience while pushing. I could hear myself but it sounded so far away like it was someone else, as though they were in a tunnel.

No one was telling me to hold my breath and no one was counting like a drill sergeant in my ear. The midwife just kept telling me to let my body do the work. I was so desperate to get Zoe out because that whole "ring of fire" thing is truly painful. I pushed Zoe out in about 1 minute because I knew if I just pushed and got her out the pain would stop.

The nurse had gone off to get some glycerin; I assume the midwife wanted it to massage the perineum to prevent tearing. So the midwife was there all by herself... when I gave birth in the side-lying position.

She didn't have time to break down the bed. She only had enough time to have my husband grab a leg and hold it for me and to put on her protective gear. There was nothing on the floor or the bed to catch all the fluids. She had one hand up to catch baby while she reached behind her trying to grab things. I kept yelling, "Just pull her out!" and kept trying to reach down to feel if her head was out yet because I kept thinking it was.

Miss Zoe was born directly onto the bed 5 hours after my water broke and we made a big, beautiful mess! She didn't really cry until after we cut the cord (which we delayed clamping and cutting until it stopped pulsing). Then she gave us a good cry. She didn't even have a cone-head like most newborns because she came down so fast.

I held her for quite a long while, skin-to-skin, before they weighed her. I declined the Hep B vaccine for her and the baby nurse kept asking me if we wanted the other things (eye drops, Vitamin K injection, etc.). This was the first time, at a birth, that I was asked if I wanted those things or not!

Her stats: Zoe Beth H. born on October 23rd at 2:06pm at 40 weeks 3 days. She was 8lbs 4 ounces and 20.5 inches long.
My stats: almost drug-free natural birth which resulted in no tearing!

Zoe is pretty quiet and loves to be held. She has stork bites on one eyelid, her forehead, back of the neck and down her back! I'm telling you... that stork kept trying to tell her it was time to come out! Those birthmarks will go away in time. I think they're super cute but I may be biased.

Nursing is going really well except for some pain on one breast. Right now my milk is coming in and I'm getting engorged. So I'm off to feed this sleeping beauty who is curled up on my lap on the Boppy, as I type.

Will post more pictures another day!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hi everyone! This is Anne, Joy's SIL and I just stopped by to tell y'all that Joy had Zoe today. I got a text this morning at 9 that her water had just broke. It was kind of funny because I was sitting there wondering when her water would break right before the text came. Zoe was born at 2:06pm weighing in at 8lbs 4oz and is 20 1/2 inches long. She is absolutely beautiful! Joy did it all with out an epidural and I am so proud of her! Everyone is healthy and perfect.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Under Pressure and On With the Show! (even more TMI)

I'm still here... waiting!

Baby sure is cozy and content where she is but our entire little family is so ready. My girls spent the evening telling Zoe it was time to come out! Daddy tried to bribe her, telling her there's so much more room to stretch outside the womb.

Be warned, this next bit is very TMI. If you gag easily or don't care to know certain details please skip.

So Monday the membranes were swept, as I mentioned. Well the next day, my due date, I had bloo.dy sh.ow. I have never ever had this with my others until I was in labor (so I never saw it). And there was a ton and it was just so absolutely disgusting. It reminds me of rubber cement with brown/pink streaks of blood in it. I'll end my description with that.

Because I'd never really experienced it I did a little search and read my pregnancy books. Apparently the majority of women who have this will go into labor within 24 hours to a few days. So her birth day isn't too far off! Still hoping we go on our own before induction day.

Every night since the sweep I've had contractions. Some that were really strong and intense! They were pretty close together. But taking the advice the midwife I'd ignore them and only give them as much attention as they demanded. And obviously each night I went to bed because they were never strong enough or consistent enough for me to call.

Well when I wake up in the mornings the contractions have stopped dead until around dinnertime. It's a never-ending cycle of teasing!

Also I have so much pressure that I can barely walk sometimes. It feels like she's going to fall out. My entire lower belly hurts and I keep pulling those lovely round ligaments. I do not know how mothers of multiples hold all those babies in!!! I have a new respect for them for sure. I think she's going to come soon... I hope so!

For now we wait.

Monday, October 19, 2009

40-week Midwife Appointment (TMI)

I am 40 weeks TOMORROW! Baby's due date is TOMORROW! Ahhhhhhh! Couldn't you just squeal in delight?

So we literally just got back from my 40-week midwife appointment, where the midwife checked and found.................... I'm only 2cm and 50% effaced. Slight improvement from last time for sure but with all the EPO I've been using I would've thought at least 3cm and 75% effaced. Oh well! It's not indicative of anything at this point anyway.

She asked me what I wanted to do and I told her to sweep away! Can I just say that hurt in a way that nothing has hurt before. I don't know why it did... maybe because the cervix was so far up and still not dilated very much. I could feel my face turning bright red while she did it! Ugh! And there was blood, too. Yeah, I think it was nice and swept for sure.

Baby is finally in the correct position (anterior) and she is -2 station. A station is where babies head is in relation to the cervix. -3 is far up, 0 would be at the cervix and +3 would be crowning to give you an idea of what that means. AND she guessed baby to be around 8 lbs at this point, maybe a little less.

I want to also add that during the internal she checked out my pelvis and said it was beautiful and large! So she said there shouldn't have been reason for my Abigail's collarbone to have broken during her birth. She read the entire birth account that Abby's doctor wrote out and nothing indicated shoulder dystocia and that her descent into the world was actually very normal and perfect. Which leaves me with my original assumption- the doctor is at fault for pulling on my baby's head.

And finally she said there is now a "nice bulgy bag of waters" after she was done sweeping. So hopefully that means, if baby drops some more, my water could break and take the guesswork out of everything. Ha ha!

So far I just feel sore. We'll probably go on a walk later, even though I already went on a walk today, because it is gorgeous out. Having a few strong but painless contractions since as well.

This appointment made Daniel start to freak out. It was really cute actually. He actually said, on the drive back home, "Jesus, please let Zoe come... at a convenient time!" Just for that I hope I go into labor at 2am. I'm such a nice wife!!!

If the membrane sweep doesn't kick labor into gear then we'll do an amniotomy next Tuesday, which is an artificial rupture of membranes (in other words they take a crochet-hook type instrument to break the bag of waters).

Friday, October 16, 2009

*GULP* I'm next!

Today we went to Elaina's school for the fall recital (singing, dancing). It was so precious! She was so bashful and kept hiding behind a classmate while I tried to film them all doing the Hokey Pokey. When I asked her about it at home, while showing her the video, she said, "But Paul* was staring at me!" (*Paul = a little boy we know but don't want to disclose his name without permission) Apparently Paul staring at her made her nervous! Doesn't help that he tells her he loves her on the playground all the time. ;-)

While we were leaving Daniel got a text from his dad. Daniel's cousin just had her baby boy... and she was due after me! So this means that I'm really and totally next! Yikes!!! And so exciting at the same time!

Daniel is 100% convinced that Zoe is coming tomorrow (Saturday). I feel nothing. Though my feet did swell up like gorilla feet from just yesterday. Other than that all is well and quiet. Maybe a few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there but nothing to go calling the midwife about!

He got out the baby name book and was trying really hard to come up with something. I told him if that wasn't last minute I didn't know what was and why couldn't he have done this sooner?! And no, he still hasn't decided, or at least told me anyway. *getting impatient*

I changed my next midwife appointment to the day before my due date rather than the day after. If I don't have this baby this weekend then I want the first appointment I can get.

Daniel is being super sweet tonight, too. For the past few months he's been in complete denial and wouldn't talk about anything labor related. Now he wants to talk about, now he wants to rub my back, now he wants to go on walks with me and do what he can to help things along. He even vacuumed after dinner for me, without me asking. I think he just wants to be right on the birth date!

I made a big batch of baked ziti tonight. Shaved my legs, showered, cleaned, did the dishes, gave the kids a bath... all in hopes that Daniel is right! I'm super ready now. I wasn't before but once I hit 39 weeks it was time to put an evacuation notice on my uterus.

And nah, I won't be disappointed if he does end up being wrong. ;-) I'm more mature than that!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Week 39- Sunny Side Up

Had a midwife appointment today. I did not have an internal exam this time but next time I will get one AND a membrane sweep. Woo hoo! Never thought I'd say that and be so excited. Hopefully I won't even make it to my next appointment, which is scheduled the day after my due date. I asked about induction and she said she wouldn't induce until 41 weeks... so around October 28th. Again, hopefully it won't come to that! I'd really like to have her on my own.

Daniel believes we'll have her this Saturday. We shall see!

We did find out that Zoe is still head down but she's posterior (sunny side up). We need her to be anterior (facing my spine). So the midwife has me doing some fun little tricks to try to get Zoe to turn before she engages. Once she engages she is most likely not going to turn to face the correct direction. This is important for reducing labor length and reducing back labor.

Some of the fun tricks? Crawling around the house, sitting on a birth ball, doing hip circles, etc. This is probably why I felt so much pressure and lower back pain yesterday, too, since her skull is pressing into my spine. Come on and turn baby!

So this baby could come any day now. Hear that, Zoe? You can come any day now! Elaina told her at bedtime, "Zoe, please come out!" And then to me, "I think she's going to come out Wednesday, Mom!" I told Elaina that tomorrow was Wednesday and she just grinned. I had to tell her that when Zoe comes is a surprise and not to get her hopes up. I hope she doesn't go tell her teacher that I'm having a baby tomorrow while she's at school. Or that she hopes to see a baby after school.

Abigail has been throwing a lot of tantrums lately. I know, it comes with the age. But sometimes I'm shocked by the outbursts. She's also been talking like a baby and talking gibberish. Again, not surprising. Kids regress when a new baby is about to arrive.

Sometimes I DO pretend my girls are babies. I'll scoop them up and hold them like babies and talk to them in that high-pitched mommy voice. They giggle and just think it is hilarious. It usually ends with them announcing that they are NOT babies but are big girls! But for the most part I don't accept babyish behavior. They know it's different when I'm playing with them.

Elaina was my very sensitive and attached child. I was nervous when I had Abigail because I worried about how Elaina would react to a little baby taking over her mom. But she did fantastic! It helps that she is baby-obsessed. Abigail, on the other hand, is the polar opposite. She has personal space issues. She just doesn't cuddle and doesn't want to be held. But she does like to be near and get a lot of attention. I'm more worried about Abigail's reaction to a new baby than I was about Elaina at around that age. I think she'll do just fine but it's hard not to wonder how she'll do.

Well hopefully next time I post it's because there's a baby to show off! I am going to try to stay off the computer more and focus on resting and preparing for her arrival.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Single Digits

8 days to my due date!

So what I've been feeling lately:

-Decreased fetal movement. She's a lot quieter but still moves. The movements are not as active as they used to be.
-Pressure! She has definitely dropped but today especially I've felt lots of pressure.
-Contractions that are not painful and are inconsistent. They're definitely noticeable though! Like right now... I am having one.
-Cervical pain/discomfort! I'm hoping it is because there's progress going on.

I've been getting some loose ends tied up like balancing the checkbook and paying bills. And hopefully I'll make it to the grocery store so Daniel doesn't have to do it himself. He detests going himself and we usually try to go together.

I remember one time, long ago, I sent him to the store with a very specific list. And when he came home he was just so proud of himself! He stuck to the list and got everything we needed. But when I looked at the receipt I about fell over because he spent nearly double what I would have spent (this was during a time he was making less than $20K a year). I ended up getting really upset and ever since he's never gone by himself. I feel awful about how I reacted, especially when he had originally been so proud of himself. How naive and selfish I was in those first couple years of marriage. I should've encouraged him and been gentle.

Ah, well, I digress. I trust that if he does have to go by himself at some point that he'll do an amazing job.

I've been drinking the tea and using the Evening Primrose Oil. My appointment is tomorrow and I'm hoping for some big progress from having to use these pills (oh yes... I hate using them!). Having progress would mean having a membrane sweep, in case you're wondering. I don't know if they'd do the sweep this week or wait until I hit 40 weeks. Regardless, it won't work unless your body is ready for labor, so I'll ask if they'd give it a go. Especially since everyone is still talking about possible shoulder dystocia due to my previous birth (which could lead to a broken clavicle in baby and a broken tailbone in momma).

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Zoe's Luncheon

Well today was the luncheon celebrating Zoe's very fast-approaching arrival! I have to tell you... both Daniel and I woke up today and could feel in our bones that change is coming. It definitely hit me today that she's going to be here and fast.

We were incredibly blessed today. I took Elaina to the luncheon with me. We ate homemade potato soup, homemade bread and homemade pumpkin cupcakes! Daniel's family (extended) joined us along with a couple of friends. Here are some snapshots I took moments ago of the clothes we received as I don't have any pictures from the actual party yet.

Super soft and super cute!

This was an entire set. Look at the bunny faces on the feet!

How adorable and chic are these little outfits? I cannot wait to take pictures of her IN them!

Hand-painted onesies! I had no idea they were hand-done until I was told because they look so perfect.

Some beautiful outfits my MIL got!

We were also blessed to receive diapers, wipes, this bouncer, bassinet sheets, one of these awesome things, a diaper cake full of goodies, Mommy Hook, a candle & book for the momma and two scrapbooks that I get to fill in! Seriously wasn't expecting all of this and I am floored! It makes everything seem doubly real now, too, for some reason. Perhaps because these things were specifically for Zoe and not her sister's hand-me-downs.

Now I am off to wash all these beautiful baby clothes!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pre-Registration and Hospital Tour- take 2!

The Appointment:

We had our second midwife appointment today. I've met two of the three midwives now. I requested a dilation check, more out of curiosity than anything else. For those of you who are first-timers please know that being at 0 dilation or 3cm is not indicative of when labor will start! You can be dilated and have to be induced or you can be at 0 and go into labor within hours.

So the verdict? 1cm and soft (which means not effacing just yet)!

Baby girl dropped on Tuesday, the day after I started drinking the raspberry leaf tea. I woke up and it felt like someone dropped a ton of bricks into my pelvis and my belly just looked different. I can feel her head working some magic on my cervix. If you've not had a baby yet, basically the baby's head is grinding and moving against the cervix which can help it to dilate and efface. It is not a pleasant feeling but one I welcome because I really want to go into labor on my own!

My Braxton Hicks contractions have become really intense since drinking the tea as well. I'm wondering if there is a correlation because I never really felt contractions in my previous pregnancies until I was in early labor. Since the tea does cause the uterus to contract "better" I'm thinking it might be the tea! Highly recommend it so far and it doesn't taste bad. I made a huge pot of it and put it in a pitcher in the fridge (note: sugar and this tea don't mix! Use honey... the sugar just settles at the bottom).

So between her dropping and these very intense and uncomfortable contractions I think the dilation probably began just this week. In previous pregnancies (always have to compare!) I was 2-3 cm with my other girls for weeks. I'm hoping things move along quickly and that I'm at 2-3 cm next week and that we do a membrane sweep.

Membrane sweep (aka stripping of the membranes) is when the midwife or doctor gently sweeps the bag of waters from the cervix with their finger. It causes a hormonal reaction that can jump start labor for some women. It doesn't always work and sometimes you have to do it multiple times. It worked in the past with me as I had both of my daughters the following day after having it done. If it's going to work it works within 2 days of the sweep. So we could have a baby next week! Eek!

Another interesting thing was that I was measuring 40cm (fundal/uterus height) at 38 weeks. The reason was because I was contracting while she measured. It's normal for it to be 1-2 cm bigger when you're having a contraction! I didn't know that. I like learning new things.

She told me to get Evening Primrose Oil. You're supposed to put it in your hoo-ha (lovely) and it supposedly helps with softening the cervix. The most important number during an internal is actually the effacement, not the dilation. Once you reach 100% you're pretty much going to be having the baby really soon. You usually don't stay at 100% effacement for much longer than a few days. So EPO will help with effacement. I'm probably going to wait until after my luncheon on Saturday to try that trick!

After my internal today I was incredibly crampy and sore. The drive home was tolerable but uncomfortable, which made me think, "Great, when I'm in labor this drive is going to be absolutely wonderful!" I also told Daniel I'm going to have to keep my eyes shut the entire drive there because the last couple births we had I'd yell at him, "SPEED UP!" and then seconds later, "SLOW DOWN! Do you want to kill us?!" The crampiness and soreness are gone now, after my nap.

Pre-Registration and Tour

Before my appointment we pre-registered. I really like how this hospital does their pre-registration and many hospitals should follow this example. Instead of giving consent forms and anesthesia forms while in the throes of labor they let you take the paperwork home to bring back when you are admitted (if you forget them then you have to complete them at the hospital while you are in labor).

They go over everything with you. They also give you the birth certificate form to fill out (minus baby's info, of course) so it's all ready to go. After the paperwork we went on the tour! The entire process was done by an actual nurse. The nurse talked to me about what physically happens when a baby has shoulder dystocia (shoulders stuck in pelvis, which can result in a broken collarbone like Abigail had). What she said mirrored what the midwife said. Once the baby's head is out I can't stop pushing! I have to get her out fast.

Otherwise a pause may cause baby's shoulders to get stuck and sometimes they purposefully have to break the collarbone to get baby out. Another result is that momma's tailbone can break from all the pressure. The different pushing positions we're going to try should also reduce the risk of another dystocia/broken clavicle. This makes me want to avoid an epidural as much as possible. Pushing in a supine position (on your back) like you see in the movies is actually the worst position to push in but if you have an epidural there isn't much you can do unless you've got feeling back in your legs. They can tilt the bed and lower the bottom half so that you're kind of in a squatting position on the bed but still laying down, if that makes sense. So if you get an epidural and want the help from gravity and from squatting, request they do that for you!

The unit is very, very nice. They are incredibly secure as well. The nursery is locked down on a locked down unit. Daddy gets a special ID bracelet to be allowed in the nursery. We don't have plans to use the nursery but it's nice to know that Daddy will get to accompany her in the event she needs to be monitored or something.

There are two rooms reserved for midwife patients that have the big whirlpool jacuzzis and let me tell you... I want that tub! The nurse, who gave us the tour, told Daniel to bring clothes that can get wet even if he doesn't get in with me.

The labor rooms themselves are very comfortable looking and are pretty standard. They don't look any different from the four L&D units/birthing centers I've seen at other hospitals.

So that's about it! Now we just wait on baby............................

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

38 Weeks and the Magic Soons Begins!

The raspberry leaf tea doesn't taste bad at all. It just tastes like a plain tea with a hint of raspberry. Nothing bitter or overwhelming! I just made myself a cup (and a cup of hot cocoa for Abigail...). I was a little nervous about trying it out. And the $7 price tag for the box made me cringe, so I'm feeling good about the purchase now.

Well I'm 38 weeks! I only have 2 more to go, or less. Hopefully no more than 2 weeks, right?

So I'm still feeling great but feeling a lot of pressure. I'm constantly thirsty too. I feel like I can't get enough water! And I was able to put my wedding ring back on. No swelling and no high blood pressure. Hopefully the delivery will go as well as this pregnancy!

I've asked my mom-in-law to be at the delivery. She was there when Abigail was born and was a calm in the midst of the storm. She really helped keep Daniel and myself calm and all she really did was sit across the room, crocheting and praying. Since I'm planning on not using pain relief medication (aka epidural) her role might be different this time around, too. More of a doula-like role. We'll just have to see. This isn't exactly something I can plan out since I won't know until we're there.

I spent this morning balancing the checkbook and making calls to a few bills I have. For some reason, every single time I go to the lab for blood draws, they NEVER submit the bill to my secondary insurance. So I have to call every single time to have them do it. It's getting old and fast. I also got a bill from my old credit card. Apparently wanted to charge my credit card for something I didn't sign up for. This will be a lovely mess to try to clean up. But definitely something I want to handle now and not later.

I'm starting to get anxious about the delivery in a new respect now. I feel really unprepared for trying to do this without medication. I already know that if I do end up getting pain relief I'm not going to beat myself up about it! But I haven't read any books or done a class. Daniel still doesn't know any ways to help me with pain relief... because you know, when you have to talk to men about important issues it can always wait for another day. Well, sorry but we know not the day or hour in which labor will strike, lovebug! Time to get cracking on it and listen to your wifey-pooh.

I know the midwives will definitely be supportive and help us both. My next appointment is Thursday so I'll bring it up and see if maybe they'll walk us through some pain relief techniques. Daniel won't be able to protest then! Ha ha!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Raspberry Leaf Tea, anyone?

I bought a box of the raspberry leaf tea, as suggested by my midwife. A lot of pregnant women believe it helps put your body into labor but I think it's just one of those old wive's tales. But there ARE benefits to drinking this tea while pregnant.

It helps your blood clot during and after delivery, reducing the risks of hemorrhaging. It is said to strengthen and tone the muscles of the uterus, helping them to contract more efficiently during labor. It may also help to shorten the second stage of labor by making contractions more effective. Some studies have also found that it reduces the need for an assisted delivery.

Sign me up!

Now to find out how good it tastes...

I feel like Zoe wants to fall out sometimes. Lots of pressure and hopefully it is causing some good dilation and thinning. Isn't that nice? I'm sure you all care to have updates on my cervix. I walked four blocks today and had super contractions afterward. It was awesome! Hope things are looking favorable.

I don't have a laptop so I may ask someone to update my blog for me when something happens, unless you guys want to be patient and wait for me to get home and get settled first... I know! I'm so mean sometimes! Any volunteers?! I only want someone who wants to do it and don't want to make anyone feel obligated so only volunteer if you truly want to do it. Most likely have to be on my Facebook as updates will come in through there (we update FB via the phone).

So not much else going on! I can't wait for my appointment Thursday. Perhaps they'll see if anything is going on dilation-wise. Not sure if and when the midwives do that but I sure hope they check because I'm incredibly curious!

And for those who've asked about her middle name... I don't think Daniel is going to be giving her a full name until she is born. I've been pestering him near to death about it and he won't even tell me the ideas he has! Hopefully I can get it out of him tonight...