Thursday, September 24, 2009

You know it'll warm up again...

... now that I've packed away my kids' summer clothes! Okay so packed isn't even the word for it. I have a box that I keep in their closet for off-season clothing. I just kind of threw everything in there instead of folding it all up nicely. I figure at some point my out-of-control nesting self will wander in there and make it all neat and perfect but today I was feeling pretty breathless.

And Zoe dropping probably won't help because as it is now she seems to be in my lungs and down very, very low. I'm talking LOW. I constantly joke that she's trying to claw her way out and if that description puts you in pain, trust me! It can be quite uncomfortable... I'm just really short and she's got nowhere to go.

We were in the car heading to Toys-R-Us the other day and I had to recline my chair all the way back and stretch my body to give her room. She was trying to stretch and it felt like her butt was in my stomach while her head grinded my cervix. Yeah, it wasn't pretty. I also told my husband no more driving for me!

So speaking of TRU we went there because they're having this mega sale. They have certain brands (Little Pet Shop, i.e.) that are Buy 2 Get the 3rd Free. Um, Christmas! I spent only $60 for nine toys (three of which were FREE). I had planned on doing the girls' Christmas shopping in October but couldn't pass up this sale. I didn't get anything for Zoe bug since she'll be so little. Sale ends Saturday if you're interested for your own shopping...

I have my GBS (Group B Strep) swab tomorrow and I'm soooooo looking forward to it (*eye roll*). I shaved for the occasion. It was quite a sight! I wish my husband would help me with shaving but alas he will not for fear of cutting me. Daniel had used the last of the shaving cream (we just buy the mens shaving cream because it's cheaper) so I got to use my brand new tube of B&B Works body wash instead. I smell so freaking good right now. Seriously! And my legs may not be perfect and I probably missed a ton on my thighs... but I SMELL good. That's what matters to me.

I have plans to shave every Thursday, before every appointment just in case. Then I won't be a prickly cactus when the time comes. Honestly I probably won't notice or care while in the throes of labor but it's the thought that counts. I care about the nursing staff and what they have to put up with.

*wandering away to find something else to clean, organize or toss in this nesting frenzy*

P.S. I GOT MY DIAPER BAG THE OTHER DAY!!! And I started packing it only to get overwhelmed because I can't remember what the heck to pack in a diaper bag. Ha ha ha! How did that happen?! Any little things I might overlook (other than the obvious diaps, wipes and extra clothes)? I need a refresher!

This diaper bag is absolutely amazing and the craftmanship is top notch. I'm so used to bags that have uneven seams and fall apart at the drop of a dime. I'm never ever satisfied with the bags that I've bought in the past but I have no complaints with this bag so... if you know me you know it's good! If you're wondering what I got I did write about it just a few posts back. It's the Fluerville Lexie Tote in Botanical Azure (and no, I did not pay the price that is on their website)!


Leah said...

You're getting so close to D day. :-D

Kaye said...

I had to rethink what to put in a diaper bag don't feel bad. It's strange because when you carry one constantly, you can't imagine NOT knowing what to put in...or ever forgetting. However, I'm amazed how many little things like that I did forget.

In (our) Abigail's bag, we include a travel size of diaper rash cream and baby powder. Also I keep tiny trash bags (I found them next to the candy and other impulse buys in the checkout lane at WalMart) and a travel size of hand sanitizer. That's for when we are in a public restroom and the changing table is not directly next to a sink, leaving me incapable of washing my hands because I can't walk away from her on the table and I can't put her in the floor next to the sink. =)

And LOL about the shaving. Trust me...I did the same thing.

*~Chelsea~* said...'s getting so close! Yaye!

That's a great sale at TRU - anything for little boys? My best friend has a son.

Miss you!

Vixbil said...

It is so close now and how exciting that you got your new diaper bag

Monkey's Momma said...

I like your new blog look! I changed my header..finally! Monakey is getting older, so it was time to update the header to reflect that.

I soooo wish that we lived closer so that I could do a photo shoot of the baby and your whole family.

Who knows? Maybe I will make a trip to KC anyway! We will have to see.

The Mommy said...

I used to shave daily during that last month or so. Now, notsomuch!

Ashley said...

Your post made me laugh..especially when you asked your DH to shave you;) I asked mine if it would when I got to big and he said "NO"!! Have a great weekend@

Becky said...

It's getting so close now! Yay!

Wow...I'd forgotten what to put in a diaper bag, too. I would put a clean blanket, two clean outfits (one could be a onesie or pajamas depending on the season) diapers, wipes, ointment, some ziplocs (for diaper disposal that might have to wait) and then a flannel receiving blanket that you can keep in there for an emergency 'liner' for those times when you feel the diaper changing areas out and about aren't as clean as you'd like. I usually kept binkies and binkie clips in there as well as fingernail nippers. It seemed like everytime I'd be feeding Judah at church was when I'd notice his nails needed a clipping.

Sarah said...

Like your new layout! Looks great! The shaving thing cracks me up. David swore he would when it got closer, but he got scared too. I had a hand held mirror when it came time bc my belly was SO huge.
Glad you like your bag!!

Steph said...

Baby tylenol. :)