Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've been messing around with changing my blog background but I can't find anything I like and I really liked having 3 columns because I have so many blogs on my blogroll. Phooey! Any suggestions for sites that offer free layouts (other than Lena and TheCutestBlogontheBlock)?

Elaina told me today that she kissed a boy in her class. I asked if he was her boyfriend and she laughed and said, "No he's my sister! I kissed him on the cheek." Whoa, okay!

The farm field trip we went on the other day was fun but difficult for my 8-month pregnant body after the hayride. Oh yes, I braved a hayride. I was fine the way to the tomato field but when we drove BACK to the main farm area I thought I was going to give birth. Phew! And the bus ride to the farm and back to the school was terrorizing. I am a nervous passenger (I've been in a few wrecks as a passenger) and this lady was just nuts. I was praying to my dear, sweet Jesus the whole time!

Elaina also had picture day and got her first progress report from school this week. She's doing really good and didn't have any bad report. We do have some things to work on, but I've already been working on them with her so I'm glad we're all on the same page with her teacher. There were a couple things I felt she excelled at but was put as "meets expectations" but I have to remember she's a lot more free at home and more reserved at school in some respects. Hopefully she comes out of her shell some more during the year and really show the excellence that I know she has in her!

Today we took the girls to a Sibling Class at the hospital. It was... interesting. It wasn't anything different than what I've been talking to the girls about (how to hold baby, to wash their hands before touching her, etc.). The only difference was that we got to tour the maternity units and we saw a poor little baby in the nursery window crying his heart out. And the girls got cookies. Oh joy, that was the best part of the day they told me! Ah, well, whatever!


Vixbil said...

I love the cookies bit

Ashley said...

You're a brave woman for braving the bus and a farm field trip!! I'm not looking forward to field trips this year..UGH!!

The Mommy said...

You are so busy!!! Don't over do it.